Impeachment investigators release two more transcripts

Democrats release additional deposition transcripts revealing a fuller picture of President Donald Trump’s efforts to ask Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son.
9:11 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Impeachment investigators release two more transcripts
Breaking news on Capitol Hill on the impeachment inquiry is the house committees investigating the president now released two more sets of transcripts. Their depositions with key witnesses just days before those public impeachment hearings begin our senior got investigative producer Johnson Tucci is here Catherine folders. Is here as well guys you've been pouring into these. More another dump of hundreds of pages depositions that these are significant because. Two days at a documents involved two key players at the White House who who had front row seats in the president's dealings in Ukraine with Rudy Giuliani. Any and I think the most significant and it turns her to come out today is the one from colonel then men remember he had. Firsthand knowledge of that July toys that phone call the president had with the Ukrainian president he was in the situation room and says it in his. Deposition that he has notes. Specifically east other classified. From that phone call and what was revealed in that and then we talked up as rough transcript that the White House has released. Do you remember there were some let's see is in there and there was questions about what those were our. Some answers we got to the time was made it could be a voice trailing off. No missing warrants we didn't think but Inman says that actually there were some missing words as it related two by an and and or is not so of course that raises questions now now we're learning unarmed missing words from the transcript but. The other thing is we do hear about the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his involvement in how. The Howell diplomats found that concerning but he also focuses on of the White House involvement at this he says that in in this is important that he had meetings with John Bolton with the EU ambassador Gordon silently met with the Ukrainian. A counterparts. Saddam meeting happened there on July 10 I believe and he was concerned when Gordon someone brought up to. To the ukrainians that there was some sort of a deliverable for a White House meeting at a White House meeting was conditions. On announcing investigations he went to the national security lawyer at the White House and raise concerns. It's unclear what happened there and then he says. After that July 25 college she was listening to in real time that right after it ended he also again pointed out White House attorney and raise concerns about. Some costs jump brings something different perspectives on the same phone call on the what's stunning in today's two depositions to me is that both of these individuals Alexander been in a career highly decorated military official on the National Security Council have. You see him there on the left feeling hill the president's top Russia advisor both of these people were so concerned by what they heard on that call that they notified. Top lawyers in the White House that this was akin to equal drug deal that was going to yeah. And I think it also plays into the path of the concerns that many of these officials including has kept her mention former national security advisor John Bolton. We're having about the role of Rudy Giuliani and all of us remember Bolton said Rudy Giuliani was like a hand grenade with everything he was asking the president encouraging the president to get involved and so. I think what we're seeing here DeVon is that as each deposition comes out. He's doing two things one is filling in the timeline of the events that handoff. Not all these people speaking to the scene people but filling in that many different areas of the White House operation and the State Department who were concerned about the actions of the president on this phone call but it's also doing something else. It's amplifying this all while many is really setting the stage for what could be quite explosive public hearings next week up on countless talk. About what's in store next week but first let's listen to the president he doesn't seem particularly bothered by this amplification and drumbeat potentially damaging testimony. Short time ago on his way to Atlanta here's what he had to say. I'm not concerned about anything that testimony is all but 500. For the most part I'd never even heard of is they've I have no idea what they are. There. Some very behind me but yeah ups and never jumpers. But as any firsthand knowledge there is gophers. They shouldn't be having public appearances all. It's just like the Russian which. At just the continuation. When you look at the lawyer for the whistle blower I thought it ended what they found out that the lawyer it was felt compromise. In the life as the bad guy. So you look at that I thought that was the end of it. Just a continuation of the hope is that this graceful leg. Catherine Kevin the president says that nobody gets talked to congress has firsthand knowledge that's is not true Alexander Inman we have I was on the phone call all right that's not sure I mean three. Individuals have testified hill work on that phone caught and Gordon's online the ambassador mentions that he had these and direct conversations with the president wants it well I cannot and other people's test many who sent some incentive could slow. Confusing that he had direct conversations with the president about about the Albion at these are all never troopers John bomb that the users sort of deep state Democrats in hiding we've seen about ten of them now testifying. And the public sort of looking and all those who are these people are they all never property. Not all of them I mean that there are some of them that are certainly career officials and we know the president has had. An acrimonious relationship with some of the career diplomats others it has been in the job before president trump arrived some of them having served Republican presidents such as George W. Bush 43. But the people that were on the front lines on behalf of the president look at someone like Gordon sunlight he was a mega donor entered the trumps donated nearly a million dollars to the president's inaugural fund was ultimately rewarded. With that cushy job as the ambassador to the EU he was a hotel attache on the West Coast of the United States prior to that not a lot of experience there to deal and foreign diplomacy could argue so no you can't say it's all of them but. There are certain people it does raise the questions about. You know we've often talked about the difficulty. In this struggle over to fill many jobs this in the State Department posed. Certainly not album united. Not may not have been the biggest fans of Donald Trump even if they are Republicans. I'm endure. It is so of the ten. One person that you very conspicuous that's been missing from the testimony is John Bolton Elmer. NASA security advisor you have some news Katherine just coming in right now. Here to the bureau regarding John Bolton his attorney they are defined. A request from congress that he come and testify he would be a a big witness in this Ukraine stuff but now his attorney says. That plane a bit of a game here with congress. Yeah his attorney wrote in a letter had sent to the court and in a separate case of a Bolton is deputy. That Bolden actually wouldn't. Be a significant witness essentially. To his impeachment inquiry he says that bone. How is obviously firsthand in direct knowledge of meetings and conversations. That would be at the pertinent to this inquiry and those conversations and meetings at haven't come up yet that we haven't heard from witnesses and as we were talking about earlier Boldon. Insignificant in the fact that yes he would have been a lot of these meetings any woman had a lot of direct conversations with the president which we haven't heard that from a lot of witnesses other than summit. And going that's the two points you made earlier Balkans has going to do two things one. It is not a never trump her right this is a long time trump loyalist longtime Republican loyalists that would command say summing it could be quite interesting about the president's actions. And conversations outside of an around July 25 home home that's number one number two. Bolton would fill in more of this timeline right. You have these people conversing or so and so said this said that said that a lot of these people reference conversations they had would John Boles who we don't hear participate job. Here's the issue John Bolton is someone that we're told will respect the process right so right now he has not been subpoenaed he is listening to a White House directive to all officials to not comply with Congress's investigation. Citing different purple urges so. Congress right now had an option to subpoena him they chose not to. It be subpoenaed him Bolton whose team their theory was to join the lawsuit Catherine's talking about with his deputy Charlie copper man. And thereby figure out what to write do here to listen to congress boards right listen to my former employer telling you not show up. By not doing that weren't a little bit a limo but this letter from Chuck Cooper his lawyer take. He's interest singing we cannot let it just slide off the table here because what it says he's that there are other things you don't know what now we want to tell you want to go through this progress job. Bolton testimony a little more tantalizing maybe this'll play out in the head in the coming days but we are looking forward to those hearings actually up real quickly guys. Next Wednesday this all kicks off it's going to be quite a spectacle on Capitol Hill and all day affair. Yeah we're gonna have dealt hold hearings and these days we start up with George Kent and Bill Taylor they are too career diplomats are having served for multiple years in the State Department. That'll be Wednesday that kicks off right at 10 o'clock up on Capitol Hill and other big hearing next week that we know that as of right now we should build that others are still possible reschedule. He's Marie Ivanovic that is the former ambassador to Ukraine that Rudy Giuliani and others encourage president trumped her move. And ultimately it is going to be a big week next week we know you'll be all over Johnson did she get some rest this weekend house commerce thank you so much.

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"Democrats release additional deposition transcripts revealing a fuller picture of President Donald Trump’s efforts to ask Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66862138","title":"Impeachment investigators release two more transcripts","url":"/Politics/video/impeachment-investigators-release-transcripts-66862138"}