Matt Dowd analyzes the Alabama election

Breaking down the Alabama Special Election Senate race.
2:15 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for Matt Dowd analyzes the Alabama election
Matt what are you. Most looking for tonight especially starts to some of these numbers coming well you view if you look at that exits from what we've seen so far in as the numbers have come in. If you if we called New Jersey and Virginia the canary in the coal mine for a problem for the Republicans in twenty. Eighteen. This is sick miners tonight. Because when you look at this the deep red state Donald Trump's job approval in a deep red state tonight is 48% is a state carried by. Thirty points the other numbers that I noticed in the exit tonight is the Democratic Party is actually. Better favored in Alabama and in the Republican Party in is in Alabama. That hasn't been the case in almost thirty years that the Democrat party with in better position and the Republican Party so. I think this is going to be a long night I'm looking at a lot of different numbers some say Jones could pull it out something more people it out long night but I do think it's a sure sign. That there's it's very problematic. For the Republicans in twenty team. Well everybody. Heard you there we're gonna hold you accountable or going into you know our foreign five of this that you mentioned sort of the bad the problems that Republicans are having here in some ways Matt. It seems that no matter what happens tonight in this race the Republicans. Aren't a bit of a lose lose here if Roy Moore does win it. That that's a victory for Republicans but also presents a real problem when it comes of the divisions within the Republican Party if he loses when they're they're down a key Tennessee. Well I think this is there's no wind in tonight's. Election for the Republicans are Roy Moore win as you say he becomes. A tight at the ankle he still wait tie at the ankle of every Republican running next year and all of these districts that are like Alabama. And keep in mind that he fees able to pull it out and when tonight he won in deep red Alabama. This isn't Philadelphia suburban districts this isn't Michigan this is in Wisconsin this is an Iowa this is an Oregon this isn't Washington. And so I think even if he wins its a lose for the Republicans in the long term and obviously they get a short term vote in the United States senate. Which is beneficial to them. But if they're looking at election prospects if I Republican looking at the results already coming in and the exit polls and county and adding in Virginia. And New Jersey ID deeply worried about my seed 28 team.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Breaking down the Alabama Special Election Senate race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51756656","title":"Matt Dowd analyzes the Alabama election","url":"/Politics/video/matt-dowd-analyzes-alabama-election-51756656"}