Hurricane Dorian hits East Coast, Bahamas recovers from monster storm

Hurricane Dorian crawls up the East Coast and slams the Carolinas after it ravaged the Bahamas.
26:51 | 09/05/19

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Transcript for Hurricane Dorian hits East Coast, Bahamas recovers from monster storm
Every welcome to the grief your mind Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday as we continue to track the storm. That will not go away hurricane dory and now a category two winds a 110 miles an hour. Hot as it's lashing the Carolina coast at this hour residents there are hunkered down. Weathering out this storm and our meteorologist Greg do it for is tracking it all the way great you're in the weather center any change of the storm track right now who hit hardest hit. No way there's no change urges very good looks like everything's going according to the forecast of the hardest hit that is definitely along the coast South Carolina now. And moving in North Carolina things like the song that never ends seems like Dorian just doesn't want to go away but it will. The very quickly start to move away from the eastern seaboard over the next about 48 hours be here it is as a category to know you'll notice some may shape in this of the I definitely losing a little restraint business starts to interact with land but is still just one mile per hour below category three strength those current winds are up in the tropical storm force range. Fifty miles per hour in Charleston above 52 miles per hour around Polly's island and Wilmington is now starting to see the effects let's focus on Wilmington and get the future track on there because Wilmington winds will go up significantly through the next few hours here goes Dorian tracking up the coast. This is late tonight early tomorrow morning. This is also the best chance for us to see landfall I don't think it Wilmington but more likely up around the outer banks here is a slides up to the north DC all that wind below eighty the water in towards the shoreline causing about four to seven foot storm surges on top of wave action that'll be around three or four feet and then this does it pulls you ejection handle and just slips out to see very quickly by Saturday morning. None amount per hour winds well off of the eastern seaboard may be bringing some outer bands showers. Two possibly coastal Massachusetts in May be even to coastal New York State to that's all we got DeVon thankfully things will wrap up but it will get worse before it gets better for the next about twelve hours. I'm dreaming of the ejection handle Graham like that analogy to a waiver that thing to be pulled thank you so much for the destruction. In the Bahamas is no laughing matter president. I trump getting an update today the prime minister of the Bahamas now raising the death told there. A two at least twenty expecting the number declined further much of the flooding the prime minister said his receded in Freeport Nassau that economic engine. Of the Bahamas appears to be doing well which is some good news. But the humanitarian crisis on the islands is significant in a short time ago I caught up with Jim name Eli with the American Red Cross. Who gave me this update on the conditions on the island. Right now initial that's really confirmed what a lot of people here which is that there are kind of out. People impacted by hurricane Torre actually really big needs right now are like. Urgency shelter and water a lot of water get Yemeni went like this half and and people don't have clean water. Today. Change happens segment. But really I or perhaps are out. In do you have the sense at all that the wheels are turning on the international aid effort are starting to seat planes and helicopters come in any of that water starting to flow. Well I Greg Kopp I hear it and I didn't precondition. But they were actually say 38 hot and more aid to a variety. This afternoon. Wrapping bright shelter which could cool people you. I repair their home that includes things like Jerry can't help them out of water on other items actually keep people healthy like I. And we're looking at some of the pictures as we're talking Janelle and just the utter devastation and on abaco island which is just looks like a giant trash don't. Splinters. A bill means and forest. Hard to see how people will even be able to stay on that island do you get the sense that that there's a major effort under way to get people to shelters and other places. I certainly people have been evacuated a medical care. I know that's the thing that's correct that the people at airport album art and pop for example get secret they when they lied. I will say they're it is better nation especially in her art that are violent. I think he thought it important Amerco each picture back. Not about how the gray wrote that structure but. If not you know certainty according to her eaten feed them some people still don't know what are their elite. Eight. You don't know whether their house in fact that he could not really emotional well people are well. Yes psychologically can't even imagine. Coming to grips with it or what a lot of these people are facing finally a lot of people lot of our viewers asking how they can help Janelle. What's your your best guidance for how Americans can get involved if they wanted to check into this efforts of Tom. Americans want called. They can donate to the US and her wrecked car more 800. I don't act. I can't had Dorian and I. I felt it donation per hour hurricane early effort I wondered why more people. Really important opt for people to take the time. To recognize that include the most prepared and well and our own families but what is Battenberg. Right at him but I'm alert for aid evacuation. Greenwood here we do it back to begin fish. A devastating but it's good they're. Our thanks again Janelle Eli with the American Red Cross down there in the Bahamas the Bahamian prime minister overnight after talking to president trumps of the US. Has promised significant financial aid to the island today the president for his part. I has been focused on the forecast of Dorian as it moves up the coast re tweeting the National Weather Service. This is he's been taking some heat for his comments the past few days with the forecast the storm to hit Alabama overnight Jimmy Kimmel poke some fun at that. Is the real original charge it which did not include Alabama. And this is what trump showed us today. So the question is who led the White House would do this could be someone who loves sharp bees could grow. Books that you happiness and human. Can you make independent black they could language. And these are not only we can do that we can reducing insurance is your signature written yes that's right. He's not even trying to hide the lies anymore. Only we have faith is we now have fake whether to its. I'm always get fit sport and. Are we Kelly's allow. And this week at the end of a very difficult storm although the impacts of course are no laughing matter continue to see what is here at ABC news lives we track the impacts. Of hurricane D'auria next to a major effort underway right now aimed. A changing it how we elect our representatives to state houses and to congress in the coming elections to fight. Over maps like this one you've probably seen them before take a look here is they put it up. Heavily gerrymandered. Congressional districts drawn by partisans they look like these squiggly little messes that. May not make any sense in fact some of the district's if you follow this closely in your politics want you know. That these these have been mocked openly on social media there's even a font now for gerrymandered districts. It's called Jerry apparently we haven't tried to storm named to that yet but take a look those are actually real congressional districts in the shape. Of letters critics of course say that this can be highly discriminatory to draw maps this way also unconstitutional in some cases. And now there's a nationwide effort under way ahead of the next redistricting effort in 20/20 one. To make these maps more fair and I'm joined now. About Virginia case she's leading the charge in this effort she's the CEO of the lead for women voters which is one of the largest and oldest. Nonpartisan voter advocacy groups in the United States great to have you here. Thinking so you say to you guys just made a major announcement this morning on ABC news live. Tell us about what you don't so we are launching a national redistricting campaign to fight against Jiri meandering. Our organization is almost a hundred years old river born out of the suffrage movement and this is a full circle for us we were protecting people having the right to vote back then. And fighting for people to have the right to vote and now today we're doing the same thing by making sure that we have. Fair Matt and theater district so everybody's vote count. The significant undertaking you have talked about it being a multi million dollar multi state effort. Over many years putting a half a million dollar down payment significant for your organization used to your term history this is unprecedented. For the League of Women Voters which some people think of as little ladies that register people to vote. Yet and so the thing that's really important for us is that we are putting our money where our mouth is we're not just talking about gerrymandering and wanting to have fair maps. We're making a significant investments were putting half a million dollars in upfront. This is going to be a multi million dollar multiyear campaign. In all fifty states and the District of Columbia because we think that it's important that every state has a role in helping to make sure that we have fair maps. So every person's vote counts those tickets are back for second and talk about the scope of the problem. Before the show we were mentioning a lot of voters have a hard time putting their minds around. Gerrymandering to redistrict dean you know it's been a it's a political process to draw maps since the country was founded. Com but how has it gotten to to this point where it actually can box people out to develop blocks. It's been an issue the difference now I think is that is so pervasive and so egregious we've seen states where there literally carving out. Shoes and tiny quarters to make sure that the party who is in a position of power at that time. Is making sure that they are holding on to their constituents so instead of people electing their elected officials their representatives lower fining us that those representatives are elected. There are choosing who they're who would elect with their constituents if you're making clear this happens on both sides your organization is nonpartisan new position you're taking our number other efforts out there. On this front Democrats Republicans for their own advantage that you're making clear this process from an objective point of views simply out of lack. Actually it's not about left him re it's about right and wrong we want to make sure that everybody realizes that the liberties today as this is no big secret everybody knows that it happens. But it's about making sure that we're putting power back in the hands of the American people in that putting power back in the hands of the voters. And so that's why this is such. It's significant projects are in a nutshell how do you actually how do you do this the Supreme Court is you know back in June took a step back from the said look. We don't think that's in this Jerry Mandarin is actually okay it looks pretty anti democratic but it's not our job to police the system that's for use on opening. So what sorts of things are on the table that you guys are trying to accomplish. So the foundation of this campaign really is a civic engagement and community education campaign. We are grassroots organization we have over 750 leaks in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. And over almost 400000. Members and activists so strong Bates the base of grassroots leaders who are ready to tackle this project. As a critical out and their communities they're gonna work with people in their communities to talk about the issue of why I just redistricting it's important to them. And the government it builds upon that some states have constitutional provisions like what we heard. I'm yesterday in north design and yet just this week and in Pennsylvania. And then other states they're of state legislative fix is to make sure that there are transparent practices that people actually know what the redistricting. I think Arizona's very interest in example of an independent commission of people that do the dry and not the legislators sort of taken out it's an interest in model that you're seeking to replicate some states to. And some states in states like California who have already done that as well and there actually watching their independent redistricting commissions and their citizen driven commissions. That are making sure that the maps are being drawn according to the people to the voters not just to the political part plus crush on a. Ask you Virginia it is. How do you determine a fair standard on the Supreme Court talked a lot about this we see a lot of Parsons and on social media same lesson. It is inherently political to draw maps no one can say what's fair or not it's simply politics is is there a way to set a standard. Where you can objectively say. You know this is this is how to do it in a fairway. There is I'm and there are few different ways you can do it but most importantly is making sure that the actual voters are and Bob's in the map making transparency. Transparency at the Benny beginning of the day and at the end of the day. The most important thing that they voters want to know is that they were treated fairly and that their vote is counted so by making sure that there's a transparent process. We're citizens. And voters are in key to drawing those maps then you get swifter. It is great to have you here with us great to have the announcement first and ABC news live thanks for coming to Virginia case the CEO we women voters in big effort that will continue to follow. Here on ABC news live as we head into the tweets we census in the twice when he redistricting OK everybody thank you summer thanks so much Virginia and moving on now. Two over to the Pentagon a president from its controversial decision to reallocate three point six billion dollars in military construction funds. Away from a 147 projects to help fund. His new border wall or yesterday here on the show only Martinez or senior a pentagon report told us the broad strokes of this he's back now. To tell us the details because Louie the Pentagon is actually identified now some very specific. Projects that are going to be held up essentially right next step few months and years. And that's right got it right here I got that could keep paid to list in very small print it's it's about the three US territories. You got 23 states and 21 countries overseas where were there but three point six billion worth. A military construction projects. That the broad gamut mainly. Really big construction products and talking might airfields for talking about renovations of warehouses. From overseas combat the Plymouth getting the really most of the attention stateside. I'm is the 400 million dollar cut in Puerto Rico. This is finding that was designated for the rebuilding. Of National Guard facilities US military facilities. On the territory of Puerto Rico there were destroyed our damaged severely damaged by hurricane Maria back in 2017. The Pentagon saying that. Those programs were not going to be funded until 20/20 the contract for not going to be doled out until then. I'm so they can't help but there was enough time to continue to take away that might for now. Because they they really think that what's gonna happen is that the congress really care hoping his. That the congress is gonna put back a three point six billion dollars that they took away from these funds. And for the board it was diverted toward the border while and that then the money that was originally in those accounts is an eagle back. So that these programs can continue. In the least some of the projects in addition to the Puerto Rican. Military reconstruction. It could have a real impact on military families and children have struck by the factor hasn't done a lot of outcry about those schools. Housing projects also put on delay here. That's right if we're talking specifically about nine schools so most of them stateside. When they're talking about refurbishing a renovating. Eight of those schools one of them is going to be a brand new facility. That there in the bill but do what they told us yesterday from a senior defense official was that they these are programs currently that are funded. So that there are buildings already forty schools as some of the students can actually go to. Four than the pretty extended period let's say that the in the new renovations don't take place. I'm so they're saying that they have the the band with if you will to take care of the students because Garrity in existing facilities. It's just that one that is new facility one thing that's important felt let him when he did look at the criteria for what what. Programs they were gonna divert funding from. They made a very strong case that they were not going to look. Taking away money from any housing facilities in barracks. Any private residential so that's one criteria that was met. Com we've not really seen anything that would indicate that there were. Housing facilities there were taken away from overhead money diverted towards the border law. Ember a quick Louis in interest in twists and sort of a footnote to all of this of course politics. At play here as well the White House coming out the past 24 hours saying. All of this money could very easily be re infused at all of these projects of congress. Simply reallocate three point six billion dollars in the next a budget deal of course Democrats. Kind of balking at that right is this scene scene this is a back backdoor attempt to from the border won't. That's exactly right dad and I did it that congress would have to reallocate the money they would have to vote once again. For that amount to be put back into the accounts from which the money was diverted. That's essentially how it works the Pentagon is optimistic that it happened but here's your right Democrats are saying they're not going to be it is because they see use of the back door way. A finding the border while which president trumpet always said was going to be funny by Mexico when he was on the campaign trail and continue to say during his rallies for the first two years as administration. But this national emergency allowed the Pentagon to divert these funds and put it back in. The actually put it in through there defense request bill. Earlier submitted earlier and then march that they wanted three point six billion tips backfill this. So the money I think has been appropriated by the senate but I think in in the house it's. As an uphill climb. All right Lou Martinez always on the case forests are at the Pentagon thank you so much Louis and we should say. That we were were expecting to hear from a member of the military community down in Florida town Neubauer actually he's joining us now by phone that some communications issue Stoddard he can hear me. You the president of bay defense alliance an independent nonprofit group advocating. For those military facilities down there in Florida some of which could see some funds drawn away. Thanks for coming and what what does it mean to you to see some of this funding actually pulled away from say Tyndall air based on their report. I think it's important to them communities need to understand this that. Military construction dollars are precious and in this case a seventeen million dollar fire stations been pursued for ten years. But you know ten months ago her K Michael cat five storm. Completely changed Kendall airforce base in the local community. So when this fire station was going may be redesigned as they build the base of the future here in bay county. So we the community we're trying to build a community of the future in now. We don't want only seventeen million dollars we know will be deferred again has been done number years before but. We we understand the priorities are are important. There and what do you say it helps Tom a lot of breathless reaction appear. Particularly from Democrats that this is. A huge bloated national security efforts especially from hiring former presidents talked about building up the military spending more on the military to see. These funds shifted away eight. Doesn't that that I bother you resident an advocate for the military. Oh absolutely we we all want to see our projects and our communities go forward. And I know that former defense in the airports have worked hard to ensure that the mulch or construction projects that are on this list are not been impacting and security. Maybe mission fidelity will not be damaged that their projects that will go on at some point in the future and in our case it worked out fairly well. Simply because this redesign of Chandler for space what happened over the next 34 years. Here hopeful you'll see the money in the end and ended his serve as a gut check on we're tingles desperate he hit pretty hard by hurricane Michael. How are things look in their right now and even tracking now had a rebuilding effort. Absolutely think they spent about 700 million dollars so far and similar for space is being designs is the face the future comedy missions that will seek. Well into the next seventy years so our community wants to make sure that we're the community supports them accountable based. We know that this seventy million dollars will come back at some point. A book when you're spending that kind of money they are now to make this space great yen we're we're pretty excited that Doug that's that's going on. Interest in perspective very measured response optimistic one at that as well Tom Neubauer. Our president of the bay defense alliance on the outlook of shifting some of this funding away from pentagon projects thanks so much time appreciate. He's sticking to the communications issues to join us an ABC news life. I finally today some news about light bulbs. News the could actually impact your pocketbook also impact the environment as well are in for thirty. Covers our agencies to be here at ABC news also joined here in the conversation by Andrew Delaski executive director of the appliance standards awareness project. And her great to see you and let's start with you because the president and his administration. Apparently want to make the light bulb great again. You've satellite phone higher I satellite but they are rolling back. That sound restrictions that President Obama put on the good old fashioned let the right now he's sneaking those restrictions go away tell us about. That's right I think went to know about this is this is actually something that was passed in the lot and signed by George W. Bush. And it was requiring that led bulbs meet certain efficiency standards by twenty funny. What Obama did was when he looked at it and 2017 rent free left office. Is he said you know I think we're forgetting about some light bulbs you know the recessed lighting you have in your kitchen especially the eyewitness now yes that that candle shaped a light bulbs are you putting your chandelier. He's at I think that there should be covered to. Well than the lobbyists descended and a citizen trump took office he started to look at us and his Energy Department decided we're gonna get these lifeboats the past. Senile manufactures and keep making the good old fashioned specialty label uses as a kid I loved ones that are slightly better at the incandescent traditional light bulbs will probably be phased out and played funny if they cannot meet those efficiency standards and we're going to be looking at more LED let bolts for most of the market. And every you've sort of been tracking and passed a day or two's this news is broken how he and missile impact consumers and your argument seems to be that actually will make things more expensive for consumers tell us about it. Yeah that the whole back of what all skiers who wolf for shirt create more costs for consumers. Delhi let all the great product a lot of December to bond them already. What the standards it was you raise the floor to ensure that all flight all of that would be sold out that was quite funny. Would include this great new technology that not only saves energy but also laughed a lot longer. We estimate that if the scamper kept him place a typical household would say about a hundred dollars per year utility bill savings. And in addition to that ought to benefit is that. Well we only save energy in our homes that means that we produce less power and power plants that last ball and natural gas being burned. That contributes to global climate change and the emissions but also create air pollution. So that they'll win win for consumers and the environment if we were to keep these theater from place so payment from administration on the back. Well given the fact he's. And these rules are in place right now for specialty bulbs one would would think that the manufacturers would have shifted over to be in compliance with the standards. So does rolling them back actually change anything are there companies out there it's still wanna make them move the old fashioned way do we know. I think we know is that there are only. Yeah I think we know that the some of the manufacturers lobbied to get rid of these rules so they do want to keep making them but they argue they are gonna have alternatives on the market and consumers can you know. Choose those lesser and urged people. And we did you see a statement from the industry they say the trend as we've been talking about will continue towards this murder. Efficient ball to look for now in. Very happily cheery in this roll back what it why does the administration doing this and you've covered. So many of these little policy changes that. Touch all different corners of our lives and it does seem that the president has made. A name for herself when it comes to to to bring things back to the way they were before Obama. You know I think that a lot of businesses that argue that anytime you put a federal regulation in place it's gonna hurt their business to some degree because it's a marker that they then have to meet and then they have to prove that they have to meet at. But I think there's an there's a bigger issue here which is that we're really in sort of a culture war so. Trump is gonna bring up issues like straws and it laid faults and he's gonna make a point about saying you know this is just selling us. Com and Elizabeth Warren and I think told on a CNN debate last night said of course that's what the fossil feel wants us to debate at straws and lightbulbs. When really we should be having a broader discussion about fossil fuels. Andrew. Over at the appliance standards awareness project what are you guys. Planning to do next is part of this back and forth campaign going forward what's your next step that all of us. Well when we think that the roll backs or a legal it'll be challenged in court. I'm one the next steps would be that that that a court we'll have to decide. Whether or not the administration's actions are. Our our our legal. It's important that they're pursued because the impact for consumers the impact for the environment are important. And the point about an assistant want to solve the climate crisis all by itself but a lot of things we have to do to improve energy efficiency. I'm do you find public climate change emissions and improving energy efficient GO went off just one small thing about got you a lot of smoke and for a change. Address this problem yet. Right Andrew Delaski executive director of the appliance standards awareness project thank you so much for your perspective vendor great to see you and I is always and it's great to have you here thanks for your reporting data for enlightening us today how my evolves appreciate that. I finally today were given a call out to all of you who have ideas for them for questions for the democratic candidates ahead of the ABC news. ABC news live Univision debate coming up next week one week from today. September 12 in Houston Texas ABC wants to know what questions you have for the candidates you can tweet us. With the hash tag Dem debate tweet at ABC you're at ABC politics we actually are looking at the responses. To your questions as our team begins to compile questions for the candidates ten candidates it's one night only. Next week right here on ABC news live who roku FaceBook watch and the like entire team coverage. Starting at 8 PM eastern time to midnight really here and Anderson is live up to CNN Devin Dwyer Washington will be right back here tomorrow. And debris from her ex.

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