'MITT' Documentary Delivered by Netflix

Greg Whiteley's documentary film follows Mitt Romney during his quest for the presidency.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for 'MITT' Documentary Delivered by Netflix
I can't believe -- loose. So we can save and it concessions. Okay. But the -- -- have a number for the president. News kickback. And about there. If you don't will still viewed. I think. The country -- begin -- laughingstock you won't know the truth and that's okay. There's a very different -- that any of the debates held so far a diamond conversation is among members of the camera these -- real people competing for the same job. Around the world we find these things out from the -- today. He hates to display. And I. Outfits. And the recent polls and that 43% of Americans are not -- -- -- The flipping mormons. How did you -- in the. I would not want to do something. But what happens to anybody in this country loses as you aren't they coming -- for life. Barack Obama has changed our race -- change -- president. He's very good hitters like it's more effective date and -- -- -- I'll just get via consulate helped Iran is a flip flop brings this is that -- man is worth it. As like Vatican -- people that Dan Quayle Smart all right and that mechanisms that -- -- Then maybe I got -- that all you look at evidence in which case. I think of a -- and you know. You we love you and I house and and yes --

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{"id":21260457,"title":"'MITT' Documentary Delivered by Netflix","duration":"3:00","description":"Greg Whiteley's documentary film follows Mitt Romney during his quest for the presidency.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-documentary-delivered-netflix-21260457","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}