Former Hawaiian Governor on GOP's Unity in Supporting Israel

Linda Lingle took the stage at the Republican National Convention to call for new leadership on issues important to Jewish Americans.
4:31 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Former Hawaiian Governor on GOP's Unity in Supporting Israel
He caught totally illegal. Former governor who like need. Okay. A loan activity delegation from the great state of my body. And a special logo. Did allegations in Illinois my home for the past year. The last eight years. Have been a wake up call to American Jews. More Steelers idea that there's something wrong with America's leadership today. A new direction is needed. Particularly on the many issues important to Jewish Americans. At home. We're approaching twenty trillion dollars in debt. More adults than ever are working. And public education in our cities is in tatters. The social compact. At the very foundation of our democracy. Is being shredded. These are the direct results of failed policies. Today our country is more divided than ever. And our national security is threatened. The Democrats refuse to even call sources of so much of this violence by its name. Or to acknowledge its costs. When it comes to engaging. With the world. America should defend our national interests in our allies first. Clinton and Obama have treated our allies and strangers. In Seoul that their leaders. And ignored their advice and interests. Let's compare the positions of the Democratic Party on Israel. On one issue after another. From boycott divestment and sanctions. To the Iran nuclear agreement. To the very legitimacy of Israel. They're divided. With those who don't care for Israel. Getting stronger. In the Democratic Party. You'll find no such divisions in the Republican party's leadership. With unanimity we pass the platform. Resolutely supporting a united Jerusalem. Condemning BD yes. And calling it what it is. Anti semitism. We reinforce. Our consistent opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement. Along with many other policies of this administration. That agreement is propping up the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Including proxies like Hezbollah. With a 150000. Rockets pointed at Israel. Poised to strike. If this worries you. You're not alone. Your part of a movement. This includes Americans use. Who wins five of the last six presidential elections. Have supported the Republican presidential candidate in increasing numbers. The support for Republican presidential candidates by Jewish Americans have tripled over the past 25 years. Republican Jewish. Republican. Leadership. In the house the senate and across the country. Has earned your trust. On the issues of importance to all of us. Join us as we work together with our presidential candidate Donald Trump. And vice presidential candidate Mike Pence to make America great again. Oh.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Linda Lingle took the stage at the Republican National Convention to call for new leadership on issues important to Jewish Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40672734","title":"Former Hawaiian Governor on GOP's Unity in Supporting Israel","url":"/Politics/video/hawaiian-governor-gops-unity-supporting-israel-40672734"}