FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Biden fights for a win in South Carolina debate

In a late-night edition of the podcast, the crew reacts to a messy Democratic debate in South Carolina.
38:11 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Biden fights for a win in South Carolina debate
Hello and welcome to the 5:30 politics podcast I am I'm year here switching things that it tonight the react and Martin that in a moment to Mardi Gras. Because it's Mardi Gras isn't an always on holiday in the world feel like now follows people from northern than what are there was some type of New Orleans. It. Have a pattern lifestyle. That I went in first second here I lived in or expert for some years. Greatly same qualities that oath and others like some Catholic. Okay pet owners there that day and there. There are holidays at what difference does any American holidays at some other special I'd replace its own special I have more holidays. There just four days until the South Carolina primary so let's talk about what went down in. The Tuesday debate there an ointment that the contest here with me to do that our editors so there. Great great great and turn it. Senior politics writer Clare Malloy you can say hello you just named you'd. Name to me and say hello I'm listening here it is that our pattern cheat you out there that means it seems like I human being I'm editor in chief Nate silver's. It seems like a human being you'd be a book react in the moment without that. Hello also joining me senior politics writer Clara Malone a local air. Maya Anne. And joining us from Charleston, South Carolina. Is your regular studio probably missing nine now electric Galen eight. And it might. Need to you keep does here under control. For say nearly geez I'm OK let's start com win the peak picture. We were coming right out of the debate. Need both aren't you what is year top line take away our top line takeaways. I want to see the polls it's kind of Weasley answer like ID there and how. I think. One nice thing about the social media agency to commit so with some forming pretty quickly. I emotionalism is that Joseph Biden had a pretty good debate. When I saw my own eyes I would really debate that. Ha ha ha. I think. Biden seemed a lot more comfortable kind of speaking kind of inferno like literally and particularly an audience that probably is of the move more in his corner. I do think framing in perceptions kind of matters a lot right when your like. The front runner expectations are up to a certain standard. When you're the following front runner as he was like a New Hampshire is like a most of the commuter rest that right there bit like a little bit of a Biden. Comeback narrative brewing he was kind of when it was a kind of he was second in Nevada a distant second but second. He is leading. Most of the South Carolina polls some by more than others. His national polls have dropped seem to have stabilize right. So I kind of think like it's a performance that may be objectively is like a seven out of a ten. That will come across is looking nine and it attend because it is it comes at the right moment in the media's frame about the race Claire you're top line. Somehow that's fitting for or. I'm scared about the iceberg of our day. Just reading stuff that scared the athlete you're at a Tucker an apparent I don't feel like we're people who like you know Harvard epidemiologist. By I it. Dropped the CDC art. Instructed. To watch. Beacons that a 558. Might be the death mean it that way so. On here anyway. What are we are we don't get sick like a month ago was that we did it was not any desires them. I'm. I I found could be. Interesting. Couple levels one it was chaotic yeah. Done. I don't think the moderation. Way. Wasn't very aggressive but apparently and then the candidates started realizing that need square them brownie points. Eastern top its you know its athletic sport it's like you've kind of blame the wreaths first via. I was surprised by the number. Surprise Bloomberg got a lot of attention. Partly carts questions but the operators. And from the other candidates but at least we ended up spending a lot of time on lumber. Although seniors did kind of it is due. I think it was certainly need. In a by the top plenty quiz like yes it was the first debate kind of racing Anders is. The front runner and here's a taste of the general election lines of attack that will that will come right witches. Can you please defendants. That does it irked me please explain. Why you have trees. Certain countries I'll answer policy areas of certain countries. And it. It was entirely convinced that seniors had a clean enough answer. Yeah in part because adding in a messy debate people comic. Morning. But that will be. He. You know essentials. General election line of attack from the Tia. Has this reputation for being very honest I think is very honest ominous objective but like. But he is also invasive sometimes to answers as a regular politician is nearly as honesty subject on the on the church he's honest especially honest or especially a Canadian you're and I think he's especially repetitive. He's just it's yet. I EE did. Doctor allotted the straightforward answers to questions tonight. Maybe it doesn't matter lots and effective politicians to demonize tea de cancers Palin sorry Galen. The view from South Carolina it definitely did seem like. The first debate in which most of the candidates on stage treated Sanders as the front runner but the data or anything else standout Kia yes. That was clearly the theme going into tonight is how are the other candidates car interior attack the clear. Front runner Sanders I think the question on everybody's mind in South Carolina was you know how is Joseph Biden. Going to perform and you ought to win and if he does how big is that going to be is a going to be a big enough lead that will give him momentum going into Super Tuesday that he can kind of need a real calm back and try to challenge Sanders for the nomination. And obviously as you two mentioned he. Did decently well he also went after speier. In the beginning of the did they which seemed a little odd by. Is reasonable if you're looking at the polling in South Carolina because speier is doing better than probably most people realize here he's polling well into the double digits. Some are between fifteen and 20% in certain polls. And so he bolt once he let everybody else really attacks Sanders he attacked Sanders as well but other people how to mount on the job. When it came to us tires he also really wanted him to take a tumble after. Tonight's debate. Until late what the next few days look like for her to abide and it is. Get positive media coverage from having a pretty decent debate in which he came off passion that's last angry but at least energetic. Then get endorsed by. You'd our house majority whip Jim clapper tomorrow in another you know really positive media cycle out of that. Probably gives him enough abuse in the poll to win in South Carolina and then the question is really just how big you believe he I don't. You know necessarily want to make predictions but it seems like he's in a position to win does that mean much for Super Tuesday is kind of the next question aftermath. Yeah I mean. So active very least and again there is like a big margin of error and how people do to be artists like. You know Amy Klobuchar at this huge boost after New Hampshire in the reckless or podcast then. And it associated pretty well that we are delivered a big winners tonight she got maybe the biggest news Mason and and debates it was a big margin of error and our subjective views. I do think it at least like Biden did. Decently. I think it's now almost a 100% certain that James Cliburn will. Endorse him. I don't think you can endorse into Klobuchar and a kind of tried to add suspense by having these like you know to other finalists. You know a Steiger faded down the stretch run in polls of Nevada when he was in the debate he most enemy as well not had been at this debate. So it may be triggers this like. Virtuous. Mini cycle for Biden where he gets three or four days of well timed. Press coverage missed it is very little early voting to Steelers ahead in the polls anyway. You know maybe Barry Sanders I don't I I mean I mentioned Biden first because like everything else I'm not. Totally sure how people are gonna react not sure people reacted Bernie I'm not sure how to react to Bloomberg. The mechanics not named Biden burning your Bloomberg. Did not have as much of a present the debate capture people will amnesia etc. and not well people say you're racing Warren a guest spot like yeah. Clarity Saudi effort who ousted out you put more aren't yet I mean I think Warren. Warren has performed very poorly. In an in these contests relative to you know we return hatter as a co from around earth Biden during this late summer early autumn. And I think it's not fair and lack of vibrant debate. Performances. In into another one tonight radar like I think she was. She came out of the gate and her first attack was on Sanders rate she Sid leaking about a lot of stuff I think I'd be a better president. She brought up than. More Mike Bloomberg. Sexism stuff she. Was to me you know visibly. There was like a rat like almost a rush of adrenaline you could seek ninth you're like this is very it to its innate challenges with Bloomberg. Afterward. Tortilla I think it's it's sort of of the peace with the debate from last week where she's really kind of flailing as the wrong word but it's she's got. Attack she is her strategy at this point just yet attack anyone and everyone are and hope that the you know something comes of that but I. I'm kind of curious about. And I'm think should drop out before Super Tuesday you know but I do think that her. Now her per performances in the debates. Are both strong but also to me sort of indicative of this like you know dying swan thing. I mean it it didn't like a little bit of it. Rubio Crist the may be order. Who were. Her from last week the Klobuchar British. Sides wobbles out of a terms like. Writer toward the which are in British and the like you know where you have like. The third in the fourth decade of work there in the fourth in the fourth and a fifth of that its third in the sixth most likely nominees. Kind of scoring offense when other. In ways it felt like a little bit of the of aside by an and we also should talk a little bit about that it. The crowd. There are conflicting reports about how to Akram was chosen. We have knocked on the new diligence audit its electric crowd that was not. Totally neutral observers it seemed like I crowd. Like the moderate candidates a lot better but those around him after I know but I think it's actually one of the things that like. I think it's kind of a weird thing unified we're. Burning then I would wonder about that. Crowd I mean he is polling second South Carolina there are lots who like him there you had to randomly selected group of like South Carolina voters clearly you don't like. I'm sure there should be. Crowds for these debates they're going to be that produce a talker he's definitely like I think collars that it. Impressions of people have a home it's hard not to react and that right in the current home field events like literally thing and like there was a crowd that really seemed to an. Be eager to it to defend. By noon and Bloomberg. And also to brew Warren it seemed like at one point the crowd was blue in Warren while she was debating Bloomberg over his history. Rick regards to sexist comments in the work place. So let's so let's I want to talk about Bloomberg a little bit more but let's first talk about walk Sanders for 12 and Claire mentioned. It's that warrant came out of the gate. Making an argument against Sanders. Would she or who was the most effective. In in trying to take on the front runner in this race. Is up for me. Umps for anybody union or maybe maybe nobody stood out. I I now I kind of thought that. Ultimately the thing that it's will probably stick the most the Biden attacks on Sanders and I think by about praising. Q. Yeah. That's kept relatively late I thought that it is not does not make it. Better for her. Leading viewers with an impression maybe if people thought but that some of the gun control stuff yet come to see Korea. Yet we were arguing about that some muscle violate that gun control. A happy be proved wrong this is just that my initial thoughts is that that was such a thing in the Tony sixteen primary. And Sanders had the whole answer only yes I east of a Elena about the sweaty and Aaron it was a different thing back then. So that he feet alma that it feels as if perhaps. That is a thing it will move past. With the critiques of sinners that there will be weaker ones. And that that is is after quaint critique of him. So. I when apparently challenge your premise mica like I I think at this point every candidate. Would benefit if Bernie Sanders lost. By points in the poles died. Some might not love it if Joseph Biden wins South Carolina for various reasons number now of that but Bloomberg I think would still rather take at this point. He won a narrow murky ugly Biden weighing that he'd still rather Bernie Sanders. Falls five points even have a conversation about Super Tuesday being in pursuing. Maybe Max adding a little bit. Overstating considers Super Tuesday polls are argument directory but anyone would benefit now from the front runner fallen on its more like the kind of collective effort. I thought. You know something about Bernie is that so far he has been. Very effective. Common music he's certainly a well above average debater overall with a narrow range write it ranges from average to. Pretty darn good and it's rarely amazing. And it's rarely below average I think. But yes different cast and he is eventually casket consolidate. Different voters that are not officially in his base right he built up its base from 15% in the summer the 22% before. Iowa Internet part pretty solid right. But to get up to 27% or is now art when he percent or to get to thirty or 35 or forty. And by the way 28 and actually translate to 21% in the south Nicholas outcome here right. Their parts in to reach out. To new voters to me. I mean at universities. Like they had yet sold and yet right. And so therefore like. Interested in this show sometimes like. First and last in first outright if someone receipt of report cute and there's a reason they can't flip right back around it is another candidate and I'm not sure you know naturally do with that part. Of his task. ID. But he showed genuine anger at times I think that's always. Always a risk and he's kind of mr. righteous indignation at the lapsed into genuine anger at times and who seem like. In the only dine now like genuine anger is risky to Apple's risky yet. I'm serious. None serious none of this is jammed. So and aggressively on the embodies a circuit those forecasts that the worst grades. One of them was William Castro and he is very angry at by analysts by them have been. It was a mean like by then have it we kind of like. Ian yelling and slightly charred didn't get great moment. And angry art different things I think I thought I could dispute the premise Gail and continuing in on this so either in division individually or as a collective. Do you think of the candidates made any headway in trying to slower takedown Sanders or conversely. And it's point did you think Sanders. How did you think Sanders did in trying to you know expand this coalition consolidated support. I think that. Two of the instances where the candidates had a pretty good job leveling attacks against Sanders have kind of been mentioned and pass and but more specifically win. They brought up the mother an annual shootings that bright nationalist terrorist attack. And Biden immediately admitted to Sanders and said that would never happen at Sanders supported the Brady bill. Was like there he kind of arsenal to south Carolinians especially considering that 60% of democratic electorate in South Carolina. Is black. And that that church's steps away from where the debate was. That was a pretty intense attack that I feel like probably resonated with voters and it was released in the debate and the other one was where hopeful it. The arches. Opponents piled on Sanders about Cuba and praising dictators and authoritarian in general and then he started trying to it kind of fight back while other people were speaking I think again with either diluted judge I didn't. And in order to try to be heard over Aventis the it was a split screen between somebody leveling attacks against Sanders for. Supporting dictators and Sanders just like really shouting at the top of his on this. When it comes to and so what neither of those. Instances I don't think Sanders came off looking very good and it was are pretty effective attack. When it comes to kind of more broadly speaking. How Sanders is gonna move forward in this race and how the establishment. And me be more moderate. Candidates are going to you attack him or even just parts of the party I think this is where outcomes are re it's now or never and kind of just tip from a that's a little but I don't doubt our planet today I spoke ripped. James Cliburn are being interviewer in the feet tomorrow. But he talked all about what he sees wrong with Sanders and I thinking you're gonna hear a lot more. So you introduced and endorsed senators Galen are you breaking an embargo. Yemen rich in Champlain in fact know the interviews not embargoed interview not a market but I do not think he's going to endorse tax Claire you had a question. Not that on the host or anything but you know go. Well it's more just a thought exercise because in some ways I don't even knowing numbered weaknesses. But. There have been many I have watched all of them. Trying them. Both. Interesting and and crashing to my civil. And on the shatter. Health. Like I I've been thinking over like. Is it bat is this the best format with. This goes back to our original questions like is the best format should seniors pavlik more time to explain his. Probably ultimately new wants and historical contexts. Needing views then. Nicaragua and media now that stopped. Let me torch do you keep the two and half our time after the kind of have like like Austria three ask him. And you kind of like the literally the games are really short eight yeah and it's like with wheat we pick pools of people and they have to like. Going after switch at a commercial break eight. You bring in like you know the TV's on that yet he had 24 points to the candidates ahead of becomes a target scored. A solo artist and and that. Ian make a take it style and you kind of like Hewlett lighten the moderator questions and it's a little bit more like. An actual conversation I go back to it should feel more like an actual dinner conversation where people. Are actually seeing things and Mike and like we can give up there he met effect elected. Dinner party. I would a 100%. Before it. Let let's film the dinner party are allowed only can branded as the lasts up. Our If you don't want to follow of some film are new idea why I'll find some of those who don't allow all candidates who. It sounds like a recipe for three we're getting an economic analyst at it and maybe. I'm crop which candidate in us neatly. Goes off to the bathroom and it's time to help clear the table and do this is like whichever can help the most but this isn't it it's it's too drunk. Restricting it appeared that question the equation I can't all of these if there on the ticket collections are up and listeners. And then at five. 38 politics on Twitter let us know who who you think would have what rule and that's hypothetical. For now. Candidate dinner. That still does I want but this on a couple more things first Bloomberg. Bloomberg had to. Epic crash and burns first performance. I'm in in a debate last week Galen how was the second show. Improved but still rusty. How do you put on a report card in the elementary school like. Showed some app for light seems like they are starting to get used to going to school but like aren't totally comfortable corporate and yeah we're not done this for molecular rules in January. At the park arts. Yet. He knew he was more prepared making use some of the attacks were coming and kind of out an answer to -- attacks on nondisclosure agreements with women at work for his company. But still it was like. Fumbling at some points like he couldn't remember the court settlement when he was talking about you know Israel and Palestine. And things that somebody who's been campaigning for a year after more. Doesn't do you basically. Yeah I'm gonna have to answer man question here but we're talk Matusz on the live but but when I watch these debates I try to like. Divorce myself somewhat from the twenty other debates we've watched them and all the history and I've kind of found myself think gang. It seems like Bloomberg. You know. Really only recently. Got into. Democratic politics. And that democratic you know ideas and issues. And priorities and then note you know the language that surrounds all of those issues and priorities. Tim thank you only recently started so and today. I pop up pushed back a little bit here that we want people to accidentally saying what they think. And don't we don't I mean I as a reporter heed it when politicians. Speak in. Defined rhetoric of their party and at whatever particular moment it's why sign. Like partisan speeches or or you know. I find that tires so his and you know what I do feel like I agree that he was not polished. And and probably should've done more research but on the other hand I'm kind of like. When nine to critique a person actually like being himself at my not being told. Totally fair and ash MI can talk them out polish really I'm talking about like. Warrant had this critique of Pam that was like. Democratic voters are not gonna trust you Michael Bloomberg because you haven't earn their trust because you cheat you know. Six years ago you would get giving Lindsey Graham and ex that are center center. And in general role on the oversimplifying a little bit Bloomberg's response. Yeah you can imagine a response from him. That hit hard on on the gun research stuff and and Andean you know that the this time he spent on summonses issued a lot of his response that was just like. We gotta be trop nobody else everybody here with yes. I mean this is lot like. This is again I'm bored talking about the debates like like I am fascinated by. That coverage of debates including ours right which always to evolves into like. Well push they have done better how would they of the appeal batter put it all comes down to was like. It like. You know buffed over their rough edges and like lied to us not let and that I find lake that the lake. Stunning the MD thing about political reporting is how weak we are. Like that even the entire economy of this industry turns into like. Or how they give me a worst quote in two week yeah like after like doing it and I and I find it like. When you step when he pulled back and it's obviously what everyone wants it's what you know it's the news you want the people in what they messed elect ultimately it's it's like we've created this culture where it's like. How will date. The gloss of how old they make at a higher Sheen talking point me the next time and I. Hate well that's why like Mike acts good as that candidate in our idea is that ideas like that don't work because we've. Weeds that meet the media that's like trainees candidates to not answer anything obviously but I guess carmike pushed back and that would be. Part of the reason I'm skeptical of Bloomberg. Is not because he's glossing over our. The true substance of his candidacy only Stanford picked it because he is and and and did just seems like there's a disconnect between what Bloomberg believes. And and what he's pushing for and. But he's done it's not a party pushing for is electability threatening he has no platform truly outside fact that like. I'm electable. And less offensive to your sensibilities democratic electorate than -- At the end of the day his duly have. A known platform outside of got its. Anti gun. Well but that's why weren't critic is correct electors up to resign Democrats trust him because he's a guy knew. Talked their reading as an independent. This year against Bernie Sanders. If presented his number near Warren and Elvis and is running as a Democrat rate in the switch parties several times so mean words he is correct like both. As a matter of substance and probably is an empirical view of like how voters might blue view Bloomberg. Yes it was like a little bit of the the Zuckerberg in. Quality to him right where although much less than and he clearly came across as much more natural and innocent and who is elected mayor of New York. For three terms and so you know he's. He's not a terrible politician came across less dependent less of the patrician. Kinda figure this time but like. But now but I also wonder if like. There are some voters see the ads and and this glossy image of an ally of backed. OK he was fine right now I'm rusher like that guy anymore on the other. Four guys in do owls right yeah. Galen you were trying to get a. Yeah when you talk about they. Politician who threatens an independent run and doesn't. Perfectly fit into the party I think a lot of people would immediately think trumps run in 2016. And a key difference right is that trump forced Deval. You know took the time for Bret or for worse spending hours and hours on Fox News getting acquainted with. The party's base and how the party speaks and what the party cares about which in large part was immigration. And even loans the Nita had difficulty especially at first talking about how or why US pro life. Or several many other things in the Republican Party he was able to speak passionately about immigration. And not something that just drew voters to. I don't know what it is that Bloomberg speaks passionately. About that is part of kind of something that's fundamental to Democrats. The knicks then BP forget or forgive some of the things that. In an aisle like anti gun that I actually don't understand why he doesn't plan add up all the time does the army is he's not like skill that it. Yeah gas and I think and the like I think he fuels. On the defensive and I think like running for mayor of New York City is different because them. The electorate tolerates frankly a certain level of you've been like a bit. New York. And the Lazio does not have agree. Interpersonal reputation on some level all right let people are a bit more tired of of a personality type shall we say. A hassle seem like a little bit. A little bit of a kind of morning Joseph panel syndrome right or is like making a lot of inside baseball references he made a joke about. His performance in the last a day that I think. Kind of went over to crickets in the room. He made reference to the naked cowboy you in case you're wondering is neither naked. Nor a cowboy a but a man who wears a. Absolutely my man like society don't tell you IDs anyways and has a guitar and sings. In times where. You wouldn't know that Muster kind of liked it. In the morning Joseph bubble I don't thinker than the New York anybody in your mind but like but like you know. Those are Connecticut up alias Bloomberg the kind of day that like I thought he would have been around one you know yeah that's and about it. By the way the elmo's or IBC news. Indium. The notes the times among. I now bath and they're they are naked almost I am I don't think it's funny if you. What under the seat grope no tourists itself is naked and is an oh we. Know will be what he means Al. The power there. It is almost hour in advance. Or. I it's getting out and its it is at Ingraham OK so let's wrap up here I think going back to touch model but at the top but which you know. But kind of the state of the horse race in South Carolina. Am. And how we think this may or may not affect it and and I well. On the record that generally our approach to this question they were gonna wait for the polls. The primaries in three days so like. You know I think listeners can no hey guys which is weight. In general we prefer that this week for the polls we're gonna get your flawed but informed. Opinions which do you which. So says let's let Nate commuted start but give us like that thirty sack and here's the sale of the race in South Carolina but also like him in the conversation. Poland and now how form that pictures are. He actually has like a seven or eight point lead in the polls which is and nothing. And a model assumes there's uncertainty between now and then parlor because the debate certainly some uncertainty would actually make it more confidence in Biden. But you know Biden is gonna get we assume this Jim Cliburn endorsement of the timeless in this tomorrow morning. I don't think he's going to be hurt the debate. And so yeah I mean for a basic standpoint like a set and anarchy myself yours is on the blocks as a puppet show. I think it was helpful to Biden I think because like. Relative South Carolina like even an average performance would be helpful to Biden to kind of stay on track he didn't need to know camera OK I don't know or they hit a home run or not right at CBB. I think he'd. At a base hit. At least. Both north. President and our other guy. I exit had a line yet. Nye. No I don't different sportsman before you had the best book that's I was gonna say and again I was late dollar enter into the Hispanic community first only along lady get in full blown back. Tactic gala what is the but on Ingraham there. So the vibe on the ground similar to the debate stage today based on our conversation. Is that Klobuchar and puberty that's been going nowhere fast in South Carolina. And then main competition that Biden has for the more moderate vote. Which seemed to be EB Tom's fire Aldo I don't know how you would categorize. His platform. So if he any given that South Carolina it is. As far as State's democratic electorates go relatively conservative relatively moderate frankly pretty religious. You know I don't spicy that has a good sign for item that we haven't partner booted judge Klobuchar at all dividend at a moderate alternatives in some sense. On. Yeah I mean I think. The signs are good people that I've spoken to all date today are in the -- for one person or another so that's not a real representation. Of the time on the ground normal spend a little more time outward. Real people and I would imagine that what I have to say it is others still to many people running confusing. You're gonna for a reference to afford it. The one thing that makes me really nervous about sort of like trying to get a handle on the raised it is. If you look at our polling average in top line Sanders. Has been climbing. Pretty steeply now Biden jumped up to and it because of a reason Paul but it just makes me one there. To what extent the polling is a lagging indicator in this case because. Essentially pollsters can't turn now fast enough to keep up with events on Ingraham well what it Biden is a South Carolina tell you. The poll that has a bite at the most is the poll that is the most host Nevada. Actually that's not great for Sanders. And yet. Food plus Karen cut and just know you're collect ultimately have to mention. There are some signs that after American voters are more elected him white voters say their undecideds and democratic primaries and when he a linguistics seen. The Kennedy took from wealth after Americans tended to be their polls. In the south. And so I think that between that and the clapboard announcement and there are a lot of under senate Americans in these polls that. You know I mean we we keep these nefarious. Axes race to lose. We use about Bernie rose zero nomination it's it's heightened state to lose. At this point. In labor popular thing to which is that like we talk about others variance and a sides here so seven and a half point lead heading into that tonight. Some point eight points right for Biden. That means he could certainly lose. Okay one in three chance that pretty darn good shepherd you can lose. But also means like the one of three chance that it wins by by fifteen points or more. In which case that does have a thing. An extra degree of neared implications. That teams like a good news and on our Afghanistan. Phillips' leave it there. Thank you Nate. I think you might. Thank you Claire thank thank thank you can't let makes a great job. Thank you think you know my name is Mexico and Tony tally is in the control room you can get in touch with us by emailing us at podcasts at 538 dot com. You can also of course tweet at us with questions or comment but more importantly rate and review process you know I think in the Latin. New people. That's a very good points I think each and with the five star rating at a time two dissonance now and then. Volume on five point three it's ours packed. I don't think he. But leave us a good reviews out some friends about a send out tonight tweets and in grand I would guess trying to please we there's a great clothes was forced around down to five. Yeah exactly and significant. And if you don't do it we're gonna come after you and so please. Dave assaults and thank you for listening and losses. And yeah. And. You.

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