Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nomination for President

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has won the Libertarian nomination for president.
2:57 | 05/30/16

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Transcript for Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nomination for President
I taking a fresh political plunge former governor of New Mexico. While Donald Trump celebrates effectively winning the Republican nomination now the party has selected its presidential nominee that. They believe they get a red chances here is ABC's Ned though Qatar. Everyone please. Handing him a round of applause for the nominee for president of the United States. Governor Gary. Johnson. Odds are he's never even heard of Gary Johnson. But former teacher governor of New Mexico is now officially running for president. Not as a Republican and not have to Democrat. That hasn't libertarian. Hopefully. This candidacy. Will. Potentially dismantle the two party system. Third parties have often been overlooked in US politics libertarians are hoping this year might be different there's a real time. That we can achieve major parties. Okay. Okay. They're taking the fact that Donald Trump Hillary Clinton happy hi I'm favorability ratings of any candidate on either side of the aisle in the history of being frustrated with her witnesses libertarians believe in liberty home. What role of government. Are fiscally conservative hunt usually live not eat the IRS should be abolished taxation is that. But they also support abortion gay marriage and legalizing marijuana trying to. Democrats all Republicans out here. The party does attractive. Quirky character its earnings in the heat of the moment that you space through. All Americans this California delegate despite vehement start shot. Sell about transparency. That's our enemies advance. But the convention itself has led furious business Johnson pays some tough competition. On and to elsewhere confidently fiery debate though covering everything from foreign policy. No mistake if the United States is attacked we will attack back. To whether driver's licenses even exist I mean you got people that are blind that would be on the road I think that would actually continue to drive until they hurt somebody. In the end it was Jonsson not walked away with the nomination. His vice presidential running mate will be former Massachusetts governor bill well thank you thank you thank you. And. Two could wind up being their real spoiler this election. Taught since been pulling at 10% in potential matchups against chuck and Clinton. I think the majority of people in this country Arlen return and it's just that they don't know. Now let me change now with longshot for them to actually in the White House that Jimmie Johnson says he's focused on making sure the party can get on the ballot in all fifty state. He also wants action articles well enough to be included in the presidential debates and attendance.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has won the Libertarian nomination for president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39476759","title":"Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nomination for President","url":"/Politics/video/gary-johnson-wins-libertarian-nomination-president-39476759"}