Michigan secretary of state: ‘No legal or factual basis’ to question election results

Sec. Jocelyn Benson on when the state will certify its election results and what the Trump campaign efforts mean for future elections.
5:46 | 11/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan secretary of state: ‘No legal or factual basis’ to question election results
Our democratic systems are currently facing a stress tests with the trump campaign based socially claiming there is widespread voter fraud without any evidence and losing a lawsuit after lawsuit in court now one state to try to campaign has tried to focus on March is in Michigan and we should be very clear your president elect Joseph Biden has won this state and by roughly 150000. Votes far past some margin Donald Trump one Lansing four years ago coach joining us now is in Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson should thanks so much for coming back on the show let's dive right into this two nights -- to Republicans declined to certified results in heavily democratic and heavily black Wayne county each that's burned this angry public outcry to adolescents. You talked about not circling Detroit just blow you know it's it will podium as anybody who waited I know you know it's 95%. White or variances in Detroit 20%. We understand this. When I was sleep tonight so all I. Your side. History won't be hundreds your postings from the genocide and board knows when you go to meet your maker your soul you're going to be varied. Period war. So damning words there later that night the two Republicans reversed course and certify the result is now a day later they wanna change their mind now can you bring us up to speed about that situation and what can we now expect when the whole state votes to certify its results on Monday. I think it persons of the voters of Wayne county and she and Hassell and and it made a choice. And there's no legal or factual basis. Or anyone in question that choice or challenge at. And so we accepts the Wayne county certification just the accepted every one Grady county certification. As it was properly made it public in a public meeting an hour early boarding calling on the border state canvassers to do the same. Now how sir is it that the president of the United States actually called us to Republicans. It certainly improper for any candidate on either Saturday I don't attempt in her ear and her instructor. Says Zairean well ingrained in the Long Island an eye towards the processes protecting who will voters. So you know that is what it has been as I've said repeatedly throughout this entire election cycle and certainly since polls close November 3 candidate de Croce he's. You win an election the voters and I and the voters indeed we do so in Michigan Ann and their real will carry that. And again let's be very clear for you said publicly where evidence exists of actual fraud or wrongdoing or should be submitted in writing to the bureau of elections has any evidence and submit it. Now it is interesting. And there is no evidence of widespread. And there's been no evidence of year regularity. I'm only on the issues emerged during the Jerry can just open meeting at the Wayne county board. Or currency areas are actually less. I had this time around in their warring on sixteen when Borg did certified then. The results and our lives will be after the certification is done as we all ducking performance based on ads to look into any clerical errors. While the State's first wide risk limiting. I and again under law we have to wait lists or occasional errors that we've not prudent and exaggerate a shorter murders of the accuracy needs grievance process in order to all of those per thousand. Everyone else to do their jobs and in this thing and here RE talking about after the certification are you confident that the state board of canvassers will certify I'll never hurt. But it certainly when the expectation for calling on them what is. Clearly laid out a lot once each county. Certifies it and so on that eight or any administrative role formerly an answer buying his line. Election in and move forward from there. A post election audit. I certainly expect everyone's assembly job that they were that there aren't due under the law and analyzed it clear he administrator all state. Now if this morning is deadlock like the Wayne county board will immediately sell remedy in the courts. I actually Mormon question ready in general were really focused on just making sure it or has what it means do its job. I see very clearly and again this is really should be just as symbol Croat and I'll run of the mill administrator. And I it is important for us he's on that and she earning U Berman A org or intentions in the same. Now as I mentioned earlier this appears to have to be a stress test for our democracy in your mind is Michigan passing this test stench are there any reforms that you might recommend ahead in the next election and what happens in a few church future elections if people refused to certify results particularly. If their share. Exactly right and do very clear what is happening right now is not just tomorrow Dugan who does not and will he or in Michigan and country. Really hurt but once we get through this amen you have to examine and Michigan. Entry -- and come together. And issuer voters on both sides of the child and you've rotary or. This election is sure it was a moving forward we need to work to get it you can you meet your Germany in world voters' confidence. In our area what else short an accessible. Elections process that is the weren't out of bounds again in Michigan and nationwide. And I'm I'm looking words that isn't know how you address that. Negative implications of this essentially she arm political campaign extend wage or demand in the past few days. And and again I didn't look at this we will move forward and load Indian art works stealing our democracy borrow. Jocelyn Benson thanks so what's your time. My pleasure thank you.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Sec. Jocelyn Benson on when the state will certify its election results and what the Trump campaign efforts mean for future elections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74309478","title":"Michigan secretary of state: ‘No legal or factual basis’ to question election results","url":"/Politics/video/michigan-secretary-state-legal-factual-basis-question-election-74309478"}