Michigan secretary of state: ‘Return your ballots in person, don't rely on the mail’

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says voters should return their absentee ballots in person at this point, and discusses her state’s preparations with one week to go to Election Day.
6:05 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Michigan secretary of state: ‘Return your ballots in person, don't rely on the mail’
After president Trump's campaign stop in Michigan today we are joined now by Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson thanks so much for joining us especially. During this busy time. My pleasure and grant me so first give us a sense on where your state stands on early and absentee voting and any trends that you're seeing on turnout for example Democrats nationally are saying that younger voters are really coming out. Have you seen matter any increase in minority participation in areas like Detroit that's all I dropped four years ago from prior elections. Yes I mean number one meets Justine voter enthusiasm and an engagement off the charts more people are on track to vote than ever before in our state and already more people have voted early than ever before. 2.2 million citizens have returned to their absentee ballots one week prior to the polls close. And other one point three million have requested ballots in the yes be returned so. We're really enthused by it the number of people drinking age this year all across the state. And we're certainly seeing those numbers among young are younger voters as well intact a significant majority of the newer registered voters. Our BT just eighteen explaining what he's also a great thing to see for the feature our democracy. Now in Michigan all ballot to have to be turned in by Election Day in order to be counted. Given the delays reported in the Postal Service would you say that in your estimation it's too late to trust putting a ballot in the mail at this point if so. What's your advice to voters still holding their absentee ballots on the best ways return on time I think he just said. What is it one point three million have not yet returned those ballots. Friday and we're telling everyone if you got a ballot for turning I carry your local Dropbox and meet installed over a thousand secure replica Fox's all of the states. Or your local clerk's office just added in by 8 PM on Election Day she and we're seeing people respond to that not just in Michigan but all across the country. It's now important she return your ballots in person don't rely on the main mail regardless of what state here and get your ballots in empire State's deadline and overdosing. You plan to vote actually in person are you confident that your status repaired to run polling places smoothly on Election Day despite the pandemic and also what kinds of processes have you put into place to make sure that everyone who wants to vote in person will be able to do so. Yeah certainly we're ready for election denoting as well only been preparing for that even in the midst of this pandemic sense cove in nineteen came to Michigan back in March this importantly will be our fourth election. In Michigan this year and we haven't set up so that. If voters choose to vote in person. They can be assured they'll be met with coworkers with masks in flux since he starts and can't sanitize our. Also distancing protocol so we follow them while we recruited over 30000 new election workers to be ready to go including standby reserve group but thousand to ensure precincts are fully staffed. And by getting so many people exactly it's an estimate two thirds of our voters will be voting. Prior to Election Day that means for the once there are meeting to vote on Election Day they can anticipate. Smooth sailing no lines no crowds and a great experience at the. Ports as. And now the president has called for his supporters of service poll watchers on Election Day what's being done indicate voters safe from any potential voter intimidation especially in the wake. Of the plot against governor Whitner and your State's history with malicious. Let the State's chief election sir if you take very seriously my responsibility and authority to protect. Not just health and safety or voters at the polls that the security as well and so we've figured it he issued several directives to our clerks and our poll workers. T know what to do if you see voter intimidation we've been working with law enforcement to also protect the sanctity of the polling place she and we'll also have people throughout the city on the ground ready to respond to things occur. Because he wanna keep those precincts as calm as secrets possum. The president falsely treated last night that we must have a final vote total on election night you quickly responded back on Twitter nope wrong again candidates don't get to decide when results are announced election administrators do so how much of the vote do you expect to get counted by election night and any concern at all that not having a final vote for several days could potentially lead to legal challenges if the races closely contested. My priority is making sure that every valid ballot counts he insisted he probably over three million ballots we'll have been submitted early we will begin counting them on Election Day in and is gonna take time to work through all of that and that's so we should want we should went some short protocols in place methodical. I counting to ensure accurate results and I'm confident that both will be keen transparency for the moment polls close to the moment we have that full tabulation. To update the public about. What's actually happening so that they can be confident in the results. One more court. Should this one a sneak in here of course we've been interviewing several secretaries of state and I've been just asking. What keeps you up at night if anything as it applies to the selection. Well certainly the biggest variable it's misinformation. And we've done an incredible amount of investment in educating our voters she's not just know their rights in their options to vote this year but to be who cared to counter. Disinformation or misinformation. If it hits their communities he kept robo calls we have at full text messages in various other things designed to confuse voters about their rights. And it really gratifying thing is that voters are responding. Iris right reporting that misinformation to myself and the attorney general. So we can investigate and hold accountable those who it seems to sow seeds of doubt falsely amongst our voters about their rights certainly does keep me up at night because we want to make sure what always. Out in front on top of it and responding to it as quickly as possible so that no voter is disenfranchised. Based on misinformation are just information. Police here necklace their VO TE Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson thanks so much for your time. And you. And of course ABC news is your home for live coverage on election night when our powerhouse political team our coverage starts at 7 PM eastern on November 3 one week from tonight.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says voters should return their absentee ballots in person at this point, and discusses her state’s preparations with one week to go to Election Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73868179","title":"Michigan secretary of state: ‘Return your ballots in person, don't rely on the mail’","url":"/Politics/video/michigan-secretary-state-return-ballots-person-rely-mail-73868179"}