Life of a Bernie Sanders Campaign Reporter: 'Hurry Up and Wait'

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reveals what happens behind the scenes with press, secret service and transportation as reporters wait for their assigned candidate.
11:13 | 05/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Life of a Bernie Sanders Campaign Reporter: 'Hurry Up and Wait'
Hi everyone this is Mary Alice Hart I am here in front of the McKean templates found. In New Zealand or again where Bernie Sanders and his campaign staff so is that as well as members of the traveling press. Like me who to move Ramadan around the country we all just checked in. He was in California today flew up to or again even though. Voting has concluded in West Virginia he's gonna have breeze hoping a little bit of a victory rally here in Salem in just a little bit. So am currently outside. In that and she rammed a flip the camera little next. All of our team so you have. The motorcade. And a thanks to your service we're looking a little bit strains. And speaker Hastert talking amusement. In sag members of practicing your serve as a gathering answer the absence of bullet for all the starting hours of the press. We are gonna leave here probably the next ten minutes and head over let me sent to this rally. This dinners campaign is expecting. Well here and Warrick and it's an exceptionally well in Washington State and Idaho and in this region. He has a very strong liberal base and they're feeling very good about. That day they had in West Virginia as well. The polls showed that. A lot of the largely in the accident on Welker in the past. Male voters white voters and came out somber him but also some unique figures. Bernie did really well looks like with voters who were not interested in as they set Democrat even other democratic voters any continuation. Of Obama's policies those. Voters according to some of ABC's exit polls at least. Who both talked about wanting more liberal policies and less liberal policies either way in some way distancing themselves. From President Obama and Bernie really doing well in both of those categories the other big thing that I didn't expects he'll talk about a lot tonight. Is the fact that independents were able to vote in West Virginia. It's been a huge topic of conversation for the sanders' campaign. Which. Post your searchers are in it hasn't been working on closer. And but rich rich primary is around this rap country. Have been hoping have allowed independence. Two vote not just registered party Democrats he's consistently done better. In those. And in those primaries and it's looking like that was the case again today overwhelmingly doing. Doing really well with independents a thanks I'm gonna see. And it take a loving it sadly at some more Secret Service agents are coming out so I'm hoping that we're getting a little bit closer. This is a huge part of what we do on the campaign trail we wish ticket. We are told to be down here four minutes account. To get right to lead the bus against the inside members the press sire. Sitting and waiting as a lot of hurry up and waits until I think he's thinking ambient light. Really thrilling. Down here. We have moments ago allotments in the camera. There is Ireland serious tax. As one of the Secret Service. I hope this is really cool. But that hasn't really I'm getting all lean back media at Columbia. Pending since. And this hour plus nice. He and no one theory it. Turning. They're not backers entry and hope that a but the closer to gather. Santa feel that it's again very quiet cloudy now. Yeah. Okay. And so much going incitement signal gets a lot worse inside pregnancy it is as members of campaign staff. And. Are getting ready. Tanks. Who are we. For the Saturn so lightly on the tackled at Lawton look at more about West Virginia it's. The other thing it was really really Anderson I think the senator's gonna get a lot of questions about next few days. Are the number of his supporters who are saying they're not sure about backing Hillary Clinton and it backed. Us air number who have talked. It's especially miss Virginia the possibility of acting Donald Trump. If it was it worth to be excellence in trump general election Odyssey has been a lot of Spokane and Spokane criticism about the senator continuing his fight. Is really steep uphill by it we know that it's nearly mathematically impossible for Sanders to clinch the nomination this plant there's been a lot of talk about whether or not. In staying in the race could in fact hurt secretary Clinton's chances of winning. In November and he obviously and his campaign have said no no no they talk extensively about the fact that. He brings out young people to their rallies he's energizing voters energizing young people and independents who otherwise men on a pay attention to this race. But when we start to see polling numbers that we did today. But some of his fans are seeing explicitly they're not sure that they would vote for her I know that he's gonna start to get a lot of this back and a lot of questions about back. Interesting to see if he talks about it at odds and am after the camera again. They give you. Me there's a cancerous. They're not sure and I'm. I think they have today on tonight on. We have some more members of France Italy making this team. Diane and I. Looked. Now. Tired crest park. We're now. Getting it once again the Secret Service is doing things that we did about greed and today. And we're gonna anime Democrats as a means at least that resigns amid seventh hang with me and NN. Well old man. But you litany and we're gonna get. Want to read to preserve as like a little mini magnetometer you know makes and I cannot and blow the pass back and hopefully take after this event. If we didn't. But it isn't really thrilling stuff. So ABC news has just projected that very centers will in fact clinch that West Virginia. Primary at six sort of what was expected of like I said with a large percentage of of white voters and Aybar in in a state where he's done really well a state that has repeatedly. Even Democrats and distance themselves from about policy is where Hillary Clinton. And butted up against a real roadblock to sign her comments about all the talking about all of this tonight but. Again ABC news now protecting him Nazi official winner there it was sort of expected that nonetheless surely going to be exciting for this campaign. I'm when it's cooler. It's this guy's heart disease and thank you athletes are warning to about being alive and anything you've got news. The starting job here and in the hands stood. Cunningham. Thank. You into the cockpit. Now. They can't. Cares little teamwork with my colleague from again and does that lead and we of its other out. A man that highway to the press that snapped. Like I said it's interesting that the senator is choosing to spend tonight here in or again it's actually serve big and it is. It hit an issue they've that it is being it's been his. They hit them out they they often are moving on to the next day Oregon votes next week they were expecting to do well incidents are taking a moment like some. But due to have little bit victory rally in there and that there in West Virginia. Instead the sender obviously tonight at her organs hockey about. And elections still to come so I'm going to still alive Boller on this bus. That's my way of continue to warn a letter to the number of them. And so that hopefully we can see it and later it's part but if we wait too long wasn't as video we might just. Again and look around. We get yes lurking. The standard chestnut didn't think he knew ever that. He just like that is dying so clubs. The globe anything can I can't stand. OK so. And read the body language at the cedar service is a lot of Havoc actually is that what we're doing here. And I'm like he is not about to leave as soon as beat that it's going to all the plant is now why did ratings go waiting on that. But. It does not look like they're about to move anytime soon so I think we might. Bow out her little bit now and hopefully pick back up at his events once we are ready is that actual event here in Salem. Did everyone it should be a fun election night remember it's. Still bright out on the West Coast. Looked it up against him.

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{"duration":"11:13","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reveals what happens behind the scenes with press, secret service and transportation as reporters wait for their assigned candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39025878","title":"Life of a Bernie Sanders Campaign Reporter: 'Hurry Up and Wait'","url":"/Politics/video/life-bernie-sanders-campaign-reporter-hurry-wait-39025878"}