Former Houston mayor talks Democratic debate and beating Trump

Ahead of the DNC Debate in Houston on Thursday, Annise Parker said, "We need to pick the best person to lead our country."
7:13 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Former Houston mayor talks Democratic debate and beating Trump
Now to the race for 2020s. And the third democratic primary debate set to take place on Thursday one stage. One night ten candidates in Houston Texas a stay that has been dominated. By the GOP for the last thirty years but has seen some recent changes to with political landscape so to talk further about that. I'm gonna bring in ABC's Devin Dwyer DeVon glow from the other side what are you seeing and hearing on the ground there. We're having quite a day down here and Texas Mona it is is he changing place we're gonna get into that and a second I had tea. Coming T a live from campus you know coffee house not far. Are from downtown Texas Rice University is nearby. Tom and it's sort of emblematic of the changing face of this State's politics is that the day. On a road trip we ended up here and after spending the morning down in Richmond Texas work their way. How back up to Sugar Land, Texas were here now talking to voters politicians both sides of the I'll. And the consensus is that this place is turning purple. In large part because the diversity here the economy here but also. I because it politicians and and figures were stepping up two lead that change in drawing bio one of them now somebody who's. Part of this change in the front edge. In 2009 former mayor of Houston he's Parker the first openly gay mayor of a major American city it's great to see you thanks for for talking to us. It's wonderful to have you in Houston and in part of Montrose hearing his. It is a great neighborhood you suggest that this place Hutchinson Y mayor and you know you were part of the change. That we witnessed. First hand today and more as a result of the changes result is there's that the population has relations here why is that we. I was elected. The whole world to notice how to that happening in Houston in unison fundamental misunderstanding of Houston one important estonians is foreign born. And where an amazingly. International city and in fact. The majority estonians are born more than a hundred miles away from this city so everyone's a newcomer everywhere and comes of their ideas and energy. And it mixes together in a nice way of its have to produce if you hear that. That's right and I heard that over and over again today these are hard working people in many cases sort of socially conservative may be fiscally conservative but he did. I don't mind these aren't ideologues by any stretch. Socially socially conservative because yet to clear away that's the big thing. It's a little bit of a live and let live attitude some that frontier mentality it's currently are definitely fiscally conservative and a Democrat down here doesn't look like they're Crandall evidently. That is for sure tracked wanted to personally talked to today city Democrat in Texas for paying county for example. What the Republican in California and some parts of your career that I would absolutely agree that our. So socially before. Before tuck within the democratic field because all the candidates are coming to your city. Later this week. Is Texas turned purple sufficiently fast enough do you think it will be people who stayed in points morning and we go isn't too soon for that in the presidential. We're not immediately say in in 22 any but. It'll be competitive state it'll be me purple city. Then the big cities our strong democratic majorities in the big red CN rural Texas but. The big. CDs have such a strong proportion of the vote and what's happened in the last. Two years four years. Is that the reliably conservative Republican suburbs. Have begun to vote democratic this not bet. The Democrats are taking over I think is that the the Republican Party took to heart it turned to the Ryans who say they're not ideologues here. There are about results and they're not seeing results and so they're looking for candidates with good ideas. Heard that a lot today as well we know the candidates and they take the stage one night only ten of them going to be up there. They will hammer home probably those points this week. There's a head. Vs heart to be under way right now our viewers are familiar with that this. He's electability more important is purity in the party some of these. Ideals more important where you've fallen that in this election as diesel should should voters think of electability is the most important quality B Donald Trump. We need to be dealt out. No doubt but I have a different attitude and that is we hit the best person to leave. The most powerful nation on earth the best person to be president of the United States and if we as Democrats can't convince the rest America to vote for that person. We failed not the candidate we need to pick the best person to lead our country. So you are the president of the victory fund which is an organization that promotes gay and lesbian candidates and political office you've told me your group has endorsed been out front on this even endorsed people who which edged. Why is he the guy why do you think he can beat Donald Trump more than say July. So first of all he is. The reason we exist we only yourself to be cheeky candidate so we couldn't consider anyone else in his the first time we've ever made 88 presidential endorsement. He's the second presidential candidate for major party ticket but we endorsed and that because. We believe he is he has the skill set he's been a mayor he's a veteran he's a millennial he's amazingly. Smart he's got great. Policy ideas he is the antithesis. Of them front view if he gets the nomination whoever gets the nomination you think a woman has to beyond this ticket someplace either as the VP candidate. Or as the top. It's not top nominee for Democrats this year. Victories agnostic about that girl and repeat and I'm mullet to beat personally but as a woman we have to woman on the on the ticket because it happens correct and well in the what you see so many really strong candidates. Contending for are for president Phyllis along the women all be willing to take messenger. To finally got to ask you center going to be watching the debate Thursday night you're not going to be in this industry is that it's much more Fontana popcorn at home which of freedom my former Syrian president -- so much for it is so. I will be able to see you talk about candidates and that. You don't have to be at peace supporters to come through our watch party although we'll definitely a feature for what would you be watching for SAS's sort of independent viewers what we're we're you gonna be zeroing in on its license. How they respond to the tough questions how they respond and relate to each other. Because we have to come out of this process. As a unified party behind the candidate whoever that candidate is and we have to win. So I'm going to be watching. Yes what they say and and how they relate but their commitment to standing up estimate. Former Houston mayor and east Parker thanks for welcoming us here say this week it's great to had a great to talk with you thank you so much. I for sure you here's Mona we're gonna have much more on our road trip through four paying Tony Harris County. On Thursday on the briefing room hopeful special there of course we hope all of our viewers who join us for special coverage of the debate. Starting at 7 PM eastern time on Thursday on ABC news lively full ABC news political team can be found right there. Who live roku FaceBook watch you know all the places Mona know you'll be ten and an end that's it from here in Houston back to you. Yes definitely mark a calendar is.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Ahead of the DNC Debate in Houston on Thursday, Annise Parker said, \"We need to pick the best person to lead our country.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65522369","title":"Former Houston mayor talks Democratic debate and beating Trump","url":"/Politics/video/houston-mayor-talks-democratic-debate-beating-trump-65522369"}