Jeb Bush's Speech in New Hampshire After the Primary

The candidate said the GOP field is not just a three-person race.
8:49 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Jeb Bush's Speech in New Hampshire After the Primary
Okay. 2.0. Wednesday. Two this president. The best words or worse. Perhaps all of makes me. Team of volunteers here at New Hampshire and all of the traveled from Florida at all relevant countries come participate bank and Germany thank you so much. Okay. Figured out. Last Monday night. Win Iowa Caucuses were complete access to leave the race was three person race between the presidents senators reality TR. In reality TVs are still doing well. It looks like you all have reset the race. And. I understand that this. The rain stopped me on the back vegetable the United States that this is we're electing the president the United States a person that has to make tough decisions. And I got to share my heart and share my ideas about the future of this country and I'm so grateful to have that opportunity here. Did a lot of listening and learning something that makes it important public leaders. Are. Right behind me. A woman who is now lead the recovery could your ex right all. We have an epidemic but Dixon at United States. What I didn't mean. Yeah. Or to make her. Well. Are there. I remember. That you're in an apartment at the route three. And yeah. The art equipment ready to work here on the bureaucrats and it. O. I I. Best. Yeah. They're already the department of veterans and their contract with. All. They. The Eric all. Week. One. We. Were about it and that was. It. And where he is because. You know desperate. I veterans in the department of earth. And I get the old. I'm surprised that. Art. And we'd like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. An affirmative got hurt or art. And let him. It. Acting or. Lower tax. Increase jobs and people. If the government yeah. Eleven. Gone public. And the well. And I don't happen. The government and our. I. Or. Gore was. Second with the other. Oh. A better education for their children at Florida did that. The White House the state program that art. Program. Really yeah. Yeah why can't we all want a quality education prepared over you know that is. I. Didn't get it breaks conservative. It. Or pro life. It breaks wrong. And that. Well. Yeah. Obama to replace. I could probably because the boat and I think. It's how and when. Did it. But I believe me here in Florida and all of this country. And the power back to this. Crap. These. Are providing. The hell. Break out. Week. But it is an. Improvement. Of and I. That could be Hillary Clinton in the Paul. Yeah. OK. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Apparently it Bernie Sanders as well. Here they go yeah. Spare. Who's released a report here's tax experts who provide. 340. You can see the light notebook. And I've been vetted more than any candidate. Of the record that Clinton because they have the Clinton has hit us it. It's coming right after Republicans now we need someone who has been tested and I'm back. Okay. You're. Watching history a full. The next president will be confronted with a challenge that we. An opportunity that we. Want. President yeah. Clinton McDonald's company. At these. People. Need help. You want I want organized. By providing us. And that our enemies are Republicans people disagree with him. Seven years now we want to believe in the goodness and greatness the American people and organized by. Unity again to greatness and purpose all Americans someone who will work. To the mess. Although. I don't work with congress. Doesn't that this disagreement. It. Read it together the American. It. Purpose more. Who doesn't believe it's all out. That's why. You yeah. A.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"The candidate said the GOP field is not just a three-person race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36824716","title":"Jeb Bush's Speech in New Hampshire After the Primary","url":"/Politics/video/jeb-bushs-speech-hampshire-36824716"}