Inside Bernie Sanders' Debate Prep

Sen. Sanders' press secretary Symone Sanders discusses what the campaign is up to hours before the debate.
17:31 | 10/13/15

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Transcript for Inside Bernie Sanders' Debate Prep
On the countdown is on to the very first debate among democratic presidential candidates to night happening. In Las Vegas, Nevada and we got you covered from every angle where you live now to Las Vegas for ABC's Josh Haskell joins us from inside this spin room. At the site of the debate the Wynn hotel stocks how's it going there. Balance out a little bit there's Mary Alice he come in thirty Sanders he Mary Alice so take it away. So this isn't my brother's presidential debate at. It's yours yeah. My confidence and well and so I ELN have don't look back and they'll only exciting. But simply about money. This ain't me. In the end. You know we know everything and anything goes below yeah. And nothing in him he's seen them yeah. Yeah. Maintenance and I would young up and we think that once again on issues and on and what about the other candidates out there it's and a attacked me on some of the issues that you didn't you know. Path in the Iraq War fine dining in his he would later. Nice and easy but I didn't hiding anything. People did I can't congressional career with which he can expect maintenance night and aren't any personal attacks he's never around. I'm attack happened and I'm certainly not expect condoning what he can make the news that and it. Now on its well. We're gonna talk about kids. Let's just about yeah. Anything on the right night. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Everything that's. They need to be ready in about the issues. Coming to us and if they're like issued. Phone service back to their bodies and not really hard work and leave it Hopkins kind of simple thank you. If anything it. He had visited ready he played well there isn't something that in the movie booty isn't ready and then I'm excited we'll learn. Viewers tonight he remains in Savannah. What is nine tickets. And yeah. Mason and yeah. Accidentally he intends but he needs and not. Someone playing villains those little things yeah yeah but he's ready to talk about it. It definitely. And I remember back. A big banks might have gotten patents and that campaign is sad that. Overnight experiences networking event and I scribbled on his little. Every time it. I don't I can't speak in the yelled yeah like not now. Insult me that this. With a note and yeah. I I didn't think it and think you have enough. Apparently. Yeah well. Friends didn't do anything. I'm film at the opportunity comes in is the reason. It's easy. He went out of the running game but prisons. And even. We're theory that need look yeah. Tonight to see through then take three yeah. That's mostly. Back the end you know nobody knows that's been here. No no no not immediate and easy to read that we can't. Help in the healing and look in the yeah. I support. The bill for any plan. Yeah. I'm an. Been out there fighting packing excellent music and it can't end. Song and yeah. I can't help lead. Great stuff in his. I think the last what do you make of all of everything ain't crazy this is absolutely exciting news conference it's been roaming the president. I'm excited and there's gonna get even more great news tonight and Britain that. Twelve innings in his taught me Cleveland's imaginative. Can only get more and we're crazy we're gonna eat here we're gonna be hot air around looking all around you you've been hearing here and that's and it. Results are what you're thinking about how McCain yeah thank you. Josh Haskell back here at Mary Alice parks did you catch all that on them. Very dates back I think that. Campaign is that pretty relaxed no real debate wrapped. Just stick into the issues they are nothing if not consistent with just one got Mary Alice that it spent a lot of time with the campaign and I didn't want to add. For this season today. What is a win tonight that in her opinion after all the time he's back with it's just to keep hitting the main message in a contest that likely. Even as Hillary and Bernie what's the wind at his tax. Here Alice on the wants to know what. Does the win looked like for. For someone that is so relaxed as we just heard from Simone. On. What is a good night looked like for Bernie I. Bring he's not there any need to look. The president adding this please fasten them flooded communities and at and but it didn't mean to eat a democratic socialist but it community's pitching these. You know pretty big Russ it's just that country want pushing for single Payer health care and ate plants he's apparently. Really elected long he needs looked really presidential. Let's hop. No completely easily spill. I think it's one and actually no news might be good news their brains. Seattle Lott's comments coming into tonight this plastic. Eat that moment yet like three any red flags. You know I got it chime in right here could you just said no news is good news but. We have to admit that Hillary Clinton is the front runner so he does need some sort of news out of this writer some sort of the goons like he is well in the polls but. He's still behind here ahead in New Hampshire behind it all up in Iowa little bit and nationally and it's. Especially when it comes to minority voters if there's any news that's really good for bringing in something where he can't reach out. Two Americans Hispanics and largely sun we eat in. He still. Lock and he is. So are behind. Hillary and it comes this community he needs are really making it fresh and so he can represent them even though he comes from my back really hates me. So that's I think it'd be a big part of his next book tonight and continue the next games. In on the we talked a lot about this turn to speed trap. Every campaign has their own definition it seems that area palace tonight at that sanders' campaign didn't really like that term. They don't really have much to say they're doing it their own way different congress. It fits into his message today he sent it Linus and he's not upper east. An all time. It's about people smugglers and so he doesn't want us Allen and he's not and it's hot you know he's like. Martin O'Malley was. Tweeting pictures of working out to eat at lake Bernie doesn't do you must know where he's staying here keeping an not an act women's issues. Phillies. Well I think I'll be keeping a close eye on the contest tonight and Eaton is it that close to the issues and whether they involved in any kind of attacked them. Across the five candidates but for how we got there but I management and experience as us whenever it can't be inside. I think it's around us with on the line. So we're gonna take you on its premier Alison I'm an area like this Gartner analysts say oh this yeah. Half turner didn't eat we're gonna. Surrogate from all he's been. King and a tired and maybe some of the community and so maybe would you like yeah. Some of these actors and content and it talents fighting not airing the guy or gal didn't down scans them and heroes of the meteor is known around Atlantic any little. Nagging and sank that it. And now we're in the FaceBook. Area FaceBook of course playing a role in tonight's debate as they did in the first GOP debate in Cleveland. Number of questions with you submitted by case. Please log. Florence and only on FaceBook. Republicans and Democrats and received the teacher aides here. Some other people who were submitting their questions and I believe well one of the CNN. Respondents not Anderson Cooper but somebody I think it's Don lemon will be much larger diocese. Taking those questions are underestimating. Its. Is we take a look at 360. Year. FaceBook insists we are in the case Oakland from your house over Bernie Sanders on this game is. Actually I. Mean yeah incredible tax cuts and it snapped yeah. The Nevada Bernie loves organizing these events in the last few days leading rallies and almost exclusively on its. Seeing there. Along mountain out of every night sanity they're posting all the time things one of his near comedians that I need not yelling my hands on Pratt and Twitter cracked me. It's thin. First set before. The current 74 year old from Vermont he's extreme playing acted on those media campaign had accidentally Donna. So as we walk across spin room it's actually a pretty big spin room we'll show you the best spot in the second but wanna give you another view. To show you hear a number of media organizations who have. I different mindset that here's who looks like this is CNN news we're gonna have. Some sort of a live panel during the day after the debate as the circuits coming in Anderson. There and each network. Their theory area and here's Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She's talking for snapping. What happens in DC but. We've looked and maybe get a question your Q and her she your horses. Chairwoman of the decency and a lot of focus on tonight you don't ever know you're gonna see you ready for just wandering around. Here else won't you let take a walk over and Steve. And get the questions. Life here ABC digital in this finger. Yeah that you never know you're gonna run into down their helmets if we can get a question and. So taking use a little bit more and ABC news cases over there. And we are in a ballroom here. And I'm gonna just take a quick step outside. And we the signal. Holds pitches to give you flinch. Of course it's Las Vegas are you find everything and here. We're finding in golf course at the Wynn resort. There's going. Now. You know who's here. John how dozens. Some of the digital collection ultimately hope Doug Adams it's a beautiful hotlines. It is a beautiful golf course. But we'll have a little bit of trouble with the pick today and that's not you guys back round eyes. Back here hopefully you can see me. OK Mary Alice here we are again I say we didn't have much like getting heavy this time I checked analyzing results. She does not do less unanimous than these events or an average little bit later acts. But it's pretty exciting to some these hearings and health business. Wheeling and he's the first to eat eggs into quarters are. Jittery in error sort of running around and indeed have a lot of talking it. None of sleeping and there's still a lot of things look like rating outlook few hours that people are like. It's and I'm off. One thing that's always fun about this interview never have we're gonna run into we just saw chairman Schultz Bernie Sanders I actually saw Martin O'Malley from distance. He was in the filing room for second but ran off we couldn't get him. I remembered the Republican debates and you value few weeks ago. There was Ben Carson he looked kind of out of place wandered the filing crewman was absolutely bombarded I did not see a lot of press though. After Martin O'Malley. What do you think about that. I I think Wesley Snipes not right now it's yeah I missed. Invent that's right now a lot of and it's an infant lockers and his aides. And they're fascinating readying their other presenter is getting ready. CN they have been here he added talk Steve eagar Alex. That if they want to. It's not his place. You know I just and in terms and learn O'Malley. Com and it was pretty common here so calm that I'm seeing. ABC's Cecilia Vega campaign realized now and ABC digital Celia. Careful. We careful what you said. I know that you just completed a world news piece you wanna tell us but about that in predictions. What's the news going to deceive and and it's. Deep calm before the storm debris hanging. We're on this leading T minus. Less than two hours now and an army questions aren't I've got three things I'm looking for Hillary. Boeing's new warnings you can immediately see but sweetness email I received that's. Our party's gonna go after. The first thing when she landed here and Agassi went street to Donald Trump's building. She's Arianna on that line of kids show voters that she's really have a candidate. And it's. Can she manage to not make any mistakes we got partners and its. Into Syria wanna bring an armed additional anchor in New York for some questions and Anil translate into you know looks. So you know. Just adds to what it is taking is on what the other three candidates have to do. To make tonight worth their while everyone's been talking about Hillary and learning what about the other way. This is not us we're not question this is not known what it's like JC's middle name. I I'm no wants to know what the other three candidates have to do we can chief Jim Webb. Martin O'Malley to kind of make a mark on this evening with so much attention paid towards receivers and there. You know if Hillary Clinton totals are here has maintained his front runners runners and is Bernie Sanders. Sort of rate here to separate himself from Hillary Clinton these other guys the cold tonight is really simple they need to just. Not tonight estimate of first impression don't want like he's gonna go a little bit outside the box probably going to be aren't telling you might see him. My prediction is looking. Only one on stage might take. And you don't the next event. Couldn T that and he. Thomas says she's gonna hold you to to have. All right. Welcome back to Arlington on my. We'll look in his eyes as they like so much Cecilia and Renee and finally one more question from on new that's. And that's finally let it go we know that's definitely another here. All right great. Sid just like his millions back there live with Josh Mary Alice is calm before the storm we're gonna keep checking in that you guys in the spin room and around. Let us not detected any one. You wanna hear some more questions is contested but to get some of the color from the ground behind the scenes that don't normally get to eat. Before all the candidates take the stage tonight. ABC news is Josh hassle and Mary Alice carts joining us live. From Las Vegas from keep checking back in with them at the evening progresses thanks so much as we're talking him. That's it for hear from us keep checking back with us we'll have the latest on the democratic debate. Before and after they were this here.

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{"id":34456319,"title":"Inside Bernie Sanders' Debate Prep","duration":"17:31","description":"Sen. Sanders' press secretary Symone Sanders discusses what the campaign is up to hours before the debate. ","url":"/Politics/video/inside-bernie-sanders-debate-prep-34456319","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}