Man Detained Near White House for Flying Drone

Secret Service detained a man Thursday for allegedly flying a drone near the White House.
4:38 | 05/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Detained Near White House for Flying Drone
Breaking right now want and it came by the Secret Service agents questioning that man for flying and thrown over the skies of Washington. Hello I'm tired Hernandez in New York columnist breaking news out of Washington for us ABC's Mary Bruce AB addicts kidney Mary can update us on the situation. Short I'm glad you mentioned the Secret Service has detained and is now questioning an individual. In connection what seems to be a drone that was flying near the White House now this was the north side of the residents we believe around Lafayette park Pennsylvania Avenue. The Secret Service does say however that that the driver never actually crossed the north fence like that never actually. Got on to the White House grounds but as is protocol. This triggered a lockdown of the White House the press was told to get off of that their positions on the lawn just. Stay in place in the press room the park was cleared down Pennsylvania Avenue shut off to tourists and visitors. Now that lockdown has been lifted at people are now able to come and go relief from the White House act you can see though it does seem to Pennsylvania Avenue is still shut down. To the public. This there is a fairly strict protocol that is set in place any time there's any kind of security concern or situation. Near the White House and so there's. Profit that needs to be followed to clear the park clear Pennsylvania Avenue but the lockdown again as been looked at the White House. But we don't know much more about that this drone aircraft. How big it was what it was. Drone or me perhaps. Noble airplane we just don't know we're still waiting for more details about the aircraft and about the individual that that was line. So this isn't the first time there's been trouble with the drone at the White House if in fact this was another drone but the first time was quite embarrassing for the Secret Service take us back. Yeah actually back in January a drone actually squat copter was able to land. On the other side of the White House that we've been talking about today over on the south side and that it was in the middle of the night it was. Actually government employee was responsible for that with in his apartment nearby was flying this. Personal. Aircraft around and it accidentally landed on the lawn five the White House. That that and you ironically works for the national geospatial intelligence agency was not charged in the incident and continues to work for that agency but it didn't raise. A whole host of security questions and clearly these are issues at the White House continues to tackle with today now we should mention time that the president was not home. During this latest incident today the president is that at Camp David today meeting with. Arab leaders and of course we had that same as Jarrett copter incident in at that point. People talked about and need to step up security and how these. Smallish aircraft need to be prevented from gaining access so easily to the White House have any steps been taken. Well keep it might know want is supposed to be able to fly in the airspace above the White House of the capitol or the Washington mall there's a three mile strait no fly zone but clearly. There have been lots of issues in recent months in terms of enforcing that no fly zone especially when it comes. To these small drone squat copiers that jagr copter incident. And so in this raises a lot of questions for the Secret Service about what steps they can take. Going forward to prevent these incidents from happening now courses Secret Service has been under a lot of pressure recently at first string of embarrassing incidents surrounding the security at the White House. Now this issue of how to tackle drones comes up and the White House remember when. You know you can't simply just shut it off entirely because. It is is important and that Taurus and that the public still be able to visit the White House still would still have access to it and so there's this bit of a push pull in Washington in terms of deciding just what measures to take to make sure that the White House obviously is safe. To ensure that the first family is if you don't have incidents like we saw today but also to make sure that the public is still able. To visit the White House so bottom line here marry with this incident looks like no harm done investigation ongoing but no immediate threat to the White House at this point right. That is correct this individual is B has been detained is being questioned but according to the Secret Service the drone was not able to cross over the north fence line and did not and for the White House. All right thank you Mary ABC's Mary breeze with us from Washington. Annie get up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Secret Service detained a man Thursday for allegedly flying a drone near the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31048433","title":"Man Detained Near White House for Flying Drone","url":"/Politics/video/man-detained-white-house-flying-drone-31048433"}