Obama Honors Bush at 'Texas-Sized' Library Dedication

President Obama joins four other living U.S. presidents at George W. Bush Presidential Center opening.
8:14 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Obama Honors Bush at 'Texas-Sized' Library Dedication
To present mrs. bush. President Clinton and now former Secretary Clinton. To present. George H. W. Bush and mrs. bush. To present mrs. Carter. Two current and former world leaders. And all -- the distinguished guests here today Michelle -- honored to be with you to -- this. Historic occasion. This is -- Texas -- party. That's worthy of what. We're here to do today. Honor the life and legacy of the 43 president of the United States. George W. Bush. When all the living former presidents are together it's also. A special day for our democracy. We've been called world's. Most exclusive club and we do have a pretty nice clubhouse. But the truth is our clubs more like a support group. Last time we all got together was just before I took office. And I needed that. Because as each of these leaders will tell you. No matter how much you may think you're ready to assume the office of the president's. It's impossible to truly understand the nature. Until it's yours. Until you're setting -- bad -- That's why every president gains greater appreciation for all of those. Who served before them. -- the leaders from both parts. You've taken on the momentous challenges and felt enormous weight of the nation. On their shoulders and for me that appreciation very much it spends President Bush. The first thing I found -- that does today -- took office was. A letter from George and one that demonstrated his compassion. And his generosity. -- -- -- -- I would come to learn. What -- Being present above all -- a humbling job. There are moments where you make mistakes. There -- times where you wish you could turn back the clock. And what I know is true about President Bush and I hope. My successor will say about me. Is that we love this country and we do our best. Now in the past President Bush is said it's impossible to pass judgment on his presidency while he still -- so. Maybe this is -- bit premature but even now there are certain things that we know for certain. We know about the sun was raised by two strong loving parents and Madeleine. Famous and famously -- -- he says my daddy's eyes and my mother's mount. The young boy who once came home after a trip to museum in proudly presented. His horrified mother with a small dinosaur tail bone he had smuggled moment -- pocket. About that went over great -- barber. We know of -- young men who met the love of life at a dinner party ditching his plans to go to bed early. And instead talking with the brilliant and charming -- -- late into the night. We know about father -- raised two remarkable. Caring. Beautiful daughters. Even after they try to discourage him from running for president saying. You're not as cool as you think you are. This -- not to Reuters. And now we see President Bush the grandfather just beginning. To spoil his brand new granddaughter. So we know. President Bush the man and were present plans that is absolutely true. To know the man has. To like the man. Because as comfortable in his own skin he knows who he is. You don't put on -- presents us. He takes his job seriously but it doesn't take himself Teamsters. He is a good man. We also know something about George Bush. The leader. As we walked through this library obviously were reminded. Of incredible strength and resolve. That came through that bullhorn as he stood amid the rubble in the ruins of ground zero. Promising to deliver justice to those who -- sought to destroy. Our way of life. We remember the compassion. That he showed by leading. The global fight against HIV aids and malaria. Helping to save millions of lives. And reminding people -- some of the poorest corners of the globe that America chairs -- the we're here to help. We remember his commitment to reaching across the it's unlikely allies like Ted Kennedy. Because we believed. That we had to reform our schools in ways that help every child learn not just -- We have to repair -- broken. Immigration system. And that this progress is only possible when. We do it together. Seven years ago President Bush -- started an important conversation by speaking with the American people about our. History as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants and even though comprehensive immigration reform has taken -- longer than any of us expect. I'm hopeful. That this year. With the help the speaker Boehner and some of the senators and members of congress who were here today. That we bring it home. For our families our economy and our security. And for this incredible country that we love and if we do that it will be. In large part thanks to all the hard work the president. George W. Bush. And finally a president bears no greater decision. And no more solemn burden than serving as commander in chief of the greatest military in the world -- ever know. President Bush himself has said America must and will keep its word of the men and women who have given -- so much. So even as we Americans may at times disagree on matters. Foreign policy. We share a profound respect and reverence for the men and women of our military and their families and we are united. In our determination to comfort the families of the fallen. And care. For those who Wear the uniform. Of the United States. On the flight back from Russia after negotiating with the Nikita Khrushchev at the height of the Cold War. President Kennedy's secretary found a small slip of paper on which the president -- -- favorite site. I know. There is -- -- And I see a storm come. If he has a place for me. I believe I'm right. No one can. Be completely ready for this office. But America needs leaders were willing to face the storm -- on. Even as they pray for -- strength and wisdom. So they can do what they believe is right. That's what. Leaders with whom I share the stage of all the that's what president George W. Bush chose to do. That's why I'm honored to be part of today's celebration. This president for your service for your -- For your sense of humor. And most of all for your -- country. Thank you very much from all the citizens the United States of America god bless -- And god bless these -- -- it.

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{"id":19042844,"title":"Obama Honors Bush at 'Texas-Sized' Library Dedication","duration":"8:14","description":"President Obama joins four other living U.S. presidents at George W. Bush Presidential Center opening.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-honors-bush-texas-sized-library-dedication-19042844","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}