Harry Reid Addresses 2016 Democratic National Convention

The U.S. Senate Minority Leader accuses the Republicans of slandering President Obama.
7:23 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Harry Reid Addresses 2016 Democratic National Convention
We do. Thank you very much. Noise and then a lot of time. In the Republican senate. So it's nice to be a room that respect and reason and plans. It. I appreciate the the tribute. I really do I appreciate the tribute. But anything I've accomplished something I would of the great teammates I've had my democratic senate caucus. Hello CM and now. President Barack Obama. Vice president Gil right. And I give a never ending tribute. Our next president Hillary Clinton. As a team. We thought for the believe that affordable health care. It's a right not a privilege. As a team. We fought the idea we shouldn't get the bill. For Wall Street's bad yeah. As a team. We fought for the promise that your hard earned Social Security is a sacred trust. Donald Trump and Mike him want to put insurance companies. Back in charge of your help. Donald Trump and Mike pants one leg big banks run wild again. And Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to gamble with your retirement benefit. In the stock market. Republics want to carry on the pillars of middle class security. We won't let that happen. A and I have never seen anything more Korean. And Mitch McConnell and what he's done to our democracy. His Republican Party decided the answer to our great American dream. It's just slander are African American red. Still fear a Muslim. So hatred of Latino. In Seoul Asian and of course waged war against women. In other words the only thing we public like Mitch McConnell have accomplished. Is setting the stage. For hateful con man. Donald Trump. When trump decided to run for president. He probably set himself. I'm an ego maniac. I don't believe in science. I think women are inferior. Where would I feel at home. We know where that is. Parents your right to worry about your children hearing what comes out of the Donald Trump's mouth. Republicans. You should have been careful also. Because Donald Trump learned it from watching you. You know they say. They believe in country first. Want a joke. Republicans who won't stand up to trump will even one thing and one thing only. Party first. And this year. When he sixteen they've gone even further. Nominating the poster child of meat birds. Trump knew that hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies but their way to win and today's GOP. But that's not how you win in America. And that's not how America wins in the world. Democrats know. We win with an economy that works for everybody. With a strong Smart national security. That values our allies. And doesn't advise a cyber attack on our country. And we know winning. Is the work of the team. With Hillary in the White House. And a majority in the senate Democrats will keep fighting. For immigration reform. He keeps America true. Clean energy that keeps America strong. And a Supreme Court keeps America just. Background checks for gun buyers. And an assault weapons ban that keeps America's. Since my boxing days I find. My share fights. In my fifty years of fighting for Nevada ends. I've also realize the leader is actually a corner man. A corner man someone who stands on your side. Where's your backing up by. Middle class families fighting give your kids a better life democrats' stand in your corner. Do Americans risking everything to get here and then finding him making here were in your corner. You're the ones fighting the hardest fights. You're the ones who need leaders in your corner. Leaders like mine forever friend. Bernie Sanders. Leaders like. Catherine Cortez master. Was going to help Democrats take back the senate. Leaders who never back down an old Lou we love campaign. Leaders who have him. Your back their whole lives like Hillary Clinton. The most qualified and prepared candidate in the history of America. In a few months. Probably stepping out of the ring one last time. But Democrats will always. Always be in your corner so together let's keep fighting together fighting the good fight. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"The U.S. Senate Minority Leader accuses the Republicans of slandering President Obama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40940728","title":"Harry Reid Addresses 2016 Democratic National Convention ","url":"/Politics/video/harry-reid-addresses-2016-democratic-national-convention-40940728"}