Iowa college student reacts to news of Biden 2020 presidential bid

Olivia Habinck, president of College & Young Democrats of Iowa discusses the news of former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 presidential announcement.
3:53 | 04/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iowa college student reacts to news of Biden 2020 presidential bid
From a rid of a different perspective now tell to Iowa where joining us now via facetime is a live behaving she's president of the college. A young Democrats have Iowa and hail Libya it's great to see you I know your organization isn't taking a position yet. On any of the candidates out there but one of two. To ask you about Joseph Biden's candidacy and whether you think there's enthusiasm for Joseph Biden in the circles that you participated. Ultra slumping U grabbing me aren't I wouldn't it so in a race here Iowa rape it's when it's in bed. That it's really hurt us any good has enthusiasm and who doesn't especially outwit. Joseph Biden just announcing. I'm sure that he and many other candidates will draw big crowds. Here in Iowa on campuses end eats her stay. How look at what are what is most important to young Iowa democratic voters college students. Like yourself right now is it where can you come again give us a sense of what's topping your list as you begin this very early early process. I key policy it is a big thing I've. There's a lot of things and I hear in this state and this nation are directly back yes. I just kinda changed health care. Investment education and college dad stuff like that I think that's not what we really care about and we look for those policies. Harmon and Canada but we also really want to see the candidate for who they are on their personality. We won Natalie just how meeting greets with the candidates and a little bit by immigrants that the candidates to get a little bit more records. There are so many candidates as you know twining of and so far they've been swarming your state in many of and stopping by college campuses. I yearned to Moines is it would surprise you anybody kind of caught your eye just that this very preliminary stages to say hi. Didn't didn't think I'd like this person but while they're actually kind of interest in. I have to say I really do like the candidate soaked Ari think they're really engaging. I'm an error there are definitely better than what we have great analyst and I think that a lot of them in the future will be having a lot of fun events with us. College kids and young Democrats like a really looking forward to dancing at Mort that the team that's but I I can't really say specifically. That's one of sticking out to me but a lot of they're all very very very great unit. It and Olivia as as we take a look here this a recent poll democratic contenders Joseph Biden topping that list. Back in twelve or 2008. With last time Joseph Biden participated in an Iowa caucus. He came in fifth behind Barack Obama with 4% of the vote. As you look at it Joseph Biden now as it in Syria ask you put your analyst had on here do you think he young voters like yourself particularly women in Iowa are they paying attention. To this controversy around. Are around the vice president's treatment. Of women his touching of women it's made them uncomfortable is that even on the radar out there. I would say it's yes I think everywhere and it's being costly and about their past. And will be very very knowledge landed here in Iowa. And we are excited to to keep hearing from your checking him if you Libya. Hitting president of college in young Democrats of Iowa great to see you good luck out there think so much for coming on. You and we should say that Joseph Biden will be sitting down the ABC news tomorrow as -- house mentioned a little bit earlier on the view meaning the ladies that you at 11 AM eastern time check that out in your ABC's stations. And our Robin Roberts Good Morning America has an exclusive interview that'll air Tuesday with Joseph Biden and his wife doctor Joseph Biden it's a should be interest seemed to see both of them out in the spotlight.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Olivia Habinck, president of College & Young Democrats of Iowa discusses the news of former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 presidential announcement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62637655","title":"Iowa college student reacts to news of Biden 2020 presidential bid","url":"/Politics/video/iowa-college-student-reacts-news-biden-2020-presidential-62637655"}