Nancy Pelosi unveils Democratic coronavirus stimulus plan

Pelosi has directed her caucus to create its own path toward a massive stimulus bill to again address the COVID-19 pandemic.
5:28 | 03/23/20

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi unveils Democratic coronavirus stimulus plan
Ten years ago today on March 23 2010. President Obama signed the patient protection and Affordable Care Act into law. On that count today but took a monumental step forward for the health and financial security. Of the American people. Weeks bandit new health coverage to twenty million people and delivered better coverage. To more than 150 million Americans with health insurance through their employer. The past Affordable Care Act because we believe. In the United States of America health care must do you right. Not a privilege. Late Senator Ted Kennedy made that the lead the fight of his life. Thanks to the leadership of president Barack Obama who has dedicated knowledgeable strategic and determined to succeed. Thanks that clear vision about committee chairs crafting legislation and deep currents of members of congress. Thanks to outside mobilization patient advocacy groups nuns on the bus market down. Protect their care though lobbyist and others the Affordable Care Act stands today. Among the great pillars of American help and financial security. Medicare Medicaid social security and he Affordable Care Act. Now we find ourselves from the depths of one of the most serious health and economic emergencies. Our nation has ever faced. The protections of the political character more important now than ever. But right now in the middle of the corona virus the top administration is in court suing to tear down the entire Affordable Care Act. Every last protection and then. If president child succeeds in striking down the HCA in court. Gone is the ban on insurers putting limits on your health care. Garner Karen guarantees. Essential health benefits and free preventive services. Connor our young people staying on their parents' insurance until age 26. Gone is health insurance of twenty million Americans. And gone at the lifesaving protections. For more than 130. Million Americans with pre existing conditions. Today therefore I'm calling on president tried to abandon his lawsuit seeking to strike and the affordable care. Instead president shippers the fourteen states would refuse to expand Medicaid to do so. Last Thursday France is often the world this prayer. Enlighten those responsible for the common good says that they might know how to care for those entrusted to their responsibility. Today house Democrats are unveiling that take responsibility for workers and families act a bill takes responsibility. For the health wages and well being of America's workers. Democrats take responsibility for workers who require that any corporation that takes taxpayer dollars. Must protect their workers' wages and benefits not CEO pay stock buybacks or layoffs. We strengthen unemployment insurance and that it can be claims he average wages up our workers we're losing their jobs and analysts. For our small businesses we provide fast relief. With grants and loans to tide them through this crisis fact doctors nurses health care workers and first respond. Responders in hospitals and other health institutions. Would provide desperately need funds to care for those who are sick and to shore. Act. Providers have personal protective equipment PPE. That they need and protect their health care workers. Requiring the administration to enforce. Ash from are ocean protection. For our families we give direct payments to American families in a robust way and strengthen the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit. We give more workers to securing it guarantee paid family and medical leave. Including those caring for asking it. And we make a corona virus treatment free for the patient. For our students we provide emergency funds for our schools and universities. We help. Current borrowers with their student debt burden and the GI bill benefits. Who bolsters snap and other initiatives to address food insecurity. I democracy means for this state can carry at this year's election in the choir early voting and open him. I'm grateful to our committee chairs and members. For their extraordinary leadership and work for America's workers and them. The senate Republican bill put corporation's first. But because at the insistence of the -- Chuck Schumer and senate Democrats progress has been made. The urge to send the send it to move closer to the values in that take responsibility for workers and family act. Must be bolted forward looking into thinking they managed split into evidence based and actions and we must be prepared for. God bless the families of those who lost loved ones and those fighting this terrible illness now. God bless their nurses doctors first responders and menu in the union from. God bless the men and women act that he's making medical supplies cars all of it and those keeping our grocery shelves stocked with food. God bless the scientists racing to find a killer. God bless all the Q and make always must a man.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Pelosi has directed her caucus to create its own path toward a massive stimulus bill to again address the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69754698","title":"Nancy Pelosi unveils Democratic coronavirus stimulus plan","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-unveils-democratic-coronavirus-stimulus-plan-69754698"}