Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks about plane crash

The 2020 hopeful talks Ethiopia crash, Joe Biden and the Democratic presidential primary.
4:23 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks about plane crash
Massachusetts democratic senator Elizabeth Warren needs some news this morning when she said of the FAA shouldn't ground though 737 Max planes. After that deadly crash in Ethiopia. I asked her about that statement as well as the prospect of former vice president Joseph Biden getting in the already crowded. Democratic presidential primary take a lesson. You put out a pretty big statement first thing this morning calling for the FAA to ground those new 737. And I sometimes practice when in direct contradiction to the FAA that seventy don't have any evidence these planes are unsafe so why go out there going to be the end the aids experts in the field. So the whole point is to see any FA like we've had two plane crashes in less than six months the FAA itself. Has said gee there are some updates coming for the software. Nobody knows the cause of these crashes. China and Australia the United Kingdom several other countries have said while until we have more information let's just keep these points on the ground. Until we get information about wind east crashes occurred. You know what's to come first is the safety of people who are flying in those airplanes the American public not the profits of. Boeing would you not do. Well I'm asking that the agony do not trust that the experts senate I was sent right. Brian censors when it's your democratic calling season ranking member on the science and technology and need transportation committee and he's and then. We should trust the experts see as they are the experts in the field so. What might do is the FDA has not yet ruled one way or the other. Question years. Whether or not you want to err on the side of protecting the flying public. That's what the United Kingdom is doing that's what China is doing that's what Australia that's what several other countries are doing. Err on the side of protecting the flying public until you know for sure what happened. Or if you wanna say keep flying what could possibly go wrong and we've seen what can go wrong until crashes in less than six months of these planes. And the FAA itself. Gets it they're gonna have to be changes. You'll be mentioned Boeing's profits and your state me specifically mention the administration's relationship with Saudi Arabia. Implying that the administration might be trying to protect Boeing is that we get is on. That's sure what we want she wants to mind right winning administration's stand. Notwithstanding the very bad behavior of Saudi Arabia and killing. Journalist who lived in the United States. That no they didn't want to put in jeopardy by Salem that Boeing had pending with Saudi Arabia. Profits are not the very first responsibility for the first responsibility is the safety and security of the people of the United States. So for me. I just want to be sure this is not about protecting Boeing's profits this is about protecting people who get on those airplanes and count on the fact that they're going to be safe. Why have you any response student Boston federal prosecutors laid out these new charges and operation dubbed varsity blues is the largest. Ever college admissions cheating scam it's really been rocking our Airways Evans talking about it. She's just stunning I mean to notion that people thought they can keep cheating like this and do this the definitely built this he. Huge cheating network. In order for the children of the rich and powerful to make it into fancy schools. To me is just one more example of that town. The rich and powerful know how to take care of their own and everybody else just gets left behind I think that's wrong. Dubai and might enter the race in just a few weeks there are firefighters that were chanting run Joseph run today and what do you think hottest teams there is any advice. You don't like I think it's terrific if that's what Joseph Biden decides he wants to do fiesta make a very personal decision here what's exciting to me right now. His how many Democrats and now they're good yeah ninety answer about how we make changes in this country. Everybody went through and it's it's not as the government couldn't congress gets more and raked. For the rich and powerful work streets for giant drug companies works great. Four giant oil companies it's not working for the rest of Americans. And job I want to see Democrats you're talking about how we can make those changes. So sounds like you're welcome him in there is absolutely. I'm Mary Alice parts of the United States capitol you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The 2020 hopeful talks Ethiopia crash, Joe Biden and the Democratic presidential primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61645225","title":"Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks about plane crash","url":"/Politics/video/massachusetts-senator-elizabeth-warren-speaks-plane-crash-61645225"}