Hillary Clinton to publish memoir 'What Happened'

"The View" co-hosts discuss Clinton's choice in title.
5:24 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton to publish memoir 'What Happened'
Now every Clinton and her. He's gonna release a tell all book about the election. Calling it but what happens. I hop. We have to be a pop up sex if they Anthony Weiner. So many jokes to many yeah. They usually visual I am an annual. I am I Johnson cried. And we may go well I go along. To deflecting the blame. I you know it has away from myself and other people saying listen including I think Schumer made about pocket camp the right now in my head but. Something about as you did you can run up campaigning this didn't they don't need her. To turn around and put most of the blame on Russia what they do need is for hurdle acknowledged she was a bad candidate and I don't even think she would end a candidate if the DNC had worked so hard. To put Bernie Sanders out of the way and put her rent she wasn't charismatic she skipped a whole bunch of states she skipped the ground game in important states. She she didn't have a solid cohesive message and many Democrats have come forth and said. We need you to acknowledge these things that we can fix someone in the party's the next time it doesn't happen. I want to hear her say the primary reason I want this election was reckless of me what I should say something like that where studios know she added delays and Russian colleague kitchen sink and his father and that has salads look the bottom line is I know how you feel about them that she lacks charisma the emails that signal the end of the emails. But the bottom line is there she was defeated by some forces that were outside of her control. There was the call me letter sent out October 28 a week before the election. You've got to odds are not. That there are many voters that were off grade and they were tired of diversification. Of America you have the ties sexism that rocked all of these actors and her poll is someone. Who had sexual harassment claims or talks about grabbing women by the you know what who refused to release his tax returns. Yeah. Are. However Republican strategists yeah as it would do they didn't tell me what they should do I don't quite well I agree with everything that sentence and how you aren't rising Donald Trump. Characterizing bounce up that's true but guess what. The American people did not care they were willing to push that aside in order to find someone that said that he understood them. Most people didn't vote. Right the people boat with the most and they feel it's really able you know they asked the question who would you rather have a Buick. Because people want to believe that there's an there's a steadier out there to come in there and it's gonna fix their prop and look what we are back I don't want to say. Today few people knew very well people were sickened tired of the same old same old she had no message whatsoever even Bill Clinton told her look you have to too eager to the white middle class and they told Nichols sit down somewhere and look what happened he understood I feel your pain that's what people like the I mean there were other forces no outside our control now BS camera ring around for ever even got okay. The reason why did he has had. ATF she's not I don't think she was necessarily I would entry would jet Tarrant fact that she was a bad candidate I don't think she didn't ideal candidate right into his. Arguably one of B most experienced prepared people that we had now doc yeah. So. When you look at what Eric Suisse is war there was a four meet Evers a very clear better choice. But do you think there was a lack of messaging and I think there were people in the middle of the country that were screaming to be heard it worried about food on the table right that would. Worked hurt so although it's not just about her saying hey it was my fault. I think it's important that Schumer does speak up and say the Democratic Party recognizing outfit is that it asked Massa yeah and so I do think they need to correct it at iPad. This isn't a book I'm really wanting to re you know what do you. What are you when inexperienced people had a problem within her own party with Carl record they had a problem with the foreign policy record and Lydia. She was considered very hawkish a lot of people didn't accident and got me again are you don't have a lesson he lie you lie I don't like this. In the bathroom closet Sonny are actually I think thanks. About Phyllis when you heard her speak her passion beat back to fourteen years where she started to work for young people you could see at a young age she was driven to public service and I respected that what she was given the public service and power as well what she put up with how dis respected by her husband what you put up with embarrassment that Bill Clinton put her through all the. He wanted to hate us out Larry see you on Friday a day right in that situation in Republican core value. Not the. Good marriages is something that most people would finally have not what you value a value on some his beard that the one time when people start coming in back now having been married to see you've seen how things play out you know I get is that you never know public I was super power and it back backfired. She tells her man because she loves her husband ice after all that. I did the truth isn't she just what pants and not a pantsuit should be in the White House.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Clinton's choice in title.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48911476","title":"Hillary Clinton to publish memoir 'What Happened'","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-publish-memoir-happened-48911476"}