Jen Psaki: 'We are focused on our COVID package'

ABC News correspondents discuss the Biden administration's first issues that will be addressed in the coming days.
5:42 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Jen Psaki: 'We are focused on our COVID package'
We're focusing on addressing the issues facing the American people, and as you know that means we're focused on our covid package. New white house press secretary Jen psaki with a press conference at 7:00 P.M. Let's bring in Mary Bruce for more on this. We talked about the executive actions already. The covid front and center on the executive front. A flurry of executive actions will continue tomorrow. You'll likely see more directed squarely at this -- this issue of the pandemic and how to tackle it. So you're going to see him sign additional executive actions to try and reopen schools safely, to mitigate the spread of the virus and then, of course, there is that massive nearly $2 drill Cron stimulus package that they are asking congress to work on it. Would provide $1,400 in direct payment to most Americans, $130 billion to reopen schools, $160 billion for vaccinations and testing, but that nearly $2 trillion price tag will be hard for a lot of Republicans to swallow, and it will test Joe Biden's promise that he can work across the aisle. Thank you, Mary. Rachel Scott, one of the big questions there on capitol hill, you're our senior congress A.M. Correspondent. Can congress work on that covid package as they are trying president trump? Reporter: That is the big question, and it's something that Democrats and lawmakers are going to have to juggle here, not only the confirmation hearings but the covid relief package that Biden wants to get through and now that impending impeachment trial for president trump which could start in just a matter of days. Tonight, George, we're learning that house speaker Nancy Pelosi could send that article of impeachment over to the senate this week, George. If you send it this woke, that means the trial will begin next week. Let's bring in John Carl, our chief Washington correspondent. 50/50 and kamala Harris is the deciding involvement one of the big challenges for president Biden is can he create a vital center in the congress? I think at least initially he'll lean heavily on his personal lationships to try to do that, and at least in the beginning, the most important personal relationship is going to be the one that he has with the Republican senate leader Mitch mcmany could. Now, Mcconnell is not a Ken trifrkts and Mcconnell and Biden don't really agree on much of anything, but the two men are certainly eager to turn theage on the trump era, and, George, I believe the best way for them to do that is to prove that they can actually get something done, something done in a bipartisan manner. Yet right now at least Mitch Mcconnell is not agreeing to a senate that would allow them to work on both legislati and the trial at the same time. Well, it's wrapped up in a debate over the power-sharing. It's a 50-50 senate. I covered the last 50-50 senate, and before they can get to work on anything, they have to agree on how they are going to split up the committees, how they will split up power and budgets in the senate, so I think it's all wrapped up in those negotiations. It's not jus the trial. John Karl, thanks very much. Let's bring in Martha Raddatz. The president promised to engage the world in his inaugural address. He's a known quantity to many leaders around the world. Such a known quality and they were so cheerful and seemingly heart knelt congratulations poured. In the top official from the European union said it all. He welcomed a new dawn in America and a moment we've been waiting for so long saying to Biden Europe has a friend in the white house again. South Korea's president said America is back. No congratulations from Russia today, and Jen psaki in that press conference made a point what president Biden will do is have calls with partners and allies first. No call for Putin quite yet. Martha Raddatz, significant that the first cabinet official tailed Averill Haines, the director of national intelligence, the entire intelligence community so roiled over the last four years. So roiled and former president trump didn't trust the intelligence, and that was a huge problem for the intelligence community. They would say one thing. He would say another. He would doubt what they said about Russia, even though they had confirmed intelligence and far more than raw intelligence, so this is a welcome change certainly for the intelligence community as well, George. Martha Raddatz, thanks very much. Let's bring in our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. We got through the inauguration despite huge security without an incident. The investigation into what happened at the capitol continues and the new justice department will be under some pressure at least from Democrats to find other ways to hold president trump accountable. Indeed they will, George. The massive show of force appears to have work. Think of this to go along with the 25,000 National Guard and thousands of federal agents and police, they literally constructed 25 miles of fence and put in ten miles of concrete barriers for this one event. They are relieved about today and fully understand that this domestic terror threat from the fringe right runs broad and deep. They are worried about the weeks George, this is a clear and present danger. The attorney general Merrick Garland not confirmed, a consensus choice and calming choice by president Biden. Very much so, George, and he also has a history in dealing with these domestic terror threats. He was the lead prosecutor in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. I covered that back at the "Washington post." He's a man of low key, a very low key person and man of great resolve. He was the man chosen by president Obama for the supreme court seat blocked by the senate Republicans and now if confirmed will be the attorney general of the United States.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"ABC News correspondents discuss the Biden administration's first issues that will be addressed in the coming days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75392598","title":"Jen Psaki: 'We are focused on our COVID package'","url":"/Politics/video/jen-psaki-focused-covid-package-75392598"}