Marsha Blackburn expected to win Tennessee Senate seat

Blackburn is on track to defeat former Gov. Phil Bredesen.
2:06 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Marsha Blackburn expected to win Tennessee Senate seat
We do have that is all coming it's coming in from the senate Marsha Blackburn were just talking about that Marsha Blackburn will win. The senate seat in the state of Tennessee Marsha Blackburn out of a hole. For the Republicans right there she's a strong trump supporter Phil Bredesen former governor of popular in this state that this is a red state. Right now let's go back to juju Chang just outside of Nashville and blackbirds headquarters. Well what are projecting Georgia is that Tennessee is doubling down on trump isn't tonight you know it's a deep red state and they will be spending their first. Female senator from Tennessee and she's not just any woman she's a firebrand who calls himself a hardcore. A card carrying conservative and brags about packing a pistol. In her first she has velcro to herself to president sounds agenda in fact he came here to this day. Three times to rally for her. In fact I was there and saddening on Sunday and one of the biggest applause lines to worst was when they would say don't give another vote. To Chuck Schumer or the DC Democrats and that resonated she was fighting and says you mentioned the moderate. Governor the very popular here. Basically campaign against tribalism against the device fitness and he was endorsed by Taylor Swift as you know and the Bredesen camp was very much. Hoping for that swift lift as they called it because young voter turnout spiked here by seven fold from the previous midterm election. And yet that wasn't enough nor was there historic turnout of African Americans. And wasn't enough to bring Bredesen anywhere near clearly Marsha Blackburn. Was as predicted by presidents on the red Wally fed to the extent that there is a blue wave it will hit red wall here in Tennessee and sure enough. Back into confusion chin thanks Mary Bruce pretty good trade for present trump there in Tennessee the outgoing Republican senator Bob Corker shriek when trump critic now he gets hard core support. A complete 180 there I mean president trump what was getting a lot of push back from rob Corcoran was one of the few. Republicans in the senate who was very. Didn't but that shot I was happy to speak his might happy to take on. President trump now the exact opposite.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Blackburn is on track to defeat former Gov. Phil Bredesen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59012958","title":"Marsha Blackburn expected to win Tennessee Senate seat","url":"/Politics/video/marsha-blackburn-expected-win-tennessee-senate-seat-59012958"}