Golfer Natalie Gulbis on Why She Supports Trump

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Devin Dwyer talk golf and politics with LPGA golfer, Natalie Gulbis.
5:26 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Golfer Natalie Gulbis on Why She Supports Trump
That'd be joined by seven who was just not the stage Natalie Gulbis it's great to see a professional golfer. And it and it is how we'll Hubble with like to be up there. Amazing in this is the largest stage that I have ever match it speaks as like he set up professional opera. As it up the inter player read it's you a lot of different things but nothing like. He was amazed you're used to performing under pressure ago what was it like we Europe there how Howard she's the only living earmarks and scrap lucky think about I started playing often aspire six in I. Work done that at an economic tour now fifteen senior sixteen years. So pressure is just like part of it you gotta let the adrenaline and it's that's about the port Richmond. They call your naming you here at the same adrenaline actually get from athlete and the preparation instantly if it isn't something that I just get different. And it next to a break from god sort two weeks ago a completely different to go for that. You're 85. But it was still clueless and so thankful and truck and they asked to speak. At the top Peter Burks says. Don't like you hadn't had spoken a lot of what you paid yet had spoken out as a woman talking European. In public of war any targeting such as this right so what what was it about Donald Trump did meet you wanted to break the ice and I can mountains are. Not separate me if you ask or I first time and it was 2000. Keen was aryan borrow with LPGA tour. We haven't then that her aunt dot chalk up we're back next year are US open hunt not course so he was. Candidate ever present it all on our tour and had been set here in. Army and when I got Aston Villa eight and I. Now a little bit later my parents and I noticed it's kept thinking as a my heart but it cool opportunity talk about the two things that they tell you don't ever talk about. How my family it's not out yet reckless tackle right superstition but don't talk about if they don't talk about those are just. Amy don't talk about publicly and you're trying to you maintain the image for the tour for yourself. That that'd be sent to break them both and I imagine things that are clearly important to you so why did you feel at this stage that he should talk about tremendously important this particular hand what is it about mr. trump you on your support while not SLA this can't this person. And not jump has been a trend for. Many many years end at the trump Shanley has embraced me and they help me specifically not to help me keep my Prius professional accomplishment with his opening at. Now Michael swayze got look. And sent to deal that Evan I'm so honored just it would speak. At this event and sent it was going to be in big break in the political. That political world what a great opportunity here it's not about me. It's interesting as well you know. One of the criticisms I think they've again and again by people who don't know him like YouTube is exactly at the history of speaking offensively. Are critically of women in particular. And I want Kelly to take on that keeping any patted him personally with a lot a lot of people people heard what. Pay about women in the past and how do you. I don't really have to you either liked because Ernie I can only go up at the Donald. And for that many years that. I bet the upper chain Ellen he's meant so incredibly respect so generous and so helpful in helping adequately. He's been an individual. In my life that his company to be fearless in the top that it and as a father that has daughter face similar challenges that I. Really glad to be at. Share share that story. The playoff that some controversy around announced on some skepticism in the numbers that we've seen some sort of middle ground when the voters have about this it's not. Oh what do you think that he needs to do. To show other women in this country where you so. Aptly see about him at you and you complimented him mind what does he needed to get out there. This event I. Today in sentiment and just really been incredible and just been able to showcase at different side. Donald trapped and it's been so fun for me to be a little watched yesterday and watched today CV. Endorsement any people talk about. That Donald that I now and the Donald that they now and it's just been a great test Naylor fairly Catholic you can imagine snatches. Is continually hear it you're in aggregate that it be much much different I gotta ask him where it's at near the golf course with them what's it like practically content. Stunned attacks he's an avid golfer and he tree and designs beautiful or outlook for the routes and he's fiercely competitive the same way that we have you seen him and really really matter. I just a lot of fun lately that it had a big personality and talk the whole time but. What about profit in your last and for five hours with some time and illness spent four hours and some like that that that espouses. That's successfully real estate is there are lots really aren't but when will we thank you so much for your I'm really appreciate you having my calculations on your ATF and Robert Natale I don't think there's.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Devin Dwyer talk golf and politics with LPGA golfer, Natalie Gulbis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40721134","title":"Golfer Natalie Gulbis on Why She Supports Trump","url":"/Politics/video/golfer-natalie-gulbis-supports-trump-40721134"}