Greater Johnstown Middle School Eighth Grade Students Hold Mock Election

ABC News' Deborah Roberts takes us inside Greater Johnstown Middle School where an eighth grade civics class did a mock election of their own.
13:23 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Greater Johnstown Middle School Eighth Grade Students Hold Mock Election
Hi I'm Deborah Roberts and we are in Johnstown Pennsylvania which delivered are pretty big victory to Donald Trump last night Pennsylvania. Has over the last few years gone. Blue. President Obama won this state over the last two elections but this year. This area Johnstown Pennsylvania Camry county. Was very decisively Republican and dealt a pretty good victory at Donald top. Now that might come as a surprise to this polling place because we are at the Johnstown middle school mr. Bradley's eighth grade civics class and take a look and meet some of the students they actually voted in in mock election yesterday. And they. A different outcome then the rest of the state. Someone talked to some kids here Heidi. Coming out good goods all eighth graders in this classic India ever participated in a mock election. So you registered to vote you have all the signs. A ball not only the presidential candidates but York. State prison that is your members of congress is so you have looked at the whole gamut rights yet I so tell me your name. So Shantee what what was your old yesterday did you William voter what you're precinct worker coworker Alison. They need it. There. Again if you're four at me and Europe classmate here its own Dunning you or. And what about you haven't returned so you but that's not to your class ultimately your school ultimately deliberately Clinton. How surprised were you won't last night when. Your candidate. One. I was surprised I thought Hillary's gonna win Clinton. That's up from president Lee partners and asked him what we hear concerns and why it was don't want that Ike and the person you thought we deliver change. Because I think he tonight help protect. America better and keep illegal immigrants now in. Just keep America agree Nancy. Will you worried about with the Donald up victory. He's not acquit the president you have to have a lot of different features and the a lot of different goals and he just lacks once many there. Beaches and he needs of the archives which they read Stotts. So how you digesting this today because you get a president elect top I mean. It's not surprised me a lot of there's always vaccinations on time but all around town childhood child Harry I was not surprised that child one. And I am very helpful. For the country aid kits at a lot of good things about him. Like he's been a celebrity know what hit him for a day I meet my mom actually liked him because it he said the paintings. You have watched it like he's not a bad precedent is at least not the right there's not the right person. Now you've got to make at least have that right that aren't so let's recently other classmates because the got a lot of black kids here who voted in this election night. You guys are you an answer so Andrew and I am I on us so when did you both come down yesterday. I came down to. Fair elections sixty and did you come down for who what candidate. Hillary. It's and use more lenient towards you have more toward Hillary so what do you both think this morning because a lot of people are waking up you know just sit at a dates. How about you last night mountains Watson some of the election on TV. Like Hillary was basically leading and then I wake up and there sums president homes that while I didn't know that he's actually going to win. Right a lot of people repairs idea this was such an ST. Election a lot of anger. You all feel it here I was surprised. Went only them arguing about it. And leave you feeling this morning when you realize. The man who it still a lot of us actually. I will commence because I didn't really follow that way it happened last night but when I woke up my mom threw me he was innocent analysts. Job he expected to casting about Hillary yet a lot of people thought that you know. It all the polls which sanctions when we. You shock what what what he did grapple with this today I'm hours partly in stock because half and he is that he does probably don't win a lot of people Wear for chocolate. Then Hillary. People because they didn't really like her because a lot different reasons but. Hillary was finally had a chance it was trump one was spirited debate in this school because outside of here. But agents threats talking about your school. Here school it's kind of like people like the tone of the earth voting for because it. People kinds not offended or they didn't like either of the candidates where were running. And that's what happened actually outside which is what probably it was a surprise. People who sentiments last night voters here in Johnstown said. They believe that people maybe I'd just didn't tell everyone four. Did he Tuesday that it place educated us what weirdly. Like to keep both candidates let us have our opinions. To think what we want. The issues what are you concerned about what did you think that Hillary Clinton could handle what you interest. I just heard more flaws with what don't room was like lying about it thing to the point where island more torture. Are you ready for him to be your president. Groupings. Here helping. So Sunday edition here Hillary supporters out over here. And that is not that your teacher here is rapidly over the globe. When you hear how this all that was set up but commuting islands muskie and us. So where did you all come down on the ballot would give them more credit accounts. And you. Clinton aren't so what was it about town that you thought we actually make the country. I actually get like Donna time is like a businessman and Elliott much as a politician in and I really liked points he had. And everything he said day he was gonna do Ilie tested him more than I did Hillary nothing Hillary's not a good. And it but I just felt don't come with that. A lot of young girls were concerned about things that he said about women they were worried about you know him being a role model to that audio. Some think peace and I feel like it really did. Benefit to women like he went to help women sometimes and and he had different comments that he. Saint Hillary Clinton about winning formally intervened and said before but I really think he is a good person overall. Record. Even with all this nasty things he says throughout the campaign. It really did it really doesn't matter much to what may women but sometimes man feel like he should do that. But women so there's. Women who really like choppy and send news and what about Hillary what was it she brought to this ticket that and. I'm I actually liked Hillary just because of her stance on a lot of things I thought that. Donald Trump would make a lot of rash decision ends that wouldn't be good fitting outcome are our country and I thought Hillary had a day. Much more political heat and I thought that she would be more experienced president then don't watch out because even. You know businessman in your reality T aegis starring and I didn't really think that he is it to be president. One of use data to look to me this morning was that you. And it did that it's had really been decided that. It was more of late. 49% 48 I was watching so I was like really really close to who was gonna become as the name. Whenever I think there's like 34 and they finally decide that it was Donald Trump. I just turn on the TV they think they. And were you surprised. Yeah because it is really closely. First a tense first for Pennsylvania today it was more hilly clan and then once more that got in it was an unhappy. Did you wake up to surprise this morning. Yes I did I really thought that on lakes and would pull through this link but. I definitely on news that I saw that he Don attempt at buying the Pennsylvania. Alex group and I'm not. You know this might be over for Hillary he tries. You know he had flirt and he had on Pennsylvania camp I am and I thought that she really can't pull through that went even if she had big states like California sat. There are young girls who crime on Ellis last night we thought they beat the standard Times Square. Any of beauty if you leave motions last night especially you because your candidate lost. Hong and I feel a lot and they understand whenever in this plan and lots I just die. That you know he's than it has changed and we have to embrace that we can't be against him for his full term because that will and well for any advice. I think that we eat need to just pull together and I think that. Smoke it. And you view Melanie. Emotions this morning I was pretty excited because I woke up I take my and I think he won island Megan and I. At my mom acutely yet he lake view in. I was happy to see that he pulled them in line I thought Hillary had and he was. Getting a lot of not giving away and I see people and when you been prepared if he had pulled achieve one's point and split. Would you be OK I would've been okay because I have that if America won it heard it that was their choice and I mean she obviously its days parliament and human pilot to do. Even the good news eyes mining. Mr. Bradley passed very Smart students here thank you. What brought you to decide to do mock election you never done before this your grandchild way. There was a collaboration project with principal who used to be of the building principal here in any move to local school district. We were trying to collaborate or civics classes with their civics classes is very different demographic. And we wanted to see how that compared even though he might be ten miles. Away geographically how far apart are we politically on a lot of these issues so. We were talking said what are you doing for the election an accident open to pull off a mock election we'll see goes. So as we got together the kind of grew into a bigger idea either cute student helpers and they wanted to make an actual. Polling places are precinct is pretty impressive actors framers you guys your banners you've got all the candidates science all the product of the kids vinegar election committee. They wanted to decorated they wanted to vote on digital ballots recreated. About that mimics exactly what voters on Johnstone two vehicles they have the all the down ballot candidates. You know happily devoted its. I cry at. I don't think self of the now verify that. It's news. Some analysts did elections US department better than the rest of the country and you had a sign that she's a registered and it they got if they somehow didn't register in time what. If they didn't register in time they enter into it those its students just transferred in. In the last week or two and we unfortunately couldn't let them vote we did get through the entire process from start beginning. Arab starts and the best way to get tired of definitely that we possibly can it to the students registered in their systems that these classics that opening period. And then when they showed up we had people work in the voter registration book and sign in they go to voters the there to take this to the of the polling place and see the digital ballot cast the ballot and then when they left and. And so abilities lesson here so Hillary Clinton won overall in the school a lot of disappointed kids I would imagine this morning. How do you sort of how he'll. Those emotions of people are feeling deeply disappointed how do you how we move forward when he sank to the kids. I'm doing a lot of listening and I think that's important thing to do as a country now has listened to each other we had good conversation this morning. About coming together and as media just stated I think it's important whether you agree with the decision or not that was made America spoken I think at this point it's important. To rally together and be united I'll think it's beneficial for anybody. To alienate the president the United States and and be against themselves. Hopefully we can help them and we can continue to speak in its share values even if they were in opposition to Donald Trump. And maybe we can. And continue to have him hear our voices and and rally together. And continue to move forward together. Woman you can ask and I'll be an example to the rest of the country so what's the bottom line here optimism pessimism woody are feeling. I. Obstinacy. Optimistic. So let's hope that maybe your. Motions in your thoughts carry on for the rest of the country this -- nice to meet you think they're great kids great work and Johnstown. School mean they decided the election didn't about the way that the rest of the country did but. They are sending a great example for moving forward today. Thanks so much eight with us. I'm Deborah Roberts. We're talking.

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{"duration":"13:23","description":"ABC News' Deborah Roberts takes us inside Greater Johnstown Middle School where an eighth grade civics class did a mock election of their own.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43419497","title":"Greater Johnstown Middle School Eighth Grade Students Hold Mock Election","url":"/Politics/video/greater-johnstown-middle-school-eighth-grade-students-hold-43419497"}