Breaking Down What Happened in Kentucky

Jeff Zeleny, Nicolle Wallace, Donna Brazile and Bill Kristol discuss a projected win for Mitch McConnell.
3:00 | 11/04/14

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Transcript for Breaking Down What Happened in Kentucky
That wind in Kentucky for Mitch McConnell my good jets Melanie he's been covering that race forests in Jaffna. Yes you know one of the things he saw your Alison monogram brands makes mistakes even though she gets a lot of help also. From the clintons and a lot of support pretty well funded campaign but Mitch McConnell who's never lost ran eight. Almost perfect campaign. He did George he has never lost this is his sixth term is six win. It was his toughest campaign by all respects but he took this seriously from the very beginning. The George I think one thing sums up why Allison Grimes was unable to defeat Mitch McConnell becomes in this flier it was in the mailboxes of every voter ever Republican voter in Kentucky it has the face of Allison Grimes and a face a Barack Obama. One voter gave this to me today and said. That that's what they got so she was just on able to overcome. This deep concern and deepening distrust in the president and distrust of the Democratic Party. And I want to thank you Jeff I wanted to Nicole Wallace as well we see a lot of they knew women candidates on the Republican side this time around. A lot of focus on women's issues by the Democrats to one of things are seeing out of Kentucky. Is that does Clinton do all that well with women only won them by about five points. I think Republicans got a lot smarter and how they talked about some of the issues that had in the past alienated women saw in the Colorado weight race and we're still waiting for. Any information I have Alan's going that Republicans in the past two cycles allowed abortion and contraception to be lumped together. In this cycle they finally got Smart about separating them in sot Republican candidates talking about putting birth control pills over the counter. In a way that let women come back to Republicans he may be no matter where they stood on the abortion issue were put off. They hear a Republican candidates talk about. Reproductive rights and and and and it. Contraception in the same breath I think you saw smarter language from Republicans that affected all women and then I think he sought some fantastic. Women who I hope they all in tonight. They could become the new face the Republican Party but give him more female and a younger Republican Party if some female candidate affect me allowed. Police defining who is a house candidate Barbara cons seconds off the house candidate. Engineers is running for dissent in Iowa if they have a good night tonight I think we could turn a page as Republican women and highlight is when. And we are going to be watching that only bring in Donna Brazil of course a Democrat strategist longtime ABC news contributor as well you've been through a lot of these election nights speaking of Kentucky. Big state for the clintons I Alison underground close to Bill Clinton Bill Clinton won a first time he ran in nineteen. 92 they have a sentimental attachment to that state Hillary win in as well but it wasn't enough. Joyous look Allison was a Clinton delegate in 2000 they she had a hard time explaining to. Kentucky voters who she supported in the last presidential election she tried to make it a choice between herself in Mitch McConnell unfortunately. There was a significant head when that she had to overcome but you know what. She's a first time federal candidate she started five is will see more about that in and Bill Kristol talk a little the more about Mitch McConnell he he never gives away any emotion. On his face whatsoever very terse guy all business getting never loses. Yeah I runs extremely disciplined and tough campaigns and but you know you look at the numbers in the voters a Kentucky don't love them but they've reelected and they seem to do it every time by 4567. Points. He will be conceivably could well be the majority leader of the United States senate which is something he has dreamed of being since he became to the senate say unlike a lot of senators who come there. To run for president torture just generally be personalities or Washington. With the advance of pet issue I think one thing Mitch McConnell as water for thirty years the team majority leader of the United States and. He did say when he's out on the campaign trail if he's the leader of the senate he'll be calling the plays we'll see. How true that heads up being a.

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{"id":26689044,"title":"Breaking Down What Happened in Kentucky","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeff Zeleny, Nicolle Wallace, Donna Brazile and Bill Kristol discuss a projected win for Mitch McConnell.","url":"/Politics/video/midterm-elections-2014-what-happened-in-kentucky-26689044","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}