Matt & LZ Breakdown the 2nd GOP Presidential Debate

ABC News' Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson host from New York.
22:11 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Matt & LZ Breakdown the 2nd GOP Presidential Debate
Uh oh I'm how'd you make it through body because through you don't we just got through watching the hobby it. I part of lower or are currently are asked of us are saying he's. I'm like I'm glad we had an opportunity to hear their thoughts. And talk about policy. We just did you hear about long. After a while. It's like a movie editor. And despite Oliver Stone but where. They're more season worth it. It's just things that we'll talk about both the first and the fact when the first four people in the thick it was eleven but one thing I was thinking LC is if I were. Doubts from been harassing Kylie. And cut a deal and say listen let's make CNBC who is the next debate do it our way it'll shorten the field shorten the debate that's when I would I would force the issue. Well or Donald Trump is gonna have the same amount of leverage. Hearts once you see the numbers after this I think he came across really really poorly. Obvious they're being Carly. Really shined and I think much of America people toward any where two of the same way. I don't know he's going to be part of that meeting anymore when they get together and asked try to dictate the terms of the next debate because not only do I think he performed poorly. In terms of actual supporters. But I think in terms of driving interest I don't the American people will be curious about seeing him on television where they were like a month ago. Well you know it's interesting in the course of their I agree with you I thought the big winner in in this debate in the debate night. Debate monthly break fits into what has forever. With currently she was good at the beginning she was good at the end she was getting here exchanges he seemed to have the most crisp answers. Great stories you a great stories to her exchange with every exchange with trop she either equaled him or beat him which is very unusual for him. I think he didn't actually know how to deal with her as a woman as a strong woman leaving. You know you what you look lovely. Lovely and regularly dealt with strongly affords give divorce papers. Probably. It was. It's he was buried right that the inspector you know my son was watch. And he texted music but you know she's comes to wall. Well I'd like to go to the first debate with the only thing I can really remember I think you have them about it but. Was how they arranged. For your candidate that we can take a look. At their range and of the four candidates which which I don't know if it was on purpose. With Pataki and Santorum. And here it is right here in which they did you can hardly see here if you watch the debate they had done this at high order for some reason in front of. Air Force One Ronald Reagan's former plain but it was from tallest to smallest which was one of the funniest ways to stage it. Which north also registry if talks the smallest but it's also. Boring to most interesting I thought Lindsay actually had a pretty eventful night in a lot of great singers such appreciation goes a long way I think when you. Haiti's government to solve his joke when he said his longest that's along with the library ever which was really funny because he's in the rail artery graft body with Bonnie but his story you're right about his personal story. He was big on military action. Bit. Going to be commute bonus round for America with Oslo. If you put it all the other kind of break it absolutely got three may discuss it could get the weapons to kill us. They're on track to get a bomb even they don't she went kill him when these bastards Wear you the wedding cake baker. Are they gay couple. Are the Baptist preacher radical Islamic ideology take if I believe they were trying to break down and get a bomb. Not treat me as cosic could get the weapons to kill us. I mean low. This is like its answer to everything requested hey there's an oil spill Mickey somebody. A what are you gonna do about Social Security kills somebody I think it's an argument for gun control actually you think. It's trigger happy new equipment super happy in. I don't want to downplay his experiences in the military and wanna down play the information he knows that clearly we are privileged to. But there's got to be a way to communicate the need to protect America's interest. With outs fountains you're trying to bomb everyone who disagree with our floppy in. The world it's interesting Ozzy because he. He made mention of fact that he was the only one it's certain military around rate that's but he thing and for summit in most people on the note is that you know I've done it to two hours and rack. A brother served in the Marines both in Panama and Kuwait the it served in the Coast Guard. All of which. Are at least militaristic people and most people and it's served on the front line are certain front line. The last thing they want to do is again a fire if you know buyer like he's ready. Him and his buddy McKay. They wanted to blow up the world and it's sort of plate. Do you not pay attention to history into one of the things if we talk about you know the second debate the big person debate if you will. Main event the main event you know that left nineteen hours. But. You know senator Rand Paul to his credit tried to do this three member. The historical context rule analysis if you will of our involvement in the Middle East and not just begin the conflict in our ran. With like five years ago. Or ten years ago but package revenue behind us that we've been engaged in this country for decades and we kind of screwed up each and every time. And if you go back into like the 1950s when the CIA was in balk and a clue. That overthrew. And a democratic elected. Leader because as best interest of America. When you start looking at it from that sort of perspective. That you won a written to someone like Rand Paul because he helps remind us that everything isn't just about bombing and answered being that. With that when you and I were talking earlier watch that date when an interest in things as they were sitting in the Reagan library in front. Air Force One talking about how much a rain can't be trusted and the president. Who established that library. Traded arms for hostages with Iran when I ran exactly who. Which the moderator is sort of pointed out an all of the people on stage either didn't know or completely forgotten I'm sure they convene again just like it probably forgot that we actually shot Allen Koreans airliners so there's a question. There's actually a mutual trust problems and. You wonder why he you know may not like constantly say bad things about us what I don't know if you go win it and stage a coup. And overthrow their government in the back in 1950s and then every decade after that you keep blowing up their people you might develop an attitude. It's true well I wasn't don't want talk about the bid I know where each where and I got my Johnny Cash to each I got my political part of China youth and strength going to hear them but we do take this seriously and debates do matter yet and as we've seen in the course this with this one with the last one in this one. He's actually could become more important than the actual Iowa caucus voting and the New Hampshire primary from culling the field down. From what it started seventeen to field already been called some. Is your guest it's cold even more from the course of this debate. You know there's a lot of coroner's there was no progress page at the end in nineteen our. Support Britain's that's. Double Major League game from a few years ago and instantly serious reads it another question. About it. I effective when he would speed up people get in the batter's box that's that they need to do. Or to answer yes no questions or so ago that there were there are moments in which I think to myself okay trump has blow off steam but he's not now. This certainly people who are will be surprised that they. Make it through to the other side acting deputy Rand Paul did not welcomes them off Scott Walker can't walk and clobbered disappeared Scott Walker's gone from leading. To Dana middle packed into being very low coming in here and he had to have a break out session yet not. He disappeared I think he sewed up and realized that he was at the felled by mid to believe in this. In want to sound great work quickly and Dubuque you just saying you know this president's failed American public and when you have to actually. And so follow up question. Then at the scene would not your thoughtful. Well I think people whether or not used they seized present and I told his story earlier about a friend of mine you think you know Scott Walker not rockers the guy if you flying to Milwaukee. And get off the plane you get in her wrecked car in Ugoh driving to the city Milwaukee in you spot a subway. You get out at the subway you walk in say can I speak to the assistant manager Scott Walker walks up to the table. You that no member of the guess what ourselves I don't know they disagree original I don't the public and you're gonna. There aren't a lot of friends when they out of France this kind of friend of mine who worked for Butch Reynolds has learned. This problem though he sort of became became non. Nondescript in the course he's so its economy and of course she was younger get up all kinds are all kinds of day. I it's an ugly happen are awkward couple months ago in the green room in DC. And in come affirms its First Lady is right. Lovely couple in a we talked about the Packers he talked about. In the midwest that's in the midwest people are fast I think you can apply way absolutely I don't even after you go midwest you never go back factories. And what ones that he's really really good person that the across the board. With the exception of probably Donald Trump I think most of that way that reasonably good individual people. But the problem is. You couldn't be more than just a good person in order to be electable or minorities seniors and group leader that the interest. Gain in you know I've done of the number presidential campaigns have now got out of that business but one of the things that you realize that people want is the one they want somebody they can relate to him. But simultaneously the American public wants emanating can look up to him. Right they want to me that they all that person understands what I'm going through with happening man in my life. But he's not necessary exactly like needs somebody that I can look up to right there might be a hero Barack Obama in his first campaign. Did extremely well he was very relatable but he has also somebody that people perceived as a bit better than themselves. It helps so Carly I don't know who aren't talk about we'll talk go through this but. As we each said it. Carly I thought was the big winner tonight just like she was the last time. I think she's gonna rise in the polls but one exchange and I think was very important was her first real exchange without trump over his comments in Rolling Stone. About look at her faith nuclear take a look at that. You know it's interesting to meet mr. trump said that he heard Mr. Bush very clearly. And what Mr. Bush said. I think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. Costello his. The equipment. That was that was a 152. Gags. It would you know I'm not sure if she was prepared for that question and on remand this team had a money sought answers just. Did mr. Lee attack him directly. But from a way to rally women behind her. Without calling into the fact that I must be no running for president he was very smartly done and it was against the one who. Her comments they it is over he won't you who released and martyrdom could handle a Smart woman. That's what I said he's never really dealt with a Smart strong woman except maybe you know an antagonistic way I think the thing that was really. Really pointed about that is that she was probably prepared in some way for that. To deal with that because she knew him in controversy but she took a previous answer that he had an exchange that she he had just add. With Jeb Bush. And you wrapped that in which is that it want it's hard to do because you're in the moment the stresses and to take that observe it listen to it and then use it I thought was very effects. He has a quality about her that. Hillary Clinton would love to half. Which is its ability to still come across as presidential also approachable. And friendly and identifiable. There are things about Hillary's personality when the large scale. That register as robotic and they do not the same way with Carly she comes across for some reason has really like reports or. Yet I think she can build she is a bit of a blank slate obviously with the American public because the American public doesn't fully know our. Other than these moments she said the American public has seen Hillary Clinton for 25 years a lot of that is baked and that's one of the advantage currently at. And in the moments it's one of the things about great politicians is when the big moments they get big just like an happily they are not what they want the ball she looks like she wants the ball. Hey you know who didn't want the ball who already one of the ball was Jeb Bush us. He eats right try hard I needed those video helmet he Saudi comments from. About as wise. And if it is sort of light present Obama in the in the Red Line with theory you know once you draw out of mind do it has crossed. You gotta go in other words to democracy you have the with a bit weaker than what you want them to think US. He try to come hearted ads from over his wife and well can be Seaver. Already your family just design an hour to subject my wife into the middle of raucous. Political conversation was completely inappropriate and I hope you apologize for that Donald well I have to tell you I hear phenomenal things he went presumably would you I still been no matter at this is you totally out of my items went right here when it could apologize for her and I want right now because I said nothing wrong but I do usually are lovely woman. It that actually told us the tale of two things are gonna tell with a tale. That Jeb was trying and rightly so and he's trying to get his energy and strength not and the interest in one of the answers was when asked him what code name. The Secret Service he said Everett because it has a lot of energy. So he tried to bring it I just think it's not in him. This. If you go but so what do you need to apologize to my wife who's that right there and he says no apartment do that he eats and leaves look at you know. And physically confront him it did not do verbally I would have I would easily stepped I would have actually step towards him in exchange. Built up my wife. How large what are you what you have stepped up for jumped to life. About it but I don't do that he was like okay. Do apologize and it's like arms are wrapped. Like toys and cards their wives like out of Puerto blood sport or something like that occurs in the Mexican American it was like actually hold Rick become intimate. And you didn't spend enough time looked at him to confront him morning it will come over with at. So at least so trial with the trump with a big. Player in the first debate the first forefront questions were about but I thought trumpet with and I thought champ came away. Who haven't lost this debate how much impact it has probably some but not why not going to be dramatic and of course I thought the biggest problem and it. With all of these mannerisms facial expressions. Even his energy and energy and the size him seem smaller and he actually certain to become Eddie. His bases that are shrugs we would angle we have a series of them I actually somebody on Twitter coming camera can come in. And take at take a look at this. It's the series of X 1102. Deal with the series of these expressions and facial expressions. That's it said that the person wrote Donald Trump just Ed did every MOG faced on your phone and seven seconds. And I'm exactly that those are those your takeaways that voters remember absent. That and the fact that and I realized that debate was law. But he was the one candidate perhaps have been Christie who physically look does have the debates link was taken that's Poland. You know as we thought I think it is you. You've sought doubts on stage a lot of people have forgotten and he sixty and he's 6916. Allowed to forgot that he'll be seventy next year in the course of this campaign and you forgot that because of all the bombast bad Bethany. Tonight he sort of saw his eight. Right and he's sought and not a good way. But it's okay to so age has come to our security as maturity but what good is this an old tired and archer. Parents are in the you know bush requirement of the lovely lady like that means but the point you can't miss an old man yet as is the guy across the street that the ball comes over he keeps it you have that. Let here. Well hold on a particular it's okay okay how all right this. You hear all due may first our. Well there improved. OK elderly. Are. Among gulf war Rosie O'Donnell you know which is an argument troubles are got a first. It'll flip they herald to decide. Up like that you get there. That is my before long Donald softened if there was a table in front of Yardley known like that is. So outcome outcome outcome investors but I think I think. Carly rises yes. Donald drifts a little bit down my guess is Scott Walker's folks are having a meeting about when they might want to get out of this race that's my opinion they're gonna have to have figured out when he. Jeb is probably stays in minutes on life support get the ball I actually got Jeb the mountain but Jeb gets the ball just because he. He exceeded bad expectations the. I think because the bump because. There were there were moments in which he was trying to engage trial. And while he didn't come across the strongest. He certainly came across as the most rats. And I think there are a lot of people who were announced during the process okay. Who's electable general liked about it and I think case if you took case I think Casey can rubio actually did fairly well they didn't have a lot of time and altered primate. Dude and so that's through a program promised because there's one more time. That's not a state that's Bruno rubio do. We. But I thought case it was somebody. That is that it very electable general election candidate but is almost as if he's relevant running in the Republican primary for fifteen years ago it's not the thing it's not is Danny's birth it is all Iranians are regular Republican Party no no it's not an anti. Think that it. For me as someone who who writes of think of themselves an independent who operates in that space both of us both Roberts. Four years ago I was ready to vote for John Huntsman. You know there was seems to be a bounce I could deal with. And you know I remembered having rectal at a breakfast meeting with them and total we're going dude. You're like my guide. Which price meant that you had a shot and I look at cases intimidate I can vote for an overview as any obvious. It probably means that excludes a threat you you you have no side that's unfortunate because I don't believe there are a lot of people like us. Who like this. And welcome America we don't want to expand the government by eighteen trillion dollars which you know reporters Bernie Sanders play yet. You know that's as we setter that's the bad that's the the bad thing about this process. Is is that we may have two candidates emerge from both parties. That don't actually turning to actually popular with the majority of the country right because we're independents are which is why the four province one of the greatest threats with countries that some parties in which is why we need another party which I believe we'll see going forward I believe another party may have a shot. And right and up next year well that depends on what apple would be the face of that and mark find him we'll go look for. Source to help her are her uncle for her and former experts speak out her. The most ridiculous segment. You know before we go. Of the whole nights and me. Was talk about the ten dollar bill and whom space should be a ten dollar bill because often do is up its armor rolls apart incidents. Nothing. I was mostly from what else but I can't control myself about black people put. Our as well as they thought they talk more about a Kentucky Clark made that they did about civil rights exactly. Three. It's great to welcome it. Two women that don't even live in this country never even lived in this country because they don't know where it's at Wimbledon and about fifth grade it was Rosa Parks years or somebody else. Who's Smart woman as you. Mine is either Rosa Parks. Eleanor wrote that night. Alex Allen wrote about the power you'd like these elections in the indefinitely rules parks. And in Whitney Houston. Bill. That. With. Right now I bucket station I explained it she handed a best partner. You don't believe that fate and we don't know figures wept on the door open killers we've found ripped it can't you acknowledge any cat. If you had broke apart from the year when a ten dollar bill who wouldn't be. Current pop singer when you hear from your report corker with the it. I'm kind of Backstreet boy election boards to get all ten of orbits and dollar bill I don't know I'd go for a country singer I don't. Don't pardon. He sees fit on a ten dollar bill woe. And I can't do that head shot get a head shots are falling again. I don't know what part you're put not to be on a two dollar bill wherever we are definitely not. But should look into violence to find out who regularly at fifty dollar bill what is the Michael we have a dot I that I sort of it's a dollar bill. Black Michael. Those in the great talking to you man.

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