GOP senators: Saudi prince involved in Khashoggi murder

After a briefing by the CIA director, GOP senators say it's likely the Saudi crown prince is guilty of the journalist's murder, and mourners visit the Capitol to pay respects to George H.W. Bush.
23:39 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for GOP senators: Saudi prince involved in Khashoggi murder
And. And welcome to the reviewer I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington drummer George Phelps or warehouse report thank you for joining us here. On this very busy Tuesday as the net nation's capital continues to mourn the loss of Dutch words Herbert walker bush. We have live picture right now of mourners continuing to pay their respects inside the US capitol dome. We've seen the lines long over the past 2.4 hours continuing to build. The president will lie in state dinner at the capitol rotunda until tomorrow. That's when the proceedings were moved to the national cathedral war have the funeral service with dozens of world leaders and all living. Former American presence will be there as well I just. Some stunning images very moving tributes to the president. Are from today's ceremonies in proceedings that the capital. Including this one by former our republic can miss senate majority leader during Bush Administration also onetime presidential candidate Bob Dole. How cool was wheeled in. You could see Bob Dole quite infirm now but still sharp of mind with the help of an aid agency here standing to salute. The former president quite something to see very moving moment. Of course Bob Dole one of the greatest generation as well from that World War II era and a war hero. Bob Dole saluting. President George Herbert Walker Bush. An ABC's Kenneth Bolton has been covering. All of the activity today on Capitol Hill cash give us a sense a state of play right now what have you been hearing seen. As people come to pay their respects. DeVon has really been remarkable here on Capitol Hill how they would make my way inside the capitol rotund people from all over the country from different walks of life. Families with their teenagers with their small children paying their respects to the 41 president of the United States. I will say that it's incredible. A number of times because it's just remarkable to go in there and to see all those people. I'm also didn't different political backgrounds. Really coming together to unite to really salute this man because they're choosing to focus not on George H. W. Bush is politics but his life. Of service also today I mean I want to bring up that moment again at DeVon that you mix and just right at the top of Bob Dole this former. Republican primary presidential opponent. HW bush. We're we know in 1988 they battled it out before that time Republican nomination obviously we know that it was George H. W. Bush who won out. But they are his former opponent later his friend dear friend who stood here with the help limit aid. And was able to salute. His president. We saw other touching an incredible moments here on capital hole as well. Sally you've heard us talk about Sally over the past a couple of days that serviced on that for later Fran bush 41 well he was back there next of that casket. By his former owners decide we've seen it I'm Colin Powell also here on Capitol Hill the aft former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Under bush 41 former secretary of state under George W. Bush who was able to salute the president. As well I'm former personal ace from over the years. And then also another moment I that I want to bring up which was Neil Bush the president's son who's now the chairman. About points of light foundation remember that nonprofit organization started because. Of the call for service the call to action to serve others from bush 41. That non profit was created from that policy and so we've seen high. No question led those members of the organization and we've seen so we need people joining us everyday Americans to salute bush 41. Our catalog forests of the capital Kenneth thank you so much for your reporting there in Jordan not been struck by. Among those mourners and the SP respects president trump and First Lady Maloney a trump. It really doing what one would expect presidents to do I guess that should be got extraordinary but we know and lighted the history this president has had with the bushes. To see him last night's salute. The former president who voted for Hillary Clinton. Just struck me is quite something to see. Definitely I seven the president and First Lady making not special visit to Capitol Hill last night to pay their respects. And as you note the president is really checking all the boxes that you'd expect to president. To check in in a case like that's you of course remember the 2016 campaign. I had there was a lot of bad blood between the Bush's. And president trump ad but what's really going on here seven it really speaks TU. The kind of man that George H. W. Bush wise in life and he's continuing in death. Out we know that the force team has been in close contact with the White House going back months cleaning. For the eventual funerals as we know lack something they wanted to bring president trucked into the fold absolutely the bush is sort of offered an olive branch here and brought the White House into the planning process for this. And thank trump White House clearly. Except in fat and that's why you're seeing so much precision at an act situation of this event because this isn't something that's just come together since Friday it's. And months through May end got a little bit of pragmatism to from the bush family they wanted their father to. Be treated in this way they didn't want to spoil that by the bad blood disease say so they sort of we did that olive branch but also says fascinating to see the president. President trump you one wonders if he's reflecting on the treatment he might receive when one day he main. He will pass it mainly in states. And could get get similar treatment very interesting to watch her and thank you for for that reported. I'm meanwhile the capital is actually quite busy today on another matter of significance that being the death of Washington Post columnist Jamal car shall be. The CIA director today Jean Haskell has been up on Capitol Hill briefing key senators on her findings in that. In that case as we know Jean Hassell a key figure she went to Turkey here that alleged audio tape of the murder itself. And what we heard from senators coming out of that briefing has been quite something let's bring in Mary Bruce. Sr our congressional correspondent Mary what have you been hearing from lawmakers emerging and what are they talking about doing now. Not when it comes to Saudi Arabia. It and it's been really remarkable actually you've seen members of congress leaders from both parties coming out of this briefing. In agreement that they feel stronger than ever now after having heard from the CIA director. In person. Today that this Saudi crown prince was in fact complicit in the murder of Jamal could show me they are fired up and furious. About how this you heard white light at mounted to really does jaw dropping. Statements of condemnation. From Republicans coming out of this briefing. Bob Corker then the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Saying that there is zero question in his mind that the Saudi crown prince ordered this killing monitored the killing knew exactly. What was happening he said that added that it didn't conference in front of the jury would begin big get a murder. In less than thirty minutes and then you heard from Lindsey Graham of course who is an ally. A president trump appear on the hill coming out and saying that that there's not a smoking gun there's a smoking sought. Really remarkable outing. To hear him coming out so forcefully and is really put a lot of pressure on president truck because of course the president. Has insisted that there is no direct link between the Saudi crown prince and days killing he said let me maybe he knew about an eighty he didn't. Lawmakers appear clearly disagrees and and the question is what what are they going to do about it. There is a resolution. That it that they could take action on bid that would lead to. The US to withdraw its support for these Saudi led war in Yemen. It is not clear at this point whether they will or how they will move forward without resolution. Graham has said that he also wants to take what would amount to a symbolic. Stepped it taken Danner. The Saudi crown prince forty believes is his involvement. In this but it's a real risk if you have which is pretty rare happier these days to see Republicans come out and so forcefully disagreed. With the trump administration now the question is how well they follow up. Yeah Bob Corker wanted to most outspoken critics of trump on foreign policy Lindsey Graham. Has been a persistent critic but didn't but also very close ally of president front to see him. Speak out on this was something that's actually take a listen. To both men had to say when they came out of that meeting tickle us. There's not a smoking gun there's a smoking sol. You have to be willfully blind not to come to the conclusion that this was orchestrated and organized by people. And under the command of India us. And that he was indirectly involved and the demise of mr. to show he. Oh not look at the kingdom the same way that I used to look at it gives the crown breath. Mike and fun on a jury he would be convicted in thirty months of life yes. So that after that briefing with with with who with Jean Hassell merry but. I just want to play for you. What the secretary of state saying just two days ago he said he was briefed by the same CIA intelligence officers and he drew a very different conclude. And listen to Mike Pompeo. I have read every piece of intelligence that is in the possession of the United States government. And when it is done when you complete that analysis there's no direct evidence linking him to the merger baucus surely that is a accurate statement is an important statement and it is the statement that. We are making publicly today. So Mike Pompeo their very Seri. He saw the evidence there was no smoking gun and Danielle Lindsey Graham saying there is this is smoking saw. Yet we having a very clear and dramatic difference of opinion here and remember the members of congress were briefed by Pompeo. Several days ago but they wanted to hear directly from the CIA director because of course dad her agency had reportedly drawn this conclusion. Mandate made dad the crown prince was directly linked to this murder it's also part of the reasoning you're seeing. Calls from the top leaders here on the senate in the entire senate to be briefed by Gina hospital that the CIA director what occurred today was at a briefing just by top. Leaders of both parties. Members of key committees are chairman's and from key committees bank but senate Democrats in particular gene happily content breed every single senator than ever own is getting the same information. Because right now only certain people ever seen today's briefing. But yeah it is interesting to do is seen you have his rift between. The president's top cabinet secretaries like Pompeo the president himself. And what clearly is the conclusion of the CIA director which has now been shared with these lawmakers. And her before we let you go we need to check in on that government funding fight the shutdown averted for now at least this week well. Ata capital mourns George Herbert Walker Bush but. Europe you're really digging into the weeds and the single sticking point here and that is the president's border wall where does that stand Baylor only issue right. It's the same sticking point has been a sticking point for the last couple times we lead had ash shut down fight against a little bit like Groundhog Day appear. As we talk about these funding fight it all comes down to the president's Walt. The president wants we know five billion dollars for his wall some Republicans bad back up that belief scented. Democrats and on both side in both chambers are willing to offer one point six billion. That would go towards you know took towards border security things like drones won't lower. Assistants down on the border and fencing that's a far cry from the brick and mortar wall and that the president act has so famously promised. His supporters and how the two Morgan bridge that gap remains to be seen but the clock DeVon. Is really ticking here because this week they're going to act to kick the can down the road another two weeks. Both parties needed as the country's morning. The loss of President Bush some wind known for his bipartisanship to need to be mourning that loss with a bitter partisan fight is not good optics. For the hill or or for the countries and their buying 1002 weeks but that sets up. AA Christmas shutdown showdown on December 21 saint two weeks now to figure this out but it's hard to see right now. From talking to Ted today leaders on both sides of the out how they're gonna get the president that five billion that they want and of course if they they don't. And we do see a shutdown that would be a partial shutdown. But again then the clock is ticking as the new congress comes in and the Democrats will be in power over and. All right were and a in crunch time here in Washington and Mary Bruce is on the B all the way through to the finish line very aggressive senior congressional correspondent thank you so much. I've meanwhile another major development today and they the front of foreign affairs this one involving Russia let's go over to the State Department now work under Finnegan has been reporting on this today this hour. Terry of state making an announcement just short time ago Connor that the US is actually made good on that promise to pull out of the INF treaty with Russia this is a nuclear forces treaty dating to the Cold War. Tell us what it means. It means that in you know a few months down the road from now the US won't officially withdraw from this little landmark nuclear deal. As he said he was one of the most important agreements at the end of the Cold War. And helps to reduce nuclear tensions between the united things and the Soviet Union. But it wait what secretary Pompeo announced today is that they are giving Russia sixty more days before they. Officially begin this wind down period of six months so they have until then. To really either get in compliance or get in the room with the top administration. And try to negotiate some sort of resolution during the administration has consistently said. That Russia is in violation of the INF treaty it's and that goes back to the Obama administration as well because of their development and deployment of a missile system. Something that NATO said today threatens European security. Whether or not Russia is willing to do that remains unclear as secretary Pompeo said today that giving no indication that they're willing to do so. No indication they're willing to do so and yet they do have sixty days though a lot of people holding out hope eyes he saw Mikhail Gorbachev George Shultz the two. I Cold War era figures who helped broker that deal without Ronald Reagan just wrote in the Washington Post Connor. They own they want to give this one Masco. Yeah and that's really the concern here is that if they do not find a resolution between the United States and Russia that that we could be in a new arms race. The United States has concerns obviously about Russia's development of missiles but they're also concerned about China's development in China isn't a party to the INF treaty. And secretary Pompeo pointed to that today as one of the reasons why the US is thinking about withdrawing as is moving towards withdrawal. Because they believe that he gives China and military advantage over the United States. You know and that that's an advance that Russia has been taking advantage of by violating the treaty by not being compliance with it but it now looks more more likely that the US will withdraw entirely. Too you know close the gap on that missile development. Aren't confident in force at the State Department O'Connor thank you so much moving on out of China today the president. Just on the heels of the G-20 summit brokering a temporary truce fires cease fire Jordan with with China on these tariffs today. Tweeted that he isn't quite over at this turf infatuation many hats. That's right DeVon he sent that at reminder if this doesn't work out I am that Tareq man now I should point out. That this phrase has really taken off on Twitter I it's been carried a lot my personal favorite. Diva act is somewhere and hail. Put it in teen themed nursery rhyme the muffin man saying do you know the terror man who lives at sixteen times. Pennsylvania handing him he's branding himself the terrorists may attack. Actually spooking the markets right now who take a live look. You know immediately after the G-20 summit that the the dinner with president she the markets went up they thought wow we could actually have some sort of a deal on tariffs announced today. Maybe because those tweaks they are spooked and as you can see there the Dow is now down over 700 points tumbling. Into the close here in the next half hour or so. Offer little bit more on the impact the president's turf policy ended the tariff man. If you will is having on the US economy want to bring in John Murphy he's with the US chamber of commerce vice president of international trade investment policy John think he's so much. For coming in here on ABC news live you know I have got asked do you guys. A put out a statement of optimism after the dinner with president she you don't like tariffs generally speaking in the business community. Who who what if there is an ideal in ninety days now how concerned are you and what's at stake. Well we were pleased after the G-20 that there is a deal on at least three points. 11 of all the schedules that tariff increase on 200 billion dollars worth of imports from China. Has been defer to those were set to go up on January 1 from 10% to 25%. That's been pushed off down towards approximately march 1. And so we're entering into now the second element is ninety days of negotiations with the Chinese. Up till now there's been a lot of feeling out exploring a positions but now these negotiations are going to be more serious. Because of the third point which is that the administration has put Bob light Heiser in the US trade representative clearly in charge of the negotiations. So. We we're pleased to see the application of these higher tariffs deferred but there's a lot of work ahead of us. End and and John. You know did business community has also changed to or you don't like terrorists generally you've also chafed at the Chinese behavior. Theft of intellectual property the force transfer of technology. Some of the things that president trump is sort of going to bat for if you will. With these tariffs what what's the alternative if this terror for approach doesn't work is there something that you think the administration needs to be doing. Hot to support the business community on those of. Are issues. Right we agree with the administration on the diagnosis that China's theft of intellectual property and force technology transfers are serious problem. But we don't agree on the prescription. We think trade works and terrorists don't tariffs are taxes paid by American Sam ways and American businesses what we'd rather see. Is more cooperation with our allies around the world. Right now though we're having a tariff war that doesn't apply just to China. We've put tariffs on Canada Europe Japan many of our closest allies. On at least steel and aluminum but some other products as well. Instead of going to trade war on many fronts we should drop those tariffs and instead work with our allies to form a common front. To confront the Chinese. Trade practices. And use the negotiations that are now revving up as an opportunity to address our substantive issues with the Chinese. And for the average person watching us and listening to you today John maybe a small business owner out there. May be someone in a fortune 500 company. Again just to go back to the seriousness of the next ninety days spotlight Heiser heavy hitter going into these negotiations what is at stake is that do you see this is a very serious juncture. This period it could this make things significantly work worse if they don't reach a deal in ninety days. Well I think so and I think you're seeing that in the market today. If you look at share prices for a lot of industrial. Companies and raw materials goods they've been under serious stress for some time. And here's looking at capital expenditures data on some of the numbers have really been softening recently. There's a great deal of nervousness about that are out there about what these tariffs have meant. The cost of steel in the United States is up about 40% since the beginning of the year because of these tariffs and manufacturers that depend on those steel imports. On on steel generally. Are paying so much more. Companies such as GM and Ford. Have paid as much as a billion dollars more because of those higher prices. That's why were urging that these tariffs not be used going forward in particular we've been pushing for. The tariffs on Canada and Mexico to be dropped. There was a commitment that that would happen when the new NAFTA deal was struck. It hasn't though and it needs to happen immediately. I think there's a lot of companies and farmers and people across the country would benefit. If we were to drop those tariffs now. All right John Murphy with the US chamber of commerce thank you so much for coming in John sharing your readers appreciate it very much of the comeback. Jordan you know being down in the G-20 we know that the president. Likes these terrorists he sort of banking on the fact that the US economy is doing so well generally right now could sort of absorbed a little bit in this punch if you will the Jonas talking about. But if things start just turned south the market certainly spooking people a little bit he knee had no choice but to back off some of these threats. It definitely Devean and the president is very cognizant about fat it remember this is a businessman president he wants the economy says sixteenth. And so we will see the president back off if he needs to hear. I bet right now DeVon I think politically the president. Is meet this risk of maybe counting his chickens before they patched here. There really celebrating this deal as if it's RD a done deal and the truth is that it's just not date we've seen a Chinese going to negotiations before and back out. So we'll see what they are able to produce and ninety day. A lot of ambiguous statements on Twitter and the like one and then the president says China is gonna buy more agricultural goods we don't know which those are how much they are. But you'll tracker for us from the White House no doubt at all lies tomorrow of course turning to the final day of president George Herbert Walker Bush. Funeral ceremonies here Washington will be up at the national cathedral tomorrow where the president will be asked celebrated by dignitaries from around the world in. Including all former living presidents and by the way we should note that this will be the first time the president trump. President Obama President Bush all of them will be together in the same room it's going to be quite something tomorrow that covers you begin. Right here on ABC news live at 9:45. AM eastern time running into the afternoon we'll have full commercial free. Uninterrupted coverage here you can watch us on apple TV who roku. Or her mobile device down below the ABC news app follow us on the goal have almost pictures for you to follow that coverage tomorrow. And of course complete wrap up tonight all of today's events here and ABC news live at 8 PM eastern time world news prime. We weren't all that again Jordan and I will be back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time at a briefing room until then think so much for watching have a good night.

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{"duration":"23:39","description":"After a briefing by the CIA director, GOP senators say it's likely the Saudi crown prince is guilty of the journalist's murder, and mourners visit the Capitol to pay respects to George H.W. Bush.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59609676","title":"GOP senators: Saudi prince involved in Khashoggi murder","url":"/Politics/video/gop-senators-saudi-prince-involved-khashoggi-murder-59609676"}