Hillary Clinton's Speech in New Hampshire

The democratic presidential candidate congratulated Bernie Sanders on his New Hampshire primary win.
10:02 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Speech in New Hampshire
Thank. You. I'm very very fun I thank. One. Critics citing. Bad and I'm very grateful to all of it's. Standard. And I and I want to thank each and every one of you. At I want to say I still love New Hampshire and. Okay. And you. Now we take this campaign to entire country we are going up I can't Bob. People's lives. And I are and I knew we are base for. An entry. Way too many decades. We're going just what rights. It isn't right that the kids I met in Flint on Sunday. Where poison. Because there governor one aid money. As it right. Great grandmother or. Here in New Hampshire or anywhere else. Have to choose between paying rent and buy medicine because. It prescription drug companies increase the price courthouse in percent overnight. And it isn't right at a cashier that I've met here in New Hampshire's un. Is pay less matters on doing its work even though she. More years. Out he well. People have every right to be angry. But they're also hungry they're hungry for solutions. Letter we saw. You. That edge. That is the fight or take the country is the best way to change people's lives so we can all. Road again there who is the best change maker and parent. Here is. I promise I will work harder than anyone. Actually make the changes. That make your lives better. In this campaign you've heard a lot about Washington in about Wall Street. Senator Sanders and I both won again secret on accountable money out of politics. And let's remember. Ever citizen's united one of the worst Supreme Court decisions. In our country's history was actually a case. About it right wing attack on duty. And my campaign. A right wing organization. Took aim at me and ended up. Damaging our entire democracy. So yes. You're not gonna find anybody more committed to aggressive campaign I am. It. It. We also agree. We also agreed that Wall Street can never be allowed to once again threaten eight street. And I will fight to rein in Wall Street and you know what. I know how to do it. Now bank could be a big to fail and now executive. Two powerful the jail you can count on it. Now the real differences in this race. Are truly. Old or how do we create. A future of prosperity opportunity and security for all of us. We need to bill eight growth and fairness economy. With higher wages and more good paying jobs including. Eight full national mission to create millions of jobs in clean energy men get back. Show me any entry. Yeah. I'm pleased again the innovation of our occupant cars and small businesses make it easier for parents to balance. Work and family. Close the loopholes in our tax crack down on corporations that gave the system. Stop other countries from taking advantage of us with unfair trade practices. But even all the we also have to rake through the barriers that bigotry. African American parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed. Daily eight. Stop. Family. You have to lie awake at night listening marine the LG BT Americans shouldn't be fired from their. John's because of who they are within. Can. Never something long overdue equal pay for women in. Or. Yeah I see. A president. Has to do all parts the job for all Americans. To make sure nothing holds you back. Not yet not discrimination. Not a debt that's always stacked for those at the top. We need to break down those barriers hand built ladders of opportunity for every person. That's how we will build a better tomorrow to gather and that has banned the cause and work of my life. You know my family. And I say. Taught me a simple Credo. All the good man in all the way Japan for all the people you. That's what called me a life of service just like millions of teachers and nurses and police office. Higher by. There are armed services. Get up every day. And you know that quiet work the hydraulic work for all the rest of us. But when children anywhere in our country noted. Were aren't denied quality education. Or who faced abuse or abandonment. All of us that's what I did start my career the children's defense and that's why I went undercover in Alabama to expose racism schools. It's my work to. A floor of juvenile justice in South Carolina and that is why I went to Flint, Michigan on Sunday. And win. Anywhere in America are held back by justice that demands action. That is why. I believe so strongly. That we have to keep op with every fiber of our being. The argument toward the campaign for human rights human rights as. Women's rights and human rights and gay rights human rights as workers rights human rights and bounding ride yeah I got lots of Clark. Every single out there again. The it. I have. That is what I've always done that is why I am in this race. I know I have some work to do particularly with young people but I will repeat again what I have said this way. The haven if they are not supporting me now I support them because I. I know. And I. I now I add up less why but I also know what it's like to stumble and fall. And so many people across Americans know that feeling. And we learned it's not whether. You get knocked down that matters it's whether you get back pop. Okay. Faith. Why and now they have the progress being made under President Obama pushing far right every single day. Or is long it takes to break down those barriers that well does that. We've got to believe in the basic proposition of our country when all Americans have the chances exceed. When each of us at the opportunity to live up to our own god given potential. Then and only then can America live up to its potential as well. I made thank all of you I am very grateful to my wonderful family knowing there by my side he's weak dollar. And. The volunteers that organizer who called neighbors and not nine yards and yeah it's now. Every body. And Hillary Clinton not to give what you clue that more than 700000. People have contributed to this campaign Doug vast majority. Get paid less than a hundred dollars. I know that doesn't fit with the narrative I know there are those who want to deny that passed it and the purpose you'll also every day for this can't. Mean what we learn every parent and and you aren't that we. We are going to win but now. It we're. A.

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{"duration":"10:02","description":"The democratic presidential candidate congratulated Bernie Sanders on his New Hampshire primary win.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36823527","title":"Hillary Clinton's Speech in New Hampshire","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clintons-speech-hampshire-loss-sanders-36823527"}