House GOP elects Rep. Elise Stefanik to party leadership

She replaces Liz Cheney, who criticized former President Trump’s election claims.
24:38 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for House GOP elects Rep. Elise Stefanik to party leadership
Welcome back we breaking news for you house Republicans have chosen congresswoman a least a sonic to replace represented Liz Cheney's position in GOP leadership. Cheney was ousted earlier this week due to criticism of president trump and his fall selection claims. I'll numbering congressional correspondent Rachel Scott ABC news deputy political director Avery harper and former Republican congresswoman and ABC news contributor Barbara Comstock. For a little bit more on all of this original what do we know so far about how this vote went down. Overwhelming vote the least despotic now confirmed as the house GOP conference chair 134 to 46 the final tally for her and news. Let me tell you it spreads pretty fast because former president Donald Trump has already weighed any says congratulations. To Lisa phonics for her big an overwhelming victory. The house GOP is united he says. And the make America great again movement is strong again so you were here for this conference chair position is all about messaging and so this was about. Beginning at the leadership all on the same page of course you had congress and the Liz Cheney she spoke out against the former president they want to make sure that they have a positive message a united message ahead of the mid term elections and to that was a pretty clear indicator trump endorsed despotic usual for Cheney was ousted. From a leadership and now she is the top. Republican woman there in the house Diane. So Avery what is the message this vote sends because it seems like for at least Republicans its support Donald Trump. Or else but what are they trying to look residue they trying to send to the American people with us. Right I you know I really think that this illustrates the vice prevent bad press former president from continues to happen. On the Republican Party. You know even though whether there were many concerns about east of Farmington and just how conservative she last week fox have seen that you know through their vote that members have fallen in line with the wishes of Donald Trump. This is his party continues to be the leader of this party and you know that don't really sends that the message that. You know there's not room 44 others act soon to to getting married and had her own opinions you that you need a lot of Donald Trump or this Republican Party might not be for you. And so I wanna go to barber on that because Barbara this is your party you supported the Republican Party your whole political career but you did not support. Donald Trump so now what happens to Republicans like you. There were a lot of buzz which is why Donald Trump lost in his desirous of losers he only got 46 point nine the second time. He didn't get the popular vote. And now he's shrinking that. Cindy unit demographically. Republicans can work out to get the majority. I'm in and into dozens funny to the problem is if god encourages Cha. They're gonna again blast sends sounds to a toxic candidate. Cannot get a majority of Americans. His numbers now if you just you know he brags about 70% of Republicans like me or even if it is more than not. The problem is overall the country right now he has a 32%. Favorability. Yes 14%. Favorability among independent. So you're not going to win a national election. By dividing the trying to divide. Country now is dividing our party that's not a path. To a national majority. Short term might help some people enzymes certain deceased or even because of redistricting. An 80. Republicans to get the majority. But I think long term. Last seen yourself to this loser. Lose twice impeached the American people just don't like it. I understand it very enthusiastic group of Republicans do but he's not a uniter. And and I portends well. The big problem and not gonna go away and I think that's a bigger problem now. And you seem to. Him when they do I and that's not something. I know a majority Republicans are not caucus. Do not in their hearts think the election was stolen some of them might at least are saying not only seen a claim about the Georgia. Balance that is totally honest that is true probably cost Republicans in Georgia says cost to continue. To just play neutron and pretend. That he's not. I just oh I know sleep is on election claims is a real problem. Georgian charm plus Georgia and two senators for us. In my Arizona. Now. Two victory. And Elise subsonic congress and at least a sonic just issued statement here on gunnery just part of it but she says I'm truly honored and humbled. To earn the support of my colleagues to serve as House Republican Conference chair she goes on to say. House Republicans will continue to put forth policies focused on growing our economy and getting people back to work. Reopening our schools promoting American energy independence securing our borders strengthening our national security. And protecting our constitution so Avery I wanna go to you on Barbara's point. About the strategy here because the Republicans may be rallying. A round Donald Trump right now from a general standpoint but if he expects to get back into the Oval Office he needs. More support than just the Republican base so. Is this a good strategy for the party if they want to re gain the majority in congress and put a Republican back in the White House. All week we've seen from polarization of some of these congressional district so I think. In Toms the immediate goal of the winning back the house and 20/20 two it might be fruitful for them to align themselves with former president Donald Trump as. As far as I was you know getting back. Into the White House are getting that Donald Trump back into the White House that's that's a different story you know they're really. Has not I've been a concerted effort on the part Donald Trump and we've seen you know and the pacifier four years 26 and embrace a valuable continue to be active base. All right Avery thanks Anderson burning here from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as well as the grads Delon and let's listen Lincoln will. I'm welcome her to their leadership team I want to think chip Roy as well we had a healthy debate and gave a good election. We've got a lot of work to do. In this leadership team got a lot of work to do in this conference. The policies of Nancy Pelosi and Joseph Biden are destroying this nation. We've got gasoline lines we got stations that have no gas we've got gasoline and Virginia seven dollars a gallon. We got month over month core inflation we have not seen. Since the eighties. The gas price has not been this high nationally since the last time Joseph Biden was in the White House. We got the arrests along the border. The highest it's been an almost two months more than 170000. It's a health crisis. Is a security crisis where we're catching people who are on the terrorist watch list. Inflation. Is a tax on every single American. This is not where we were eighteen months ago it's where we were when Jimmy Carter was president. We got people giving incentives not to go to work when we have more than eight million jobs out there that need to be field. We got children still at a school. Millions of we got to congress. Run by the Democrats. The pay you even if you don't show up for work. We believe in putting the American people first. Our focus. Is back to work. Back to school. Back to health and back to normal. We're thankful for operation warp speed. They just yesterday CDC state do not have to Wear a mask get vaccinated. I believe in the vaccine. And believing the ingenuity of America. I also believe we shouldn't give that away for free. Some of that I want to call up far whip Steve's case. Thank you Kevin. I also want to congratulate our new conference chair a least a phonics. Congratulations you're gonna do a great job. Our conference is incredibly unified right now but we're also very concerned. Because America is experiencing. Numerous crises. All across the board you're seeing president Biden failed to lead this nation. Through some an unprecedented. Serious problems. That are affecting every day hardworking families. It's not just in America by the way that we're seeing crises across the globe. Are you see right now thousands of rockets going off in the Middle East Israel's under attack. Where's president Biden's leadership. He spent more time negotiating Ted hope I ran get towards a nuclear weapon. Than to confront the problems of Hamas. And Palestinians attacking Israel. You're seeing Russia get continue to be on the move in fact not only is rush on the move and Eastern Europe. A Russia's attacking America's pipelines from what is president Biden doing he's making it easier for Russia to. Send us gasoline to be more reliant on Russia in Middle Eastern oil because he shut off the stick it's it's not only the Keystone Pipeline that he shut down. He's also canceled leases and permits on drilling in federal lands making Americans less energy secure and that means families are paying more money at the pump. When you see lines at the pump that's something people haven't seen like our leader said since the 1970s. This is because a president Biden's failed leadership. A where is he. On these problems. Why has not president Biden nor vice president Harris going to the border to border crisis has been created by president Biden's failed policies. We had a secure border when he took the oath of office and any quickly unraveled all of those agreements including. Really good negotiated agreements with Mexico with the northern triangle countries. That president Biden on did creating a border crisis in anyone's to blame it on other people. You know there used to be. A mile marker on the president's desk that said the buck stops here. President Biden continues to ignore the problems hoping that they'll go away while he creates even more crises inflation is real. Average homeowner right after trying to buy a new house it's gonna cost 36000 dollars more the because of the skyrocketing cost for things like lumber. And what's president Biden's answer to pay people not to work there's over eight million job openings in America right now. And every small business owner can't find workers because president Biden insisted. That he pays people not to work. Estimates are there are there's hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud in that program that he created and he refuses to confront these problems. These are problems that we're gonna confront us house Republicans house Republicans were unified. In confronting the challenges facing this country. Were gonna work on those problems every single day in an even more united way. That's what we're proud of at least got elected today now want to bring up our conference vice chair. Also from the stay Louisiana Mike Johnson. Thanks Steve and on behalf of the conference I'm delighted to be the first I think to publicly at least and abroad settings congratulate at least a fun like on her election as our newest Republican conference chair. This is a critical season for us an important time for the country as has been said all these great challenges. That are just been articulated here in that all the American people know we have an important job to do. The least did a great job of the last several days extraordinary job reaching out every member of the conference. Presenting a vision for unified leadership she committed to it to work with every one from all across the country and our conference with all their talent and perspectives. To bring to bear for this important task ahead of us so we are excited as Steve said we are unified there is a great feeling coming out of that auditorium today. And we are ready to face this challenge to. To present this vision to get our message the American people and to take back the house and Tony 22 so without further ado let me just introduce you to our nukes. Republican conference chair police to fight of New York it. Well first I wanted to thank my colleagues for the opportunity to serve as a House Republican Conference chair. I have prioritize listening to all members of our Republican conference and my focus is on unity because that's what the American people and that's what are voters deserved. I also want to thank this leadership team I look forward to working with them in partnership shoulder to shoulder. To make sure that we are fighting on behalf of hardworking Americans. I also want to thank president trump for his support he is a critical part of our Republican team. And of course most importantly I want to thank the voters of New York's two when he first congressional district. Whom I'm honored to represented each and every day and fight for them. The American people are suffering under the far left radical socialist policies of president Joseph Biden and speaker Nancy Pelosi. In just over 100 days. We have an economic crisis we have a border crisis and we have a national security crisis. The economic crisis we see the worst jobs report in over twenty years. Unemployment is up small businesses are struggling to hire workers. And speaker Pelosi and Joseph Biden solution to that is to pay people to stay out of work rather than incentivizing people to get back to work. As Republicans we are fighting to reopen the economy to create jobs we are fighting against the trillions of dollars of tax increases. And the trillions in dollars of reckless spending. The border crisis. This is not only in national security and Homeland Security crisis this is a humanitarian crisis. We see historic concerning numbers when it comes to human trafficking on the border when it comes to dirt drug trafficking on the border. Every single state in this nation is a border state and feels that impact at home in my district the northern border is being impacted because Border Patrol officers are being transferred from the northern border. To the southern border Republicans stand for border security. And of course the national security crisis we are seeing our strongest ally Israel under attack. And we have seen seen Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi not step up. To stand by and support Israel and prioritize. Outreach to adversaries like China and Iran. So I'm very excited for this opportunity we are unified working as one team and the American people know that the stakes are incredibly high. We are going to fight for them each and every day against the destructive. Radical far left socialist agenda. A president Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi that's destroying America now go to the first question if the New York Post Julie. I came under fire from some conservatives concerned that your factory burned independent. Thank you message. It was fifty. See here it's if I get paid and. Listen the Republican Party is a big tent party in my district is the story of the growth of the Republican Party. My district voted for President Obama by double digits and a voted for president trump and myself by double digits we have worked to grow the Republican Party. And we Nancy Pelosi has her slimmest majority in a generation we are going on offense and and are going to win back the majority in 20/20 two. This is about being unified I'm a proud conservative Republican and I will fight for the Republican conference. Scott how is this president from either. I believe that voters determine a leader of the Republican Party and president trump is the leader that they look to I support president trump. A voter support president trump he is an important voice in our Republican Party and we look forward to working with him. The cause them. We're unified and I look to the voters across America Republican voters are unified in their support. And their desire to work with president jumped and we are unified as Republicans. As you as I said this is the slimmest majority that Nancy Pelosi has in a generation that we picked up a number of seats defied expectations. We are going on offense and we're going to win on the issues because people are understanding that. Joseph Biden's pledged to bite of bipartisan ship. He has broken that pledge since his first day in office there has been no bipartisan outreach it is banned party line partisan far left votes. And the American people are seeing the disastrous results in the border crisis the economic crisis the national security crisis and more the American people are hurting. And Republicans are going to fight for them. Yeah. It. I'm losing competition is good in America we are the United States America out we should have a discussion of ideas. I welcome the competition I'm honored for the support we are working as one team. My job as House Republican Conference chair we are focused on putting forth policies in communicating them to the American people. To be Democrats and we are going to win the majority in 20/20 two. As one team. It's gonna get. If there pleats in the party's proposal from critics like Liz Cheney lite. Can hear. Liz Cheney is a part of this conference Adam can singer. Is a part of this conference. They were elected and sent here by the people in their district they are part of this Republican conference we are unified and working with president trump. My job representing our Republican members of the vast majority of new look forged working with president trump yes good question. And I have not thank you everybody. Italy and I one last thing I want to wish our policy. Chair right here happy birthday. Gary homage and birthday today that is do you all remember the Berkeley some. There again it is it is are. Madonna rapidly demand. All right we just heard from my House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sees the liason congresswoman the least of panic now the new conference chair for the Republican Party. In the house she replaces Liz Cheney who was ousted earlier this week for speaking out against. President trumpet criticizing him for lies at the election was stolen. And to fun it is now promising to listen to her colleagues and promising to promote unity. In the Republican Party I want to go back to our deputy political director Avery harper and former Republican congresswoman. An ABC news contributor Barbara Comstock took practice saw a little bit. Avery we heard it there are from from all three of them really. A lot of classic. Republican policy talking points they're talking about. Inflation in the economy right now on how that needs to be addressed how gas prices are high. And this country needs fuel independence criticizing Democrats for dis incentivizing work right now. What we didn't hear about. Was election integrity in any allegations that the election and 20/20 the presidential election was stolen which is largely what this boat. Was based on did that surprise you at all do you think that was a strategy move on their part. I mean. They've been very clear they no longer want to talk about that they want to move forward we have an eye on new terms and you know from those remarks he got. Are you know v.s and the message is very clear what this in this Republican Party is stands for and they were presenting a unified front. They were praising our former president Donald Trump and they want to defeat divided administration. As well being in those remarks from Stefani had what we really heard was away what she's going to be doing her job which is messages he has those are Republican talk talking points down pat at this point and you know what did find interesting effect the final also noted she said Friday the Republican Party is 8 April big tech. I. I wonder what Liz Cheney feels about those comments that because she has been ousted 44 breaking with Rupp with Republican leadership. All one former president Donald Trump so you know it's interesting that she said fan Adam can singer and listening they are part of the. The conference by what their role will be in how their voice will be heard. And then taken from behind our house leadership is is it remains to be seen. And even we have heard this from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy before after Cheney was ousted he said Ian of the focus. Is on democratic policies and an attacking them because they're ruining our country and he said word we're done with the election and we're not trying to re litigate that the election it was done it was legitimate. We're past that. Even within his own party after he made those comments he was criticized by other Republicans saying. No we're not we're still challenging the election it wasn't legitimate and we still won it overturned so. As they try to present this unified front. Can they keep that unit fried front Boca focused on criticizing going after democratic policy. Are they gonna find that has a lot of party still does want to talk about the election. All opinions that the former president still has a stranglehold on the Republican Party and as long as he is still talking about it. I they're going to the Republican lawmakers that are going to continue to talk about and re litigate that's when he's won election. What we all know that those are false claims that the that the former president has before we know that he hits when he won the election was legitimate but Kevin McCarthy is going to happen to you. I know. Wiese and I with some of those lawmakers that actually trying to our focus on what's ahead of them and so we saw some of that in his remarks today talked about border security he talked about. You know these. I'm. He did the recovery and people going back to work and going back to school and so I think that we're gonna continue to see Kevin McCarthy tried two you me. He pushes his conference to actually going that direction by you know as long as the former president is the here. Of this party and still who outweighs very heavily on the opinions in the even movements of this party. These things and election's gonna continue to be a topic. And Barbara want to get your final thoughts and of those 134 to 46 what do you think. I noticed that there weren't I think about a ton two or three dozen people who are dismissing some who they've got us a little Angel maybe this guy asked me if where this is gallon but I think it didn't work you heard amounts to an elitist comments Liz chop. A lower and no word however she made it clear that's why she's there you now have. Three members of house leaders and. Boot. You know wouldn't certify the election who supported and paid a lot Liz was kicked out because she didn't support the bailout this is very different from the senate where not the and it leadership. Supporting that may lie here and our economy and Ameristar statement against the president you know John de un. I'm you Martin lives and Joni earns you actually I gave support to you know and supported. O Liz Cheney and and and realize that hey why can't we have some divergent views here so I think. House and senate so I would like to distinguish there are different bird different. How they are growing here I think and most importantly Republican got a larger bear Trump's numbers are shrinking. They are shrinking every day so that's why I think long term clueless. Our house members to not have a longer term version innovation. To unite. Space center right coalition. Where you bring Dioner yes certainly attract supporters tribe voters. Are you job may isn't cult a person. Quality time former Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock an ABC news deputy political director every harper thank you both. So again congress and released a sonic it is now the house conference chair for the Republican Party replacing. Congress and Liz Cheney was ousted earlier this week a largely for speaking out against president trump and other Republicans who continued to spread false claims. About the election in 20/20 being stolen so now that conference shares at least a phonics she's promising to present a unified front for the Republican Party.

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