FBI Director Chris Wray testifies in 1st public hearing since Capitol riot

Plus, two rival pharmaceutical companies team up for the COVID-19 vaccine production.
5:52 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for FBI Director Chris Wray testifies in 1st public hearing since Capitol riot
Lawmakers questioned FBI director Christopher way for the first time in a public hearing since the January 6 assault on the capital. Brett was asked about specific report that warned of individuals plotting world war. And a potential attack on the capital here just some of the key moments from that hearing and. More works parks and you didn't weeks that have passed since an armed. Story mirrors cast. Countless police officers staff journalists and members of congress remain. Haunted by the sights and sounds that the problem of domestic terrorism has been pesticides and cross country for a long time now. And it's not going away anytime soon. White supremacy move. May be considered the most dangerous every given during and we must called extremism. And we're really happy. Across the board where the right. Every time I mean how can. Change miss this never happens again so he's had some friends and these trends this type of information gets it right keep. And you have any response from the we did communicate that information. In a timely fashion to the capitol police and MPD. In not one that just three different ways you it's in now justice and then he now pledged more than just an email right yeah. ABC news political director Rick Klein joins us now for more on this record director ray said the FBI shared intelligence to normal channels so where was a breakdown in communication. Yeah I Diane you heard right there director racing three different ways that it was shared including with the joint terrorism task force which would have included members of the with the local DC police department as well as the capitol police but he also conceded that he himself. Did not see the bulletins are prepared by one of the local field offices in Virginia. Until a couple of days after the attacks he acknowledges there was a breakdown and elevating this is that there really wasn't enough time developed all the information. I'll obviously in retrospect I should have gone out why parachuted into a more police viewed any record recognizes there were communications backgrounds but. He doesn't want the blame to fall on the shoulders of the FBI by itself. I do a lot of missed warning signs up but he's he is saying that. On capitol police and the DC police should have been made aware of war indeed made aware the Rivera various different pieces of communication. About what was expected out of course they did know how bad it was going to be but that the information didn't get out. FBI director raise said that authorities have now arrested more than 270. Suspects involved in the violent capital Tug does is to Graham posts in el ex girlfriends are. Helping accelerate this investigation is Jersey. What did we learn about this. Wide ranging really incredible investigation. I thought it was notable that Doug the FBI director just knocked out of the park conspiracy theory that. I did this was in teased were left wing agitators and some sort of says that wasn't the case. He is acknowledging though that this was a lot bigger than anyone could have realized and he connected to the broader threat. A violent extremism of white supremacy and saying that this is it something that he's been warning about I think he's now even more concerned about. I was also struck by by what he said about the potential for cell phone may meta data and records electronic records. A people who are known to have been Karen Crowder at the capitol potentially be used he said he wouldn't be surprised if investigators are going there and it suggests that the investigation. Even though was already wide ranging could go and a lot more different directions we heard from the new of the new attorney general just last week about. How he wanted to follow the information upstream clearly FBI officials are doing the same and they're using. Sums electronic communications potentially to do so that could lead in some really interesting places potentially. And Rick we had heard already from from other. Testimonies on capitol Hilton impeachment proceedings. That you know this wasn't just a bunch of anarchy this linked to anti. And that there you know were Alleman some white supremacy in the group but what how significant is it. And now here that confirmed by the head of the FBI. While significant because among those who continue to talk about that our allies of president trauma center the Ron Johnson who used it to hearing from Eric Garland just last week to advance. The theory that it's obvious is mostly peaceful. Peace loving trump for trust supporters who. I had a couple of bad apples that were left wing agitators Chris racing there's is no evidence that he just didn't happen they're not seen that in any way shape or form and I think that's an important marker. Keep in mind as that investigation continues to move forward a lot of people have short memories seem to history of January 6 act. Actively rewritten even as we we continue to learn more about it but I think that's about as clear and direct statement as you're gonna get. And again keeping the eye on the ball about white supremacy and about domestic terrorism. Ought to go out label it as such as an act of white supremacy and domestic terrorism I think he's an important signal from the FBI director. And laying down the facts of that attack although people have demonstrated their very resistant to FactSet were we're gonna turn discreetly blueprint can damage and president Biden's leadership he's he's announcing a major partnership which is afternoon between the pharmaceutical giant Merck. And they will help produce Johnson & Johnson make their vaccine so how's it gonna impact or roll. Well the White House says it's gonna have a dramatic impact on how quickly people get those vaccines because an Al production capacity the president will be using be it Korean War era law the defense production act. To give them or the ability to upgrade its facilities in that took power this into action to get to while companies working together for the health of the American people it is significant other timeline a little unclear but. This just at least on paper would would mean a dramatic increase in the ability get vaccines are produced and now I'm into people's arms. Brian ABC news political director Rick Klein thank you.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Plus, two rival pharmaceutical companies team up for the COVID-19 vaccine production.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76211658","title":"FBI Director Chris Wray testifies in 1st public hearing since Capitol riot","url":"/Politics/video/fbi-director-chris-wray-testifies-1st-public-hearing-76211658"}