Hillary Clinton: A Life in Politics

Hillary Clinton's positions in politics through the years.
4:08 | 11/07/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton: A Life in Politics
A. For the wife of any president of course great influence is a given. Access after all is power and no one has more access than a spouse. But perhaps no president has ever handed his wife so much power so publicly it's also has task force will be. Chaired by the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is not just Hillary Clinton's leadership of the nation's thorniest problem reforming the 800 billion dollar health care system. We do not hand a system of health care in America we have vague catch word broken down system she is only the third First Lady in history to testify on Capitol Hill and mrs. Clinton's presence was treated like a reallocation. I come from a family where my father was a small businessman all of his life and we never had health insurance ever and I'm very sensitive to. What we are asking. My coming to China Hillary Clinton ignored critics who argue it. Human rights abuses here are so bad that the US should not send a delegation much less the wife of the president. But mrs. Clinton delivered a surprisingly forcible attack on China. If there is fine message that echoes Boren from this conference and let it be that human rights are women's rights. And women's rights are human rights lines and are all. As her husband prepares to testify about whether he cheated on her. Mrs. Clinton has seemed anything but something did what polls show her favorability rating reached its highest. 60% just days after she lashed out at critics calling the investigation all right wing conspiracy. And compare that to 28%. Just two years ago. Did you privately. Pastor husband was true I have talked to my husband about everything but I don't. You know ever talk about my conversations with my husband back in state unequivocally that as my husband has said these are false allegations in the. Highest profile send an American in the night. Hillary Clinton won the New York senate seat she is the first First Lady ever run much less. Senator Hillary Clinton is about to. And her presidential campaign and endorse Barack Obama. Saturday at high. Hardest glass ceiling in time names you it's got about eighteen million cracks in its. Wow. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton reported for her first day of work she called for a new era in America's foreign relations and send the Obama administration. Would not tolerate the divisiveness. When she suggested the characterized the bush years. I will do all that I can working with you how. And returned the fiery appearance for secretary of state Hillary Clinton testifying before congress on the tragedy and then got fingers Bausley approach hasn't something sprang out of it and salt spring out of that with all due respect to the men do is get more dead Americans what I had a right to protest it was because of guys out for a long one night deciding go kill some Americans one -- friends and isn't going does intimate. It is our job to figure out what Hammond and to everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again senator. All week after the story broke Hillary Clinton tonight finally explained why she never used government email as secretary of state. It simply wasn't convenient. Look. Came back there would have been better for media used to separate phones and two email accounts and I thought using one device would be simpler. And obviously it hasn't worked out. That way first female candidate up of major American parties accept the nomination for the president's. It was emotional and fiery close to a dramatic week we'll party striving for unity. The candidate attempting to refrain from past push back against her friends I hang back yard. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Hillary Clinton's positions in politics through the years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43340824","title":"Hillary Clinton: A Life in Politics","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-life-politics-43340824"}