DNC announces Milwaukee for convention

The 2020 Democratic convention will be held in Wisconsin.
1:02 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for DNC announces Milwaukee for convention
I want to turn back to Mary Alice parks our deputy political director on Capitol Hill because. This of battle over the border is certainly talking point for Democrats we learned just this morning Mary Alice the Democrats chose Milwaukee. To greet their nominee whoever it is in 20/20. Wisconsin going to be a focal point that. Yet this is a hugely symbolic move by an in Democratic National Committee remember that Wisconsin slipped and went red and voted for trump in twenty sixteenths it was a big deal that Hillary Clinton spent very little time campaigning there she took a lot of slack. From Democrats for not focusing more in the industrial midwest so Democrats this time trying to cram course they're gonna have their convention there in the Milwaukee. And it's an easing airing just how much campaigning as Arnie taking place. Those Democrats and of Ari declare their candidacy for twice when he starent early states and campaigning every weekend already. ABC's Mary Alice park's only growing field of democratic presidential candidates and the choice of Milwaukee for the next Democratic National Convention Mary Alice are. Thanks to you.

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{"duration":"1:02","description":"The 2020 Democratic convention will be held in Wisconsin. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61608647","title":"DNC announces Milwaukee for convention","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-announces-milwaukee-convention-61608647"}