House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s confident Joe Biden will become president-elect

The speaker also updated the status of the latest coronavirus relief bill.
5:48 | 11/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s confident Joe Biden will become president-elect
Good morning everyone. I wish we weren't wearing masks so we could see. How exciting it is to come before you today. With Joseph Biden having the tremendous mandate. That he has. And that. Pretty soon the hike will be gone from vice president to president elect. Joseph Biden. On to happy day. For our country. Because Joseph Biden is a unifier. Because he is determined to bring people together. Because he respects all points of view and as he has said. I ran as a Democrat I will govern as president for all of the people whether they voted for me or not so I am so. Officially pleased with the outcome. That is. An imminent and also. Personally delighted. Because as a quality and caliber of leadership that Joseph Biden will provide. This morning it is clear that the Biden Harris ticket will win the White House. His election is historic. Propelled by the biggest mode ever in the history of our country. 73 point eight million and counting Americans. The most votes ever received by any presidential ticket in history. President elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead and you'll have a strong democratic house with him. And many Democrats in the senate. This is their life or death by for the fate of our democracy is he says the souls of our country we did not win every battle. In the house but we did win the war. And 2018. We want forty feet 3030. Or 31 of them in districts where trump had warned before. And trump districts. In preparation for the two sept twenty Tony election. I said to PP you have to help us they show you've won. A fifty of the senate and the white hasn't known we won in district. Trump districts. With trump and not on the ballot. In the next election he will be on the ballot and that makes winning those districts a steeper climb. I'm pleased that we've left overwhelmingly warm those districts. Not all of them. Not all the time but. Next time he won't be on the ballot. It is fair. One of the reasons we were able to win so many seats listen at that the caliber. Of leadership of our members. The some of them one cup a few did not all of them except. And I hope that some of them will reconsider. Would consider going at it again. As you all know the right to vote is as sacred right and our country. And the head as having that vote counted as cast. It is. The fund and fund foundation of our democracy. So and must be patient. Said he will be home said this. Monday to miss it Sunday Monday to be calm. Be confident. Be patient. And just the votes are talented races. Are called we look forward to continued victories in half traces we have some out there. And we look forward to progress. For the people which was our agenda and he came continues to be for the people lower health care costs. Bigger paychecks by building infrastructure American Greenway. Cleaner government HR one which will be the first when the agenda. In January again it will be HR one. While they prepare for the new Biden administration. We must also move swiftly for new corona virus relief bill can do that we want the Republicans. To come back to the table who White House from leadership wherever. Unbeaten 100. For two days and wrote over 100000. Cases were reported. Imperative to act could not be greater than nine and a half million. And they nine million people infected. Nearly a quarter million deaths and tens of millions on unemployment. Again I'm calling on the administration to come back to the table. Congress is also committed to. To passing an omnibus appropriations. This is best. Core of our work in and the lame duck. When we don't have the pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people infecting millions and making people food insecure. Housing insecure and rest but. Our responsibility. To keep government open to have an omnibus bill and we intend to do that not a CR. And we want to be able to do so in a way that gives confidence. At that. We will have had. Government open and continue to be. Rather than having a CR. So. Sadly instead of crashing the virus. It appears that the trump administration will use its final moments. In office. And the desperate last step to destroy every possible protection for American. Health and well being. So many people have said to me about some of you along the way. There react has been answered close to seeing corona virus Phyllis Diller when he. Still a top priority for and the idea house for house Democrats in the wake of which she says Joseph Biden picked running.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The speaker also updated the status of the latest coronavirus relief bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74061123","title":"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s confident Joe Biden will become president-elect","url":"/Politics/video/house-speaker-nancy-pelosi-shes-confident-joe-biden-74061123"}