Oct. 23, 2002: Orrin Hatch discusses his political memoir 'Square Peg'

The Utah senator talks about his book and his decades-long political career.
5:30 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for Oct. 23, 2002: Orrin Hatch discusses his political memoir 'Square Peg'
I've seen it before and it apparently different context Utah's senator Orrin hatch for more than a quarter century has been one of the Senate's most respected legal minds candidate for the Supreme Court. Key player in Republican politics and the talented musician. And the senator has written a political memoir about what it is to have. Well diverse pots to be a complicated person in Washington these days it's called square peg. And it's in book stores now and he's with us this morning and it's good to have instrument Stuart took if the I think we have to start with the fact you've been living with 26 years. Now in the area which the sniper is active are you changing anything about the room life. Now I just do not just Obama business to went always from course Rivera six inspect Karen are all gone now so it's just England and myself but. No I I'm not gonna let somebody get me down. The beer on the senate intelligence community have you received a committee of your received and me. Information at all that this is a foreign action. No but they're really looking. You never know it and to me it doesn't look like it because this delicate balance gone. Or whoever it is that those that a marchers just one person looks to me like there may be more than one. But what a turn my knowledge we have no evidence at all that it might be affiliated with now cater went the other terrorist groups. One of the things that we keep hearing about his ballistic fingerprinting and that each gun sure that it's orange and be fingerprinted for the marks that it leaves on the bullet. Why not two what went on at least you be able of this moment to take that bullet and know something about it. Possible that may happen some day when it becomes more accurate but right now they don't have the ability to do it accurately and it's a very expensive process. And they're not sure that it would be that helpful in the final analysis but you know well have we'll have to look at everything down the line. I want to turn to something else you read about in the book because it is also very important in this country and stem cell research. And as we know this is the use of of these. These. Microscopic stem cells and taking them and transforming them. In ways that can be used to help cure disease the president has said that he's putting limitations on. California has said we're we're going to be independent we're gonna put him funded because we think it's important. And you who have supported the president on so much. Have gone in support of themselves as the White House called you infant stop them. While Tampa with the White House and one of the reasons why they the president came on us that we can have sixty stem cell lines which is whose real step in the right correction was because. Some of us have commode where of this but. Let the system most promising research and history of the world from a medical standpoint they can take these very potent cells that they can take from a blastocyst after four or six days. And maybe differentiate them into as many as 220 different forms of human tissue the might help. Bring about treatments or cures for cancer heart disease alzheimer's parkinson's multiple sclerosis AL west. In a chartered idealism in all of days what would we can we simply have a person that. As I said California's decided in effect to secede on this issue vertigo independent and allow it in use at other states that won't do it or just Neanderthal is the president. And is the white house on this Neanderthal on this issue of what I see what use. I think that unless the federal government gets involved in that any state that doesn't allow stem cell research with their great scientists in their noble laureates. Is really going to be left behind if we don't do it as a country the countries are gonna do it and we set the greatest moral and ethical standards in medicine and science in the world. And if we are not willing to lead in this area you I think I think California you sooner or later somebody will clone a baby unless we get involved. And set the parameters and moral and ethical standards and the rest of the world to follow about we can't just sit back and that. And and and nor of this very very. Potentially great. Promise things. Scientific research. A lot of serious things discussed in your book of course it is about being a multifaceted person. And the Washington world and you write a lot about songwriting at the end of the day so what does the favorite lyric you've ever written. First arson there's a lot of really favor but you have Branson founded one of my son called everyday heroes. Living in a neighborhood and everyday Heros and doing what only pursuant to note that type of thing is kind of uplifting it's that patriotic and they did a great job it's on the Olympics a commemorative seating. And infect you say bonanno gave you stage name it Johnny trap door in fact I think. He said they said senator it is that you're music's giveaways that but the Brothers wants so why hasn't and it's because of who you are against conservative Republican. And I so I wonder about that is that you have detention imminent civil what senators and have to undergoes the very contemplative look up the simple as that. I got it he says Johnny trap doors that look if you seriously by Johnny Trent Dario notes that prohibitive OK this is this is that the question. I have a button you can push. And you could be senator Orrin hatch are you could be. Police say Dolly Parton but you have to make anybody in the country music world it to. Well I think I'm very happy as a US senator speculative move into an awful lot of good for an awful lot of people I intend to continue to do it. As long as my folks support. Again senator Orrin hatch at the new book out confessions of a citizen senator called square peg in you can read an excerpt. Senator Hatch's book on news that could have to be with you thing.

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{"id":52117025,"title":"Oct. 23, 2002: Orrin Hatch discusses his political memoir 'Square Peg'","duration":"5:30","description":"The Utah senator talks about his book and his decades-long political career.","url":"/Politics/video/oct-23-2002-orrin-hatch-discusses-political-memoir-52117025","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}