Inside the Senate offices

A look inside former President Warren G. Harding's Senate office.
3:59 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Inside the Senate offices
I'm Alan Rogan on Capitol Hill one of my favorite parts of covering congress is the fact that there's history everywhere you look. In fact six former senator served in these very always reported went on the White House for taking you inside the offices from what it was like when they worked here. And today were exploring the office of former senator Warren park. I'm here with senate historian Kate Scott near in the office of senator Rand Paul of Kentucky that this office used to belong. To someone who went on to be president Warren she. Harding him that president that we have been talking about who occupied the senate rooms have largely been very notable presidents with a lot of accomplishments or other sort of forms of matter are not so for Warren G. Harding can you tell us a little bit about him. He is not particularly. Noteworthy in sent in the sense that he wasn't a great speech maker he wasn't someone who often went into the senate chamber and delivered these beautiful. Addresses to his his colleagues. What do you Juarez was a guy who fit in well with the senate of the early twenty century it was a clubby. Male dominated. Arena of politics and there was a lot of drinking there was a lot of poker playing and Warren G. Harding fit right in that year. In 1920 there are a lot of members of the US senate who think that they would be good candidates for the presidency that year. And Warren G. Harding is among them but he again he's still not a standout. And then one alignment these characters who would like to gay in the party's nomination become eliminated in one we heard another and they. Eventually settle on Warren G. Harding dance the gentleman who is most likely. To win in 1920 so what are some of the hallmarks of Warren G harding's presidential tenure won't won the most people are remembered. Is the tea pot scandal. This scandal. Comes about in part because Warren G. Harding nominated for at the secretary of interior position. A friend of his from the US senate Albert Hall with senator from New Mexico and when he becomes interior secretary. Begins to. Grant some contracts no bid contracts for oil leases. And eventually. Take some kickbacks related to those oil leases and the scandal erupts. In part because Thomas Walsh and other US senator from the state of Montana begins to really dig into these allegations and this senate investigation. Ultimately he draws out from the dealings that members of Warren G. Harding cabinet had been participating in particular it leads to Albert faults. Conviction and a prison term. I want you might wonder why me tea pot. It's interesting if you look at the little spot in Wyoming from which is oil was being drawn I'm. There's a literally Iraq formations that's on top of it looks like a little teapot. So we can't mention Warren G. Harding without talking about his many romantic affairs except. Tell us about that right he had the wind in particular a decades long affair with Carrie Phillips. And much of that affair would've taken place in these route and had many long. Love letters exchanged well he was serving in the senate says it's quite a prolific writer of love letters in fact I found that references the very room we're standing and he's. Seems to be writing to her. About us. Kind of breaking it off and doing so in a way in which they're going keep it very hot hot and he writes can you send me an night letter. At 143 senate offices which is this very room. Presumably could have been writing that letter rate here in front of the fireplace. That's why these letters and excite stock hits but that's because against with a tie in the behaviors are subjects. He's got some historians office thank you sometimes you're up.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"A look inside former President Warren G. Harding's Senate office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61247611","title":"Inside the Senate offices","url":"/Politics/video/inside-senate-offices-61247611"}