Eric Garner's family on firing of NYPD officer: 'The fight is not over'

An outraged police union president accused the commissioner, who announced the termination of Daniel Pantaleo, of bowing to "anti-police extremists."
26:34 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for Eric Garner's family on firing of NYPD officer: 'The fight is not over'
It actually and Mary Alice park this is the briefing room we have some breaking news this afternoon in new York city police officer who was partially blamed. For the choke hold and death of air Gardner. Five years ago an act at that really sparked outrage across the country. Really can change the black lives matter movement that police officer has been fired. Five years later how to play the sound from the new York city police commissioner just today let's take a listen. This clear that Daniel Pennzoil can no longer effectively serve as a new York city police officer. And carrying out the courts partisan verdict in his case I take no pleasure I don't know that many will disagree with his decision that is their right. They're absolutely no victors here today about the gonna filming throughout the community at large. And certainly not the courageous men and women of the police department. And joined by one of our lead investigative reporters Erika terse eaten there in New York has been called them falling every twist and turn this case. Erin it took five years and multiple legal battles what finally gave. Well did this was the end of the road really they're there was a departmental. Disciplinary process underway for the last couple of years and finally. And administrative judge recommended that Daniel had to live get fired Mary Alice. And she did so after finding that he was reckless in using the chokehold maneuver that's banned by the B under the regulations of the NYPD. But she acquitted Penn taleo. Strangulation which means effectively that she found there was no intent. Two put a maneuver on an that would cause his death ultimately that show called. The medical Examiner's office here found led to an asthma attack and that's what contributed to Eric coroner's staff but you heard the police commissioner here almost from a place of reluctance he was and cause a uniformed cop for 34 years. And he really seem to it to empathize with. Officer pent taleo is the situation he said it could have been me it in his shoes and in could have been me making that mistake. But every time he watches the video when he said he has repeatedly if that fateful encounter on Staten Island five years ago Mary Alice. He says that he wants to tell and taleo don't do it and he wants to tell Eric garner. Don't do it don't resist arrest. Comply. There's that video we've all seen it many times and remember those chilling words I can't breathe words from. Erik Gardner you know punt play was not the only police officer you see in that clip there are so many others there talk to us about and the repercussions that other police officers. Have received as a result of this incidence. The the other isn't there a couple more that that could be brought up on departmental charges that that disciplinary process is underway for a trip for the sergeant of the group. But it was really pent taleo who was the focal point. Of the disciplinary process first when the Staten Island district attorney. Declined to to press criminal charges. And then when the attorney general William Barr after investigations by both the Obama and trump administration Justice Department's. Declined to pursue federal civil rights charges. And those decisions really left the NYPD departmental process as the only recourse for garner family and and in the family. Itself says this is not the end of their fight they're going to be pushing for a federal law. Two bands show colds from ever being used by any police department in the country. I wanted to board and I want to bring in this conversation the former chief of detectives for New York City chief Boyce appeared there. We're they'll help us understand the impact that air Gardner's case had on. Policing community policing I had it went well beyond the NYPD. This duplicate the good afternoon or what their who would do it did analysts like your some it would report she appeared member of the protests and street. The nightly. A current. Leading up into the poll twenty to fourteen. We have please folks are only news. Almost almost killed with a hatchet to head. Who real sort of the assassination of two of our cops. The broker removed when general. Are horrible horrible crimes. And we change is a common pleas over the and one predicts. Change dramatically in that time where looks a much less invasive. Nature into our investigations. And also the training that the escalation turn out across the board hole you don't actually 36000 people quite a feet. And it was gone through very very quick. Among pond. So we changed dramatically since that time. The city has actually grown a little better but we will never forget I'm Olympia according Cortese. Ballard remembered quite well with the corporately. First mr. morality not indicting and then. Gross sections of and a book. You know bush and US. Testing on the case and finally Richard W where reportedly. Putting out an article what actually did happen. We shall Jim O'Neill today. You could clearly see he was so upset. When he was giving this news which I know quite well to recruit an extraordinary cultural. And replace Phillips who knows that could have been ups. Could anyone compact award goes at one time. You know people do we consumers come upon you see yourself in this position he see himself taking the weight of this thing out of oil but again the city Haston who quote. To repair things happened consent now should be a new day old political vote. Now you mention the Gardner family house and sounds of the Carter family. I've reacting to this news this week let's take a listen. This is literally a city means canceling it was quiet and there's no matter cop on the police force. Sole commissioner Tony while we appreciate you making your decision we are definitely still calling for the Aaron gotten a lot which will be and the typical. Which will ban office as being protected by a shield. And I held accountable for the actions. Cheap way so askew was this far in. Inevitable as much as you're talking about of the commissioners reluctance here and sympathy to the other members the please force felt. It's up to the prison officers so controversial. And and that that a meant and then case so public doesn't have to and that's land. If problems with you know those who I was I wasn't sure what square cute truck out there and I have a court a couple of weeks unless. Bob I think he took stock Ruben silicon microchip that they're pretty good satin goes because I don't like to but at the end of the day it's his. Decision and this is crucial loan. So and so little walk on abortion drugs to revoke political. Who didn't immediately he has to do sit through industries go through this so I don't think it was inevitable it would fire. I think he knew who keep what was best for the city of New York. And you can see familiar concludes public. You have to understand what do with the effects of loyal to please dial morale which use could part of this silly what we have. I'm really willing to go out root cellar to reject they have to know that this supporters. So these things and he'll put the process back together again. Commercial real throughout the precincts will speak with people who make those in the visual contact cookie co payments for annual community concert he's built in the last three years as you do PC. So I tell you I'm glad that he's staying don't let you know commission report. Thank you so much she plays Aron before I let you go I want to ask you about the build the blind zeal and all I've been out on the campaign trail. And seeing protesters upset about this case and others. Following below the Lazio around the country. To build of Lazio weigh in here. Well he did today and he said that this represented justice for it garner family and he had promised justice on a national debate stage. Standing there when other democratic candidates for president. And and asked why there was no firing yet and and he said there he was confident there would be but he tried to walk a fine line he said this was. The NY PDA's decision and we asked commissioner O'Neill repeatedly today. Whether he felt any political pressure to make this decision he said he couldn't ignore. The politics of it all he knows that he's working for someone and at the pleasure of someone who's running for for the presidency. But he said he did not want the politics due to impact this case that's not gonna stop is critics the police union Kendall as union has already said that it was a political decision it was a self interest in decision. Although covering a commissioner Neil for a long time I can say is probably the least political overtly political police commissioner. New York has had and in some time but but the politics were inevitable here and let me yet in it a tough. Decision that was undoubtedly going to leave some people upset and hats when. Aaron deters give their land Arlene investigative reporters who knows New York City so well thank you Aaron. One assist gears now to the president who says that he has no concerns. Over a possible recession he's been tweeting all weekend and even today we think we have some of those tweets. From the president. He's talking about how our economy used wrong. And that it was only a lack of vision. By the fad continuing to point blame but saying the dollar is strong. And in fact doing so much banner compared to other parts of the world want to bring in one of our White House reporter's journal elves there from the White House. Jordan is this politically risky for the president to. Tried to own the economy in such a big way I mean if they start to go south Kinney keep. Placing blame some routes. While Mary Allen the economy does kind of in the whole ballgame for president from south family something he can walk away from. I and he obviously has been lightning Twitter with Easter week that our economy at that we're out he pat. His top economic advisors have to push this narrative that there's no recession coming. The president very much is he so. Off and dies is pointing the finger elsewhere. If there are any tremors in the US economy which he says he doesn't eat as the problem is really healthier in the rest of the world it. Her assessment happening elsewhere but that unites states were strong because it hit policies Heath. He sat as. I thought what is of course ironic curiosity that the president taking aim at Jerome Powell the Fed chair that is someone that the president hand picked for that job. But the president you know can't. Place the blame directly on himself and he says that things are are strong and he's RD using this as. As a political point we now out on the campaign calculus. Find people that whether they love or hate them they don't for an because he said that the economy will get out on the tubes if not for his leader. Red is no doubt that the ongoing trade war with China and threats and terror have contributed to some of that jittery Ines on Wall Street that we saw last week. Jordan the president has yet to finish and sign any new trade deal we know that his reads redo of NAFTA enacted two point doesn't cause must send. Has not yet been ratified in the US congress. Anything gonna move on this ongoing negotiations with China. This NAFTA 2.0 I think I US and yeah that is the administration's top priority heading into the fall. It's all ready to go out they just need to get congress' approval so there's this sense that there may have to eat them give and take with Capitol Hill specifically Nancy Pelosi. To get that crossed the finish line but make no mistake at the top priority so they can tech sounding off the list and as it relates to China Mary Allen the president. Very much wants to make a deal here in sent that China wants to make it deals he'll buy as you know those talks are at a the only. And the president really linked for the first time in its ongoing trade war. Last week when he said that he was going to delay implementing those tariffs. By an Intel December 15. I had for a big chunk of those consumer goods which is really the first acknowledgment we've seen. By president from thinking what consumers are paying up right here even if he continues to insist. Falsely that China is absorbing all of the Cox. Jordan thank you so much appreciate it. And back to the 20/20 campaign Charlie tying about earlier today a big day in Iowa. Where mention candidates are continuing to circle rail historic for a where native American leaders from around the country are gathering in that early crucial state. To make their pitch to the presidential candidates. Asked for listening time and and hear the candidates have to say on their issue is I talked earlier today to one of those tribal leaders from a Louisiana. About when he was hoping to hear from the candidates let's take a lesson. Chairman sticking thank you so much for joining us your China's in. Louisiana that you're holding this event in Iowa explain to us as significant and all these tribal leaders gathering. In the early voting state. First and foremost it's extremely difficult for. To get our issues and concerns are heard even during normal day. But. Tribal leaders to be here in person is extremely important to you to get in front. Presidential candidates. And again the idea is to have these one on one discussions and dialogues and exchanges. So we could bring to the forefront what's most important to tribes not only did they shot us. But the tribes across the country. We are hoping to hear from the candidates a fundamental understanding of the core issues that are facing natives and this day. In this day and age and going full. We want to hear from candidates what they're going to do as president war. Michigan murdered indigenous women across this country which is at an all time epidemic right now. We are hoping to hear from candidates. Issues such as tribal health care tribal housing. Tribal infrastructure. I was talking to a tribal leaders this morning for example he showed me a picture of they rode on a reservation back home. That it that is completely washed out and in nobody's. Is offering up any type of appropriations or any funding to sixties roads in of course infrastructure contributes to job creation. Workforce development. Tribal children need to get to schools so with inadequate in sub standard. Infrastructure on tribal lands across this country. That is unacceptable and in and tribal leaders are not very pleased with that situation. But is there a consensus that working with this administration has in different than working with administration in the past. Is there a sense that a democratic administration tends to treat tried differently can you explain that relationship that's a historical our relations. Ships. Depending on administration's US administration's presidential administration's of the past. Obviously you get to see different priorities. And sometimes. The previous administration for example. Prioritize native American concerns and needs and interests. For example the previous administration. Created in started the tribal nations conference which was discontinued. They're under this current administration. Those are things that were interest that it. And again it's it's it's it's all about presidential administrations handy and their and their priorities what's important to them as president what would be like to see. How would that how and if and if they do you prioritize native Americans what would do what what shape would that look like what form what that sank. First and foremost you need funding for anything. So appropriations wise we need a lot of funding for tribal health care housing education and social programs. We're joined now by former senator Heidi hi camp of a North Dakota and ABC news contributor senator I kept things are doing that's. Oh no problem these so much for having me on. When you've had a close relationship with tribes in your home state. I would talk to you about. Voter. Concerns went when it comes to tribes we talk to you a lot about this in the lead up. Two in November concerns that folksy limbs on reservations. Didn't. Has missing opportunities to place their votes or. Or is facing some really tough restrictions to pass their boats has there been any update on the. Well in three states like the code it it's a large Lance. Resignation. Many times they don't even get close so delivery so. If your state requires our postal delivery out grass on a residential address on and on an ID. You're a residential grass insult the tribes and North Dakota work Erie Erie express. In getting their tribal IDs to neat compliance requirements. We have gone the sector is state North Dakota but clearly the Almonte was designed to disenfranchise. A lot of people especially elderly people. And you premiere in people who may not. I'll hang out at residential address people who are let's don't residential asks. I'll what are the great story in Libya north odious and number of the church it's on the reservation opera peer address as an actress or tribal ID insult. You know this isn't it a huge challenge and I would say. Both political parties in many ways had left writes I. And I think it's terrific that the tribes have engaged very early on high eight that would create all recent competition. Between the political parties address these issues. I'm I listen to the interview. If you amble out kind of leading issues like where tribal governments were telling you people tell you want their sovereignty. Recognized and protected and they want strong government to her relationship. With leadership coming out of government. No honor girls treat you right where your health care whether it's education where your house. And certainly on horseman is a major concern in India Jamaica on drug use and suicides on reservations. It just a matter of more federal funding or are also bureaucratic challenges and stay that keep that relationship so top. What jurisdictional challenges are top because. When you look and a felony crime in North Dakota it's not prosecute it. On the reservation by the authorities its jurisdiction each. The FBI is grossly understaffed in north. To deal with that let the look criminal activity and I am I I took the lead in introducing legislation. To it rest murdered in missing indigenous out women's concerns. But we're so yeah EI when someone goes missing Desi EI NG it right wing. A local law enforcement authority. Senator McCain and I we're successful in getting an AMBER Alert be netting any place in Indian Country. Didn't even now the opportunity to do amber alerts and so there's a jurisdictional challenged. Resource challenge and help Ayers and huge component yeah. If you look at the man being in treaties that. They add that the federal government actually provide out here and and you look at her Oscar to her agent. Contribution. In Medicare and Medicaid it's twice or three times what he gives in the expenditure for Indian people but Indian people experienced serious. I health care concerns like dying fetus like. I'll be bigger and mental health challenges on child Lima which led to a loner on challenges in terms don't air it. But yeah money's not work coming in you'll Indian all. Down basically absent without being in many places in Indian Country so I think it's written that the tribes organizing and they're demanding. Got their concerns be part of the dialogue. Yen on in this election cycle. You mentioned earlier that the Chinese are also demanding the federal government stick to the original treaty obligations as a constant conversation. I'm thinking in the last year there's been so much focus. I'm just the use of the land with talked about. Sacred lands in the bears years area that was talked about standing rock in your neck and the lads. I think about the might care protests. Just last week in Hawaii. How we have these fundamental questions of who owns the land still a problems and I. Well I think that when you look at bin the president president Annan. Designating certain areas as set his sights spiritually. And then that it's reversed by this administration should not understanding cultural significance. The east place that does and what that neat neat and interesting when you look at race like Cody really. Very much on our rob on an illegal to disrupt the cemetery in north. Well you'll be neat undersea and that's where a lot of aunt. Native American Bryant's. There are places that are people are places editors here's well there are places that need to be recognized in over the years. There's been tons of federal laws. That we'll recognize the sanctity of those races this debt policy at those places are bulb went on the there's competition. Not like I want it real beer and drill and oil. Well I I'm reduce the mind it's in the case Alaska. Then all of a sudden. Those interest through those commitments that the federal government asked me. To recognizing spiritual places. It is is completely tunnel we went. In the interest. Or in supported a special interest and so I think that the tribes have eerie very legitimate concern. And the tribes. Com are in aging early on which I think it's so critical. And so important and I really look forward to seeing the outcome that. You know during or what I was in the senate on senator frank in the NN contest and I. Used a town. Ongoing dialogues with our colleagues in our pockets basically saying. Do you understand that on some reservations. 90% of the women blown out in victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. Do you wonder scheme. I'll bet on the recent suicide on in in ritzy breaches. Are in epidemic. Proportions. Unit Montana struggling with its right now. And I think there's got to eat animal weirdness not just I'll bet people. Foundations. And treaty obligations that Caspian awareness of what's happening right now we aren't out. Going to provide support being ditches ER I'm. Now Heidi hi camp we really appreciate you bringing your expertise to tighten up isn't -- is thus bank you know. Breast switch gears. Though to a lighter notes. 538. Asked everyone about those poll of all. Cliches that so often we use. Can you tell the difference in someone's talking about political commentary or sports commentary I know I'm guilty of some of those cliches in my writing. They asked people what they fox take a listen see if you can how a difference. There Qaeda. And it okay thanks for doing this writer that I pulled from folks from pre and post debate coverage. And various foreign. I moved into the post and I want you to tell me they are from sports or from its. First one. It's gonna miracle moved to the moon one was great home alone two was just. That's politics. Amigos sports sports. I'm uses sports. And not politics I think that sports. Debates. Let's get back home alone two right okay well one was great peril our there was just as good if not better that's very. I thought that would be like about the fact that this is cruel visit cruelty and want to. You're right for personality she's a dog show myths about. She's not afraid of that part of the king. I have politics. UP question. That is true force. Debates on Wednesday politics per personalities is that dog she will mix it up she's not afraid but that part of the game. Sophie Cunningham. If you the dog really great commentary user men's movement. It is someone had called the woman a dog in the political scare I would have known about it. He has that ability to take away can keep on taken. Take a blues and keep conclusion. That's okay that's got its way. Sports. Politics. Sports Collins hicks. Sports and the fact that he is demonstrated to this point and the front runner he has the ability to take the let it. People ticket take a bruises and keep on cruising. It. Pippen's terrible cook off. Yeah it DN. Yet know not terrible on your part to slate who rushed to hit the. He got into the fight this team will be happy that you showed up he responded that he fired back. Kelly you don't normally call staffers their teen. So I could featuring. Did the eight debated. It's sports sports got into the fight his team will be happy that he showed up they responded that he fired back I think its performance if you go over the whole two hours he's. You Matt. Yeah. About academic. I think actually watch that live. Me. And it hangs now. Staffers there teen. And things are friends at 538 for that. This has been the briefing room I'm Mary Alice parsley back here tomorrow.

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{"duration":"26:34","description":"An outraged police union president accused the commissioner, who announced the termination of Daniel Pantaleo, of bowing to \"anti-police extremists.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65063625","title":"Eric Garner's family on firing of NYPD officer: 'The fight is not over'","url":"/Politics/video/eric-garners-family-firing-nypd-officer-fight-65063625"}