The Incredible Story Behind This Medal of Honor Winner

Navy SEAL Edward Byers Receives the Medal of Honor for Bravery in Afghanistan
2:26 | 02/29/16

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Transcript for The Incredible Story Behind This Medal of Honor Winner
You myself as being different than anybody else out there. Fur seals rushed to the doorway which was covered by a layer of blankets. It started ripping them down exposing himself to enemy fire. Teammate and leader Salter pushed him and was hit. Fully aware of the danger had moved in next. From any regard aim is rifle wrapped right at him. That fire. Someone moved across the floor and you know whether or not a person wants. A hostage or if there was. An enemy so that time I got to hand he was you know reaching for some weapons on the ground I was able to straddle and then. An imbalance monies curing English at left across the room interim self on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the rebels. Another an enemy fighter appeared in with his body at kept shielding the hostage. With his bare hands at in the fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took action it's instinctual. So you just take a problem solved that problem on a next problem. In new. Okay. His name will be etched in the pages of history as a true American hero whom he gave his life. And that's why we exist. The Eagles. The creed the guts every navy seal says this. I do not advertise the nature of my work. Or seek recognition for my actions. Which is another way of saying that standing here today in front of the entire nation. Is not senior chief. Buyers idea of a good time. Surely the best job in the world. And I love the people I'm around. I admire them very much. And their purpose what they do. Is the most important mission that I can think of.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Navy SEAL Edward Byers Receives the Medal of Honor for Bravery in Afghanistan","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37293255","title":"The Incredible Story Behind This Medal of Honor Winner","url":"/Politics/video/incredible-story-medal-honor-winner-37293255"}