Left-wing internet star wants 'hostile takeover' of Democrats

Cenk Uygur, Founder and CEO of 'The Young Turks' joins Amna to talk about his 'hostile takeover' of the Democratic Party, using the same populism he says propelled Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to power. With a new Justice Democrats wing, Uygur plans t
40:00 | 04/04/17

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Transcript for Left-wing internet star wants 'hostile takeover' of Democrats
Hey everybody welcome to uncomfortable the goal here is to have an honest and unflinching conversation. About so many issues that a lot of people think divide us right now as American. I'm on an about each week we're going to be featuring a one on one interview with a special guest to learn more about not only what they believe but why they believe it. But me today. It's junk you are. Thanks so much your being here. Absolutely great to be here I like being uncomfortable at Stewart spoke people I hooker comfortably sitting at the very anything but that I don't even need to introduce you here you are that the host. CEO the founder of the young Turks hundreds of millions of people. Have watched do you have listened to you over that of many years that you've been broadcasting. We were talking at the moment earlier about as a fellow person with a difficult four letter first name me that's got a bit and the thing that. Growing up in the states telling idea. Yet all of these these critics have a different for award. But yes. I grew up till the age of eight in his stumble word Jake was a very easy. Fairly common may be like Jason. Here in America it's if that level yes that's or. And then at the age of eight we moved east Brunswick New Jersey and then all of a sudden it was sank while tiger. That look. And a one. Math award in sixth grade. And they wanted to announced an old school hey were really proud of principles like so proud of sank. For winning. This award and then mining it was sank the first half year. I've had every nickname in the world that it's hard to shake yes at age yet made by Jim two you didn't help when he said Jake Hubert. Now we're gonna go with hunky chunky. He's viewed and to me. That he had the whole. Class coronet in the triangle and hunger to go hungry to puncture. This is your teacher yes it all. Seth is PO I did not media I'm struck a home man. As a kid I mean to you your family emigrated in you were eight yeah you how to fool if you had memories. Back to Turkey before you Keener did you carry a lot of that we you like how much of that of that is still windy today. Sizzle like this conversation because a brilliant chancellor about this on the show ordered news every day via. And the reality is that actually my life in. It's stumble was very similar my life in majors yet so a lot of people don't know that bodies feel like. Over the middle east's or Muslim world is so foreign and so different. No I grew up secular in a stumble and I went to New Jersey where some really multi ethnic. Oh lots of Jews Asians Russians. Indians. Etc. And the same kind of secular mindset Wu and it was different in that ice were different language in Turkey and I had family and friends then I got separated from obviously as we came here again. But otherwise. As a matter of culture. And as a matter of how I was being brought up it Harley changed at all it didn't yet again d.s feature. Tony he. I don't know it seeking go to. The desert isn't happy birthday yeah. It technically means. It's a good thing you're born 00 yeah and in fact on might wait years a cabbie stopped. And said to me in Turkish good to see you again is that why I didn't know it was like oh rate that's via Sid DT teacher cancer. They took their first Turkish class last weekend and over again. Okay. Starter were inside out. Yet there they're six and fourth and my wife is Chinese and and and so she's got a lot of family and friends where we live in LA via. I don't dislike three Turks in the whole country. Let alone an LA so. Much much harder to teach them Turkish. But look let's keep it real Chinese and much more importantly some super site of their learning Chinese and so now that they've actually sort of take class and they've got a couple friends in the class. In a miracle there's another Turkish American kid in my eight. Sun's first grade class answer yet and he's the one that totals about that his mom is on the tools from Turkish classes though we're like oh. Let's go there and so now they know 12 and four force upon word 'cause it's dirt. Like it's easier remember dirt I'm gonna play in the Durham playing war. Starts yet. For you hasn't seen huge mountain we're seeing you in that capacity to the very measured you. Is it is this I used eyewitness he always. So the answer is vote so here's an agreement so. Normally. Off. There. Super. A happy go lucky. And very column at setter irate. I have. In the entire existence of the young Turks and have been around for fifteen years in the business context of only old once. And that if this context that me because they go to the Internet and searches your name. You can come up little audio that's are yet. So in the business and this was our landlord decided that it was a good idea it is our drilling above our heads and a little like business like there. Yet to someone else that that's what like a I never yell at and employees. That this means that people right. ID eight. Kiss up kick down guys can't stand that it's that the worst thing you'd be again on the opposite. I'd. I'm everywhere I've ever worked on gun control of my bosses. But but but but everybody I've ever worked with yet has always want to come back to work with me GAAP and solemn. So no I'm I'm relatively calm now having said that the other side of it is. I'm a super passionate dude so. It's a funny way of putting it. So when I get mad on there. It's no joke as a real that's real or K actually anger yet and if it's a good thing talk show. News event and have a talk shows what would be the outlet yet we use my friends. And there there's the real that I got to show he always this way or you like that as a kid going to it's toll I. I was born with a fire from and so. I eat a used to fight when I was in school back when fights were normal. Physically idea yet and and but I want to fight for justice so I would defend the smaller kids he has bullies. I knew I'd let people think the first ones that was much their policy as a you to respond Oprah rookie get a freebie. Because I and then yet my dad told me that that you should never had forms so that was the market and yet. And so I liked it so I don't leg OK well I might as will be trying to be a good guy about it. UN and on what we should put that we share and on the minor collegiate on the modern you can go quakers. We have very different experiences there from what I can tell you because in art in our deep deep dive on research and you wrote for the daily Pennsylvanian there. Their newspaper. You you were a married staunch conservative yes soft as a Republican in fairness yes. They'll only important caveat is I was. Liberal socialist. OK yet so. I never thought racism was a good idea. And and so you were pro life. I was I was briefly pro life that's right. It. Is that most people are most liberal even if you go to conservative. It's a liberal arts college you went toward I. Well I it's sort of pan in the transfered and work now and I had a book both a business major and polish side. OK so little bit about so did you come to the conservative. Yet. No I grew up a Republican. My debtor and a small business and so. So axis go back further in Turkey there was big fights between the leftists in the rightness or Kate. And and so we are on the right in the equation because suspect and every was secular attorneys who was in the religious right. Com and it was Campbell's vs non capitalism and might as a countless Ahmet countless I still am I believe in right. So that by definition put us on the right and so we came here we continued gotten you Republican on the right here. And and might address small business and it was too much tree so his it is we get inspected like six times a year. Look we don't want elevators to fall that would be really bad for business and we expect the east twice a year to make sure they don't fall rate is sort of six of them and give all these Claussen said are right. Remember taxes back then were at 70%. Was the highest bracket. That's a little right wrecked it and write us so. And in in the Republican Party had not lost its mind you could be in back at a reasonable Republican I grew up in New Jersey. Tom Kane riis the bull. Liberal to moderate Republican leaders all the Republican anywhere there is no mater and so are some of the issues. I would argue that I have not moved at all yeah and the countries and moved around again very American underground here yet known and it moves all around me in the center of so. Note let me be more clear I actually don't think country has moved at all in terms of the issues. It's always been left wing and it's deeply left wing now Americans OK OK so mainstream media view of America's totally wrong. Only okay okay as they everybody almost every mainstream media will say that it the country sent to write not remotely true based on the poll. Look at the polling on every issue the country is sent to significantly. Or Kate OK so what has moved his Washington. Now Ronald Reagan couldn't make it through a democratic primary Tuesday. McKee he'd be considered too left news McCain has creep sectors he could he could make it through the. But seriously before this election cycle. He did embassy he's exactly what did the Republicans fight against. He could blanket amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants he ran from live and he cut and run. That's arguably good thing to be dead but he did cut more from terrorist strike. He negotiate with terrorists any use as guidance. Not making a Republican primary he wouldn't. It make it out of a democratic primary. So. That Washington has become even seemingly right. So some positions of the sick and they're just considered wildly liberal now before they were considered sent right other positions have moved I do. I'll ask you an apartment that because as a whole conversation he had just about self identity he stays like how people classify themselves and based on the system that we live and I ask you something about this about the thinks you're talking about in college because. You've been either is all on some of these and it gets you were arguing in in one of these op Eds and I have your picture by the way back and it's like. I think WD that wore the exact jobs and and Margaret putting it. But you're arguing against affirmative action. In when you see that's a position I have not moved you're not that yeah I I'm civilians from. EU where. Congressional things about feminism. You greet. Believes that we are now death now doing from a okay. And actually spent so I'm curious I guess from that part that peaks my interest is like how deep change your mind colleges were eco district. Figure you are solidify some of your ideas find that the reasons behind that things that you believe how he changed when yeah changed. So you know there's a famous quote from Winston Churchill about how or if you're not a liberal when you're young in this so wrong with your art and butchering the corporate you know announcing and when you get. Younger and older you're not a conservative some and while your head I actually think. It's almost opposite. I think that in fact base world especially in the context of American politics today. If after growing up you don't become a liberal there's something wrong with you you you can't you're not. Open to facts and in your something wrong with Europe logical reasoning. You are not if you're not alone would general election. Okay and I'll announce you light up so first off. If you're talking about the entire political spectrum across the world. That's probably not a fair state main. But we're talking about American politics the Writely in America today denies fact science and logically do there live and literally an alternate realities say. Climate change is not real with a wrong or a 100% wrong. The ninety Simpson on the world's scientists disagree with them so it's not a debate they're just wrong OK so I moved on death penalty why. Okay. Now ice. Maintain my position on this company for a long time including after we Serbian interests if an hour long debate would Mario Cuomo on the air about the death the muhtar. I walked up thinking I nailed it I got to the book to eight and so. But what happened Wallace. We found out that all of these guys who were on death row 4% overall and now dozens of people. Were innocent. The we did that DNA testing and innocence project proved that they had not done it. Now it's one thing if you're back Alley mean and you want inventions. That is a perfectly. I viewed that to be a reasonable position. Now lot of liberals would disagree and they say that's not the right instincts and the moral thing to do and I love him for that there to support capital punishment applicant emotional response yet. And it's just emotional. This is justice OK if so would kill someone I love I want vengeance and I am clipper to say that. So that doesn't make a good person. But a lot of us feel that we were we're human beings we have that in our heart we do and maybe it's him a great. Character of the kind of a monster wants vengeance against innocent people. What kind of person says no more killing the wrong people I want to kill the wrong people. So if you use all the facts of how many people Wanda throw or innocent and you still. Don't think there is something deeply wrong with you. This would mean she's bottom line not arguments on deterrence or cost or. Any of that yet it was just that we own we were killing the wrong people but there is there was. There were fax that came out right like we evolve criminal justice of to a point as far as that show but that. You learn as he went that's right senate that is Republican back then yet to identify as a Democrat now. Well that's a complicated question so that at the progressive. OK so okay. Let let's break mr. There are let's tackle a three words Democrat liberal chorus. Democrat. As it currently stands and it doesn't have to be this way and we're gonna change but as a currently stands stands for a week reckless. Pat C. Who's gonna give into the Republicans and give them everything they want while pretending to be in opposition you're eating most of the general population sees the democratic yes and it's. Yes it's him and them as gently effect. Okay okay so. Democrat statistic. And that buys them. And corrupt. Date part of it corrupt establishment and their jobs to lose the Republicans are like the Washington generals playing. The Harlem Globetrotters and they're literally they're job is and they get paid to lose market. No interest in Kate no way that we're Comas over Democrat under those circumstances and again we're gonna change that I get back and this. Liberal is a person whose benefit. Who has a kind heart. And and is open to people more than I am there was this pastor who recently passed away this heat. Help people who had addiction problems who have mental issues and use such an unbelievably great guy. I wouldn't do that I'd be afraid curriculum editors that they'll. Okay and so that's a better person and I am that's a liberal. The herbal wants to get rid of all the new nukes in the in the world I liked it moments but I honestly think it's not overly realistic date OK so. Jesus Christ is what I mean he is classic liberal governments in world we live in that anybody could read the Bible thing be Jesus would be for the right. Each of the money changes the temple turned the other cheek I'm not turned another cheek neck so it she's a better man and I am that's not a controversy. The so that's a liberal. Progressive. It's just I think there's two core. Elements of the progress okay one is obviously progress. It's which is in part expanding the circle of liberty. So progress at once. Those great fundamental human rights that apply to more than just property white man. They wanted to be non property Weytman and then not white men and women and everyone else so. If you're fighting for civil rights women's rights gay rights you are the core of what it means via progress of his you're expanding the liberty that is owed to all of us as human beings okay. And then the second part is equality of opportunity. Not equality of results equality of opportunity. Why shouldn't my kid have the same exact chance at Mitt Romney's stated Donald trounced it etc. So. Pre college education would be at the core of what it means via progress so will new progressives and liberals overlap quarters and diagrams of John okay or right. So that's my definition of difference trio liberal and progress OK OK and and may be unfair to liberals in that deer. As rational practical as I would pay progressives. And maybe I'm be unfair to progress is that there may be is decent and and kind hearted as liberals right. So and an obvious who's giant over. OK now let's go Mac the Democrats. Now I sort of knew a wing of the Democratic Party issued aidid with half of burning XT. And. When you supported senator Sanders right capsule wholeheartedly we just carries of those camps you just describe which he's peoples under progressive Democrat our. ES progressive yet look liberals can claim Bernie no question and progress of skiing definitely clambered he's mainly known as a progressive okay okay. But the corporate Democrats cannot clamor and they're trying really hard right now. So we're learning all along I think him his involvement until campaign moved to hold Democratic Party. You know that's XE that's a super fair assumption. But in reality it's just optics they had removed image. If you read a Washington Post article that came a couple of days ago via a from and O'Keefe. Chuck Schumer he says the five most important senators of the ones that -- dinner with every day whose now I'm sorry once every two weeks. And who is really pissing with a five race and in my if they really move this Bernie in Elizabeth Warren Richard Brown right. Now it's them. Maccast goal. And dial the. And mention the almost conservative. Corporate as Democrats in the senate. They have removed at all you know we gonna try to you don't think a platform is indicative of land where they think knowing what they think they need to speak to you OK no the platform was how are you Bernie guy's done yet. Even the great guys came out and sad week not only 80%. That you don't want one in the handle line. Is it Hillary Clinton had won she would wholesale ignore that platform you think. Absolutely. So principle no one cares about the progress is fought for that platform I hired one of them I love you I'm glad you did. OK and you're it's a good battle we're gonna win that oh but. Democratic presidents and never go eight. The platform like a look at the platform to see which way we can't I mean you're definitely true pure parties here at these are the parties as exit the in the your party it is the second which he will writers' desks. Marty you're still under that party you're -- Democrat tactic but I'm taking the Democratic Party back. An immediate strong and give people something to believe. That's what they looked right at you're putting out each of the things that I believe and this is who we stand for so they here's a giant difference between democratic voters were right. I'd love democratic. There today. And democratic politicians who were disastrous. So if Hillary Clinton had won and I know it Brock Obama did it Bill Clinton did the. That's what right are no I don't know who spike donors. You know who how Barack Obama pick discriminate he has Citigroup. And Citigroup hander machines a month before he took office a month before the election. It's that this is gonna it was a guy who yes has. And done the revolving door between democratic politics when bankers about it's that's right but he handed Obama's cabinet. Everyone exit one person on that list. Actually was Obama's camp Citigroup picked Obama's camp because there was top donors. You'd think those guys care what your progressive platform cirrus. It isn't it's good that's how we set up the system we sick if you have more my. You'll win 95% of the time that is literal in our case in congress are capable. So what do people do as Larry Lessig great professor god father money out of politics movement at a Harvard says the lean to the green. And they do they lean towards the money at a minimum lean towards so that's why. The those Hillary Clinton would have done all those things that she would have approved every corporate sponsor thing including DPP she says Jews against an item leap for 12 there's no way she was going to be yes TP. That's what she selection does no one leader. Democrats and believer that insure up to vote independents didn't like her at all didn't believer Republicans despised there she earned. Their distrust. Over decades. Of broken promises he would think it. Earlier that about it. Obsolete night she noticed that awards chants all is that she had any chance of winning is because. At least buries a decent honest guy and he was banking and meet so all of his supporters go at her until the convention I mean of all horse the end I don't know so Democrats are an international is in this is primaries are bad thing in the hurt the party. His exact opposite so what primaries who speaks strengthening candidates would happen on the Republican side at seventeen. People and their primer. And the guy who won came out stronger. And beat the person was supposed to be the presumptive president don't overwhelming favorite. Right Democrats hate primaries does corporate Democrats don't want to be challenged if you're challenged after running as a real progressive they will lose so they put out the myth that primaries hurt the Democratic Party no. They hear donors who want to hand picked corporate Democrats daylight. And jammed them through we're gonna primary all of them almost every Democrat that exist today we'll get a primary from a real progress. Justice Democrats yes and January or any part took to the airway right. You announce. Easy or a hostile takeover. At why you have to be hostile of the democratic raised its hostile take. Debts or why it. So here's why Mika is. They're not going to do what we tell him and what we tell him to do is the progress of positioning the read our platforms very selective democratic platform except we mean. And so. We at any policy wise substantially as anything drastically different from either party from as a currently where we're a little stronger on a couple of fronts one is. You have to be for constitutional amendment money. That is non English or carry. And the other is that you cannot take corporate money and so that's why they won't do and take big donor money. There's no heat these corporate Democrats are gonna agreed to whose legacy all Europe EU foolish. Liberal or progressive yours yours impractical. You don't know how to win elections oak Democrat. That's are yet. And by the way. House Democratic Party doing that. Are they doing winning elections. So let's talk about the the real and there across the country it's. It's a problem it is the Democrat yet its pastor. So they have a giant demographic advantage. They have an advantage on almost every policy issue yet we have lost the house the senate. They lost the White House to a monster who's the least popular person to run for president and the loss whom anyway. They lost a Supreme Court he didn't fight for their pick for a whole year. They lost sixty and nightly it but that's exactly where art. Now and on and so would get Republicans obstruct of course we can see prices are. But. So the Democrats obstructed the Republicans in you know in the trump can Olympics in guess how much she got through. Every single one of them are carry so. You either fight back aggressively. Or you old and that's what the corporate Democrats have done for point part lifetime the full fold they fold in the folding business. See you you're calling them all establishing their pets corporate Democrats right into your I know you're big on getting money out of politics looks a lot of your working seniors your. Message on that till how Howard justice Democrats different power you indeed do things differently. Yes so once you don't take corporate or big donor money then you're free you're freed actually represented people. So the reason the corporate Democrats don't fight and they don't fight back aggressively it is. Lu bought my donors are going to be uncomfortable. Now this is real so if you if for example republics that while money from Wall Street right they are raving in their corruption. But why don't the Democrats call them on why doesn't Hillary Clinton call them out on this also takes money from Wall Street and Herm. Not only are they her donors but after decades there her best friends so she doesn't say Wall Street's the problem. If Iran populist campaigns that are beholden only to the people and not for the donors is news. We are gonna run shot just over the Democratic Party but we are going to win not just in Blue States against Republicans. We're gonna when in purple states against Republicans and I guarantee you we're gonna what is some red states against Republicans thank you are not answer crashed okay. Howard you can do it that you still need money you need money to run a campaign need money to call came first quarter what are you gonna details still has been out a call for nominations right yes that nominee people that you think should be running yes for office so. Women it's not like we're gonna do it error in rainbows and unicorn. It's where there's a new way of raising money and it's through small donors in Palm Springs in his race he raised 250. Million allison's. Now you can say oh flash in the pan that's you know and and a lot of this house just us as to the way it was. So comfortable losing to the Republicans and it was eat right OK no. The paradigm has shifted and populism is on the rise if you can't see them from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and what's happened here. You're purposely trying not to see. So we will raised a lot of money from small donors we will be super practical in how we've on this campaigns. So. You can Iran where you focus OK so. First let's talk macro to answer your question and then I get specific guess how Porter on the campus so we asked for nominees of real people that are leaders in their community. Nominees nomination and yet we thought we'd get a couple hundred in the first two weeks we had 2700. People nominees just online ads say. As through justice Democrats stock car so I mean the colony on Turks because I believe and it's not connected via in terms but I believe in. Conical askew from secular talk made the call on his law on his pep program. And and and we put the word out on line justice Democrats I count 2700. Nominees now some of them already we see them eat their leaders and community. And Iran a small business and I don't know I can do this at this time but man I. I want to help I want democracy back. There's teachers they're Iraq war veterans we're gonna run real people like democracy was supposed to be that House of Representatives. Has become a joke they have a 7% popularity rating we're gonna turn that back into house of representatives. Are gonna represent us OK are you going through all the nomination. So I don't run just Democrats stated. I'm one of the founders and I supported on air might meet personally I do. But shortcut sharper marquis who was the director of organizing technology for the sanders' campaign rain is executive director of justice Democrats and yes there are vetting. We can't run 2700 people. We're gonna vet and we're gonna be very careful and are venting so some by the way some people think. No I wanted to run but the needing picked me that's right that's what's gonna happen to pick the best candidates we're gonna run them against a corporate Democrats and we're gonna break their back. Weary on them so just to finish up on another metrics. We at a 1141000. People sign up in two weeks. So who starts a party in two weeks a sign up for her to be justice them. 1141000. People that on your website they gonna keep me up yet they say they've spit sign up to be a member of that party and anti keep updated its. We've raised nearly half a million dollars boom right navigate. Emmy people think they can't we can't do it sit back and watch or Kate or better yet join us. So now when you run the races. We're not gonna play an XO KOK so what is important in that district now I I think most important issue is money in politics and earnings agreed issued a run on. But if we think that's not the issue on and neck in that particular district there were on. Whatever resonates with that district we're going to be super practical in employing money employing staff. In picking the best candidates. And working capital and those Democrats get away with it. You're gonna are you targeting specific Democrats already like you looking at a map and saying this is where Democrats have been hemorrhaging seats this is where we need to go first. So be it is a combination we those decisions are very important and is are going to be me don't number of factors. One is where our best cam. Also some Kim its of course are better than others over have a really strong message are very passionate already have a proven record in their community bank. Where are best fitness where there weakest candidates. So when I say today I mean the corporate them so they will cry and cry when we run against him and Blue States and it was. Oh well. There are being known for Mary has evolved and over that our congress edition. Bill squeal OK and and they'll say oh no this is a safe seat gets a CC. For corporate donors were not interest in. Then what we go to purple states than the crime will multiply. You're gonna closest election in handed the republicans' new sister corporate strategy really. You've got mauled by the Republicans. You've got mauled in my lifetime even William every advantage of the world you're running horrible strategy step aside butch. Setting aside your nominees at they've been coming and when you look at the map. And where you want to focus. So whether you got people coming in its potential strong nominees are not. So when we look at that first off there's no reason why in any of the Blue States we should countenance corporate Democrats. So we got to wipe them clean. In Connecticut why why would have a guy who's just beholden to his donors in Connecticut knowing it is super strong progressive and net. I get super strong progressives. In Rhode Island Hawaii Massachusetts etc. so we're definitely going to do and then. In the purple seats for god seek get out of the way because we got to win those seats we and it would this is an exercise in making people feel good. Her have time to waste ironic company hosts a show are on hold other pact to get money out of politics. The only way the only reason I'm doing this is good we've got to win. We can't let these establishment Democrats run one more race against Republicans. They have shown and proved they've they have a proven record of failure. There is no way on God's green earth our middle let them run against trump again. Away and not on our watch teach you have to start a new party why me why couldn't this change they shifted. By continuing to work within the existing framework node that's but that's exactly what's wrong is existing framework is existing framework is built around money. So when you look at things and move the needle even in the last couple weeks you look at grassroots organizing you look at the people back on the senator's campaign staff still matters to still move the needle when it comes to how people are responding to their constituents so first looking to get people really fired up about money in politics and say. Glad you're representatives office with calls. Okay outs a takeover his first this is be super clear it's not a third party. Its that progressive wing of the Democratic Party is the justice Democrats. But you want to hostile takeover of them corporate Democrats right now the corporate Democrats are the overwhelming majority of democratic so call leaders. When they don't represented us they represent or don't smoke so we're gonna into hostile take or of their over of the existing Democratic Party but we are within the Democratic Party. Point two is eager to Bernie Sanders thing. That is what we're doing. We're seeing now if you want to be Bernie Sanders type of candidate wait we are your wing. Where the justice week OK so you can't know us we help you may be with money we certainly hope you and showing you how to run a campaign. And perhaps snapping your campaign. And subtle it just right now we hope how to win we'll show you how to win and ST this is really important branding. So unfortunately a lot of politics is about name recognition and if your Bob Smith in the middle of Nebraska nobody knows you. And and they might know they do did. Establishment Democrat who's been there for thirty years and run Seymour corrupt campaign ain't. Now Bob Smith is a justice Democrat. And now people know what a justice Democrat as they go that's Igawa. I don't want to corporate Democrat I don't want this Elvis and direct I want the justice them. This it have to be hostile. Yes kids hear the bank if you have a very big personality. There was a documentary made about you called mad is how it you you do you like to fight your highlight the (%expletive) attitude at. This is how this country is. It needs some help right now still so I'll tell you can't there be a more unifying message yet. There is busier departments our message. So no and I'm serious yet or hostel in your pitch to American yet and I don't but let me explain why does a great question so. What to Democrat they use the word unity now as an excuse for don't fight against establishment Democrats get behind us. Don't don't bother me Libby keep on losing okay. What is unity meet me it doesn't mean that I get behind Chuck Schumer why why we have to unify behind Chuck Schumer why can't we unify behind Bernie Sanders when you say that it. You're also you're you're you're you're in you're challenging. Of course I'm challenge you because you're wrong. I'm not going to unify behind a Goldman Sachs strategy. If you want to unify behind the actual democratic platform. The justice swaying and Bernie Sanders then get behind us in unified. But we're not going to lead people into another disastrous electoral laws behind you're sorry ass. So now if you'd think that if I go to Chuck Schumer and see hand over the keys he says Oates yank. That's a good thing you're here here ego right he is accused McCain know he's gonna fight me yet to be realistic about that. The but you're setting it up as a battle. It is that is a mentality because it is day to day or not you think that the Jim Hines that represented a from connect Connecticut it was actually the representative from Goldman Sachs. Is gonna say chick you're right when I think about how Goldman Sachs is manipulating the markets. I mean I worked there and I support them and they're my top donors you're right all become a progressive overnight. I'm go to have to beat him that's the reality you setting that it when he eighteen. Oh yeah twenty team yet all were comment. Yet 2018. We shall what we got. A justice Democrat sack come come join us now okay we shall we got and then 20/20 we're we're the leaders of the U now. Would you ever. Verio. Very unlikely that's not an out. Look so there is a fantasy. Adrian and I that. When young Turks is the leading news network in the world. Check attack. And in and to be fair only ally I wanna win on all play for. All credit where credit is it B a eighty million. Unique the month threat not right young guys are measured in great. Restaurant and and we've gotten money at a public service we've gotten amendment if I get them and a singer Michael Jordan Tom Brady moment not to celebrate me but the sovereign country and I would hold a constitution so tight legged. You know and and and then I can retiring during the I want I just I just drift off from the pastor all I want is that amendment is that fixes that system. Does the system is everything. Okay. If we fix the system and politics as in corrupt anymore. And the justice Democrats or whoever has won and there are real Democrats real progressives like. Like we've gone to the oldies of FDRETC the real Democratic Party is used to be. Chiron for senator from my home state of New Jersey or California. There you know in retirement. May EB. But not today not with what's what's the point. We'll take it maybe we'll take it maybe I can think of no better way to and then on Jake eucharist Adrian. Right there Jake you can thank you so much for being there they Q it was a it was a place. Thank you for listening to uncomfortable. If you like what we're doing take imminent leave us the rating and a quick review it helps others to find these conversations and we really just wanna hear what you think. Plus sweet made it easy just clicked on the link in the description of this episode. If you have an idea for a show topping pouring gas lead in the reviews or react after the baathist that's. And eight WA. TI FDA animal free use the hash tag uncomfortable hot uncomfortable with the production of ABC news. New episode host every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning. I'm on in the bottom thanks for listening.

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{"id":46546837,"title":"Left-wing internet star wants 'hostile takeover' of Democrats","duration":"40:00","description":"Cenk Uygur, Founder and CEO of 'The Young Turks' joins Amna to talk about his 'hostile takeover' of the Democratic Party, using the same populism he says propelled Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to power. With a new Justice Democrats wing, Uygur plans t","url":"/Politics/video/im-taking-democratic-party-back-46546837","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}