What To Expect on the Last Night of the Democratic National Convention

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Matt Dowd talk last night's speeches, and what will happen tonight on Day 4 of the DNC.
8:57 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for What To Expect on the Last Night of the Democratic National Convention
Good morning everybody. The last day democratic national commitment to run my heart any act. Born in Philadelphia understand there's a big night big night thinking I think it's big last night we're gonna let you everything you might have missed points to Wear those clips are in case you wanna see them else if you think you. What to expect that I do element of that country it sure go for it looked scared and I am scared. Started scared you do it today. There's. Yes. July 28. Yet. He's gonna keep getting. You're gonna help me here don't think you can get it now so that it 1868. And today was the day that the fourteenth amendment was actually adopted. A no I did not know that I just talk now she's brilliant. Awesome so here's that I mean nothing that gave African Americans here against citizens right now all the privileges and rights against it. Last night we saw our first African American president. The country for incredible journey the last eight years and that is winning poet and he's. Like the best quarter of this generation I mean he unbelievable speed appreciated again last night his ability. To carry an audience to move an audience and Allan Houston unbelievable woods as a speaker courses. I think though that speech is not going to be very helpful. And helpful for the hall help of this are required there in the Democrat acquire yet but I think most Americans are certainly get you gave that seems BG eight years ago. And our eight years later in the country and it and aren't different place and were upset yet and it's not things are going up the right way that we think. And we don't trust government so. I think they're not panic and activists are independent voters and the settlers are connect aren't gonna come back speech I think the Democrats thus far we'll see tonight Hillary Clinton's speech. Have not yet gotten to that sweet spot pretty neat to be the Republicans didn't get either. They need to be which is meet people and their fears or understand there. Her anger understand their frustration and then try to take them to a better place to take them and nobody yet has done that here maybe Hillary well. These conventions are basically like. You're gonna this is working out or entity being in the next few moments like these of the messages are NIC from the parties it's all vary. It's all there after the other and the tax. There was a lot yesterday and a pretty United States which I've members. I've never seen or read about that he goes after in an end of his presidency. Of the net opposition candidate not in recent he's not opinion that this area never. So why don't think he did that lives in I think that he and Joseph Biden and all of them have been especially the president I think there are appalled. Yeah their minds that Donald Trump is actually a serious candidate for president that states they don't think it's the country I don't think it's the constitution you know think he'd do. Well in the Oval Office so I actually think they're just. Aghast at that idea that any wanna do whatever they can't keep downtown from Albany office. Ask you about another moment last night in case you missed it so we've talked so much about the party it right like having to get. Ernie supporters on board feels that they've been hurt and then bring them on board to they can actually vote for him Clinton. In November it felt like in it over the course of two or three days that some of those divisions had subsided last night. Leon Panetta took the stage. Former CIA director former secretary of defense. He oversaw much of the war in the public that yes and this room and I eerie drone strikes and I'm very strong strikes that that many Bernie started totally against yet in of course that they booed him. A lot in the court and in in that he was basically continuing to speak over our room that was just shouting him down. Right yet so I think. They're still doubt problem especially in a convention setting. That the burning voters. Who really fundamentally want change from where the country is today yet in a different way that Republicans different manner but still in very much wanting change. They don't feel Hillary right now is fully. That changed and yet she's more status quo that she's basically about their term in their minds and so I think there's still some work to do I think Tim Kaine talked about this morning and in morning America. And they know they still work to do an aggressive and extreme not I don't think it's a question. I'm getting. The vote I think it's pushed him getting him to go vote if they vote go to the polls they will likely vote for Hillary Clinton yet but. The Obama coalition of younger voters. Latinos. African Americans. The only not only have to get the percentages and again that they have to get the numbers that he got otherwise your heart just the sheer terror just in church or not. And Obama was very good turnout I think there's a question that the enthusiasm there'd have to turn the same it's you have to get all those people excited. About the fact that Hillary Clinton and it's not going to be just here this is a star break. But they're gonna bet they spend the next hundred days and I think it was will be a hundred days as of this weekend elections there spent the next hundred days building that out. Yet to clean campaign seems to be convinced that the way to do that is to try to build people in. On all the parts of her bio that they may not have noticed that have been in public service for decades as a lot to talk about but the speaker's over the last few days have been saying here's Hillary Idaho. And the thing that you have been told. Our rights I don't is that. The port now. I don't think for Donald's how the interest thinking about these two characters very different than other people that are right at conventions. Is there are incredibly defined. Out John and Hillary Clinton offered good and that the support of downtown club and that people don't like now can't standards industry. For Hillary Clinton and it's very hard to change that dynamic. I think we're want to see if any they spent some time doing it here I don't think it worked. And I think will happen is as wilderness to the negative campaign proceed because both are gonna seek to disqualify the father again until each is to run a campaign about the other night about themselves but I think that that doesn't just people don't actually like that they don't like and what it well it's what I think it will do is that'll drive down turnout and the question is is we get closer election is that the moments in this campaign after these conventions which the parties control at the last moment that the entire race they control control this. We'll go to debates and those I think are ultimately going to be determinant of who wins or loses its. The fear of such a negative campaign coming is that people than just off their hands am not go right and yet. Let's do an undulating around. Just a couple questions. Year earlier period pointed remarks. I'm happy we've been here there. Go ahead can't admit any air and it under a to take. Though that they introduced himself to a lot of people out at what to make a but it was good he's just such a regular guys he speaks you know I actually thinking. I knew that it Jackie Gleason rightly or remembrance honeymooners he almost as if it like that his manners experts. Personality. I think and and yet apparently at his passing his hope is hope that the fate. I'm that you don't often see on the democratic side yup yup its users conservative evangelical you know offices social justice side. I'm Catholic faith and I think that's going to be fascinating thank you couldn't get it back to write an AS class yet he did that and then he proceeded to mock. Down corset which wasn't the best imitation the world as Robin said this morning that you're gonna cost to live else. But I think he is gonna become the enforcer of the scheme yet and he basically make Donald Trump any words he says that's been any team came throws in the it's going to be. Basically pushing the attack out. Other exist anywhere else and I have library by Bloomberg with the mayor here comes Watson duhalde's as a moderate Democrat. I disagree on a number of issues and I'm voting for Hillary Clinton it was powerful in that moment. I think they're probably use parts of that speech or other things at him. In television ads it says here he's basically an independent saints beat independents to vote for I know she's not perfect vote for Hillary yeah I thought that's going to be effective. Joseph Biden to me. Is always an easyJet to me such it. He's been in this. Politics for 44 years in the present having gone through so much pain and heartbreak in his life. And he's a real guy I think it's always neat to see him. And was effective about two because he basically took the one argument. That's from supporters have been making which is that he knows the business says yeah and he knows how to around the country who need it with I took had a party getting me. And he basically said if you want that then you're gonna want X all of these things that he basically plans failures yet. Though I do think it's a little odd. For one billionaire to talk about another billionaire saying that he's got going to be for the arts class yeah it's a little bit like either I don't think you when have you kind of understand what's going. When you get in a black suburban and go to a private airfield. Most people don't do I mean I don't you might. You on Friday it's only Friday I shot Brad I think you're gonna act that would don't back now to the tune and we're gonna live here thanks as the air.

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{"duration":"8:57","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Matt Dowd talk last night's speeches, and what will happen tonight on Day 4 of the DNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40957174","title":"What To Expect on the Last Night of the Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/expect-night-democratic-national-convention-40957174"}