Montana Governor Steve Bullock makes his case for the presidency

Bullock enters the race as the 22nd hopeful Democratic candidate.
4:44 | 05/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Montana Governor Steve Bullock makes his case for the presidency
As we reported yesterday democratic candidate number 22 has officially entered the 22 when he raise its Montana governor Steve Bullock. An hour Mary Alice parks got exclusive access to him during the day of his announcement. And joins us in Montana with more Mary Alice pretty cool there what did you get to see. Yes and Kimberly and there are 22 candidates that's not Candace appealed an entire football team both defense. And offense but governor Bullock says that he has special red state appeal and he's gonna reaching out to those voters to a particular interest at in this notion of electability. Expects him to repeat this line a lot the same day that got that. President trump one in the state of Montana by twenty points he won his second term and he says that makes him really unique. But you're right he was so generous Jimenez Stanley lat as in to the governor's mansion just moments. After he announced his presidential campaign we got to hang Allen and drinking his morning coffee was in his running shorts his kids who were there. It was a Stanley seeing an and it really special for us to get to beat or take a look. It. To Maureen ostrich they have not aeration thanks and thanks for having and out of that mine pretty basic I read both humbly. You know him. Every year and a house I was raised four blocks from here so maybe four blocks and life success in this we finally kicked this and get a movement. Let him replace him wanting to I guess they can't argue that. And that intimidating it's so cracked already is you know that hit. I offer some things that the rest field doesn't. And even though there's lot salary. Job I'd. You know my legislature's cut over had Medicare expansion. Its progress things so yeah it's a crowded field but others in the room for a after months because I do believe bring different things. What is that what's it. Pitch your 32 pitch. There's that well first looked we've got to be gone wrong but we've also got to get the economy working lucas' work folks. The only person in the field. One troops get reelected to those sixteen views on the bow out. One but one radio won by four point 530% among voters Olsen or don't throw. I'm also. One we'll few that actually bridge divides and get that got things done so this is assigned to do believe that is they actually makes me. An official count. Right here this morning. Not really I mean are. If this is big. This is and that is John van partners more excited this morning really excited about B share we. Done what we can. Feel. Casual around the table you this I thought it feel to announce the airline's rank president. All announcing independent candidates our minds that if anything it's that lengthening money. Change the world you work. Me so Andrew thought fish and I think it has. Where is developing. But smoke and we'll have. Do next month really good folks. Join on board the team voters aren't like a kid we got to make the first decision won't make the right speech and I think that there's planning time. It out there. Out of you could hear there but his daughter Caroline was playing some Taylor Swift when we walked and feeling twenty till. Get it yet it is a pretty kids U clearly in the entire family went onboard. Speak how he's a pretty affable guy he's confident that he was not nerve asked. He's had a lot of success here in Montana a ticking through some key democratic legislative priority is. But still but how does progressive. Here in big sky country Mike Mussina significantly more moderates in other parts of the country I think in this really crowded democratic primary he's gonna get tough questions. On issues of gun control climate change and others where we've seen the party move really part of the laughed. Mary Alice that was amazing that was the definition of keeping it real so cool so thank you so much it's.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Bullock enters the race as the 22nd hopeful Democratic candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63053270","title":"Montana Governor Steve Bullock makes his case for the presidency","url":"/Politics/video/montana-governor-steve-bullock-makes-case-presidency-63053270"}