National Alliance on Mental Illness criticize Trump's comments on mental health

Acting CEO of NAMI Angela Kimball explains how people suffering from mental health illness are usually "victims of violence" and that there's a"real dangerous in labeling people with mental health ill
4:03 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for National Alliance on Mental Illness criticize Trump's comments on mental health
A president has regularly talk did. Talked about mentally ill people as monsters needing to put them away in fact I in an interview with Ed WM UR affiliate New Hampshire just a couple days ago. And the president had this to say about building more mental health institutions. Remember this we have a lot of background checks already people don't real assent so within the constitution within all of the rights and we also have to remember one other thing. We have to remember that you have a mental illness problem that's a tremendous problem. And you know it's not the gun that pulls the trigger it's a person holding together and we have to remember meant to Lynn Wallace and we're working and that including institutions we used to have institutions were closed for budgetary reasons many years ago everybody was allowed to go out on the streets. We have a real mental illness problem when it had a taken care of. While many experts say the president's focus on a quote mental this problem is doing more harm than good one of those. I is our next guest acting CEO Angela Campbell of the national alliance. And mental illness she joins us now live Angela thanks so much for coming and your group has been quite. Outspoken in response to this focus on mental illness and wake of the go a gun crisis the past few weeks. Why is it some misplaced what the president has been thing. What really got they keep having. We think that president on speak about access to carry an earlier treatment. Not an English and Asian are asked. The vast majority by. Can be in this country. Unless. Only. My. Many with -- nation. People who can help nations. Treat like you meet an island not. So we ate at an administration ID about Barack amount all care not talking about. Locking people behind the walls. He and we've talked here on the show on before Angelo about how many countries with similar levels of mental illness have much lower. Levels of gun violence so that that association is not exactly. Fair or reasonable but I'd gotten better play devil's advocate with you for second because a lot of people I talked to we hear from on social media. On the show sort of and common parlance colloquial speaks say look anybody who commits an act like we saw in El Paso we're Dayton has to be a sick person. And what's wrong with sane people are sick these are sick monsters and we got to put them away. Gary is real. 'cause you're a parent you're. The American. Error in five. And only late. She and done. As well. Tendencies. And that's simply not correct on end real danger do eat that. Can help in. Seeking treatment. I now health conditions. People can't actually. Owed tree every. I no question that somebody who met at mass shooting hats. Something wrong. And carry it happy and I will. Yet so important for all of us to remember the facts to look at the numbers they don't lie in this case as you said Angela. Absolutely. Vast majority of people with not mental illness are not dangerous people. They need help but they are not the perpetrators of this violence and we appreciate that perspective in the good work that you do with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Angela Kimball. Acting C a thanks national.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Acting CEO of NAMI Angela Kimball explains how people suffering from mental health illness are usually \"victims of violence\" and that there's a\"real dangerous in labeling people with mental health ill","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65156579","title":"National Alliance on Mental Illness criticize Trump's comments on mental health","url":"/Politics/video/national-alliance-mental-illness-criticize-trumps-comments-mental-65156579"}