Protesters Continuously Interrupt CIA Nominee's Hearing

Lawmakers ask police to remove people holding signs calling John Brennan a "national security risk."
2:09 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protesters Continuously Interrupt CIA Nominee's Hearing
They're -- might ask. Hi I'm going to ask that this really be cleared. Right now with the capitol police please come in and clear the room. Also finds out. -- -- I think we. Let me say right up. That the process is that people are respectful. They don't cheer. They don't -- They don't show signs. That this is to listen. If that's a problem for -- -- ask you to leave the room now. Because what we will do is remove you from the room. Let there -- -- -- -- -- vice chairman Chambliss members of the committee I am honored to appear before you today. As the president's nominee. But you -- please. We'll ask the police to please remove this woman. Thank you very much. Please remember. We welcome everyone here. That we expect. No clapping we expect no -- we expect no demonstration. In this room this is a very serious hearing. I will stop the hearing and I alas there were the room to be cleared. So -- that has made numerous sacrifices over the years would you would you cause mr. and if you would remove that individual Ali's. More quickly issued can thank you. -- Mr. brand please proceed. What Kathy who like the -- of many other public servants and intelligence professionals -- made numerous sacrifices over the years. Bearing the brunt of -- responsibilities because my chosen profession. Similarly I would like to pay tribute to my three children who like children and many CIA officers and other nationals could professionals. Have had to deal with the disappointments associated with an absentee parent. Far often than they should. I'm very pleased to be joined today -- my wife Kathy and my brother Tom. All right. We will not but again. The police removed them. The AN not. Please. If you could please expedite the removal. Please proceed mr. Brennan the next time we're gonna clear the chamber. And bring people back in one by one. This witness is entitled to be heard ladies and gentlemen. So please give him that opportunity. All right well if it. Now one. Every ladies and gentlemen if you wouldn't mind leaving we will then have you come back and but it's the only way I think we're going to stop this we will recess. For a few minutes.

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{"id":18432745,"title":"Protesters Continuously Interrupt CIA Nominee's Hearing","duration":"2:09","description":"Lawmakers ask police to remove people holding signs calling John Brennan a \"national security risk.\"","url":"/Politics/video/john-brennan-cia-confirmation-hearing-protesters-interrupt-start-18432745","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}