Ohio works to pass business bill

Ohio state representatives write legislation to avoid the shutdown of businesses in their state.
6:08 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Ohio works to pass business bill
You also are seeing a lot of curfews and shut down happening across the country to try each and deal with the rising Kobe numbers she and it's also a concern for economies that are already struggling in this pandemic so Republicans in Ohio state legislature. Actually just passed a bill to keep businesses from closing even as case numbers throughout the state are surging. Joining me now are the bills to cosponsor state representatives John cross and chain -- and gentlemen thanks so much for being with me. Deal. Right John let's start with you what's what type of businesses were talking about the search and exactly what do you think that bill will do for those businesses. Thank you for your. And while. Time ago shut down nonessential. Well represented we're. Are sluggish. So the period. Having not essential to consult whose. Only all businesses are essential. Designed to house sit. To make since. We had a Big Three or. Load your story. When you look crossed a street hobby lobby. Didn't make sense. At. Least here competition. To below them. That also. Lee. We sign this bill for those. You. Or hire. A little floor look to shop. The tires. Were should stay open as long as all. All. Hell or group together to. What we're doing here original and who were fighting. More financial help fighting and nurses. Are rest. Of us. So why you see these numbers on the rise chain what's your biggest spear here if these businesses don't stay open. In these users also and I think what we see it is in moral issues. Drug abusers. I'll. They're there as a suicide in his. All. I'll be it is is being or low. And it's confidence all lead owner and specifically a small. You two men may be stationary. In. Order that they don't care he or they're not all. Unless the city's debris and you speak jeweler Michael now. You know I roll comedy arena and an. Early age or. Merck and yet we can be ready didn't comment. I think cougars Ol old wide array of issues could be facing us and we you don't recruit. New movie I. I'll W dot com and personal. Denied it and rotavirus is very much. Book. At least the leading. Some time these businesses where they've. Been in their family her years and in. Spain. Limit order or be shut down you make it just simply not or Biden or bill it was a little. So let me ask you both as a year in your governor Mike join called this bill. Quote a direct attack on public health that the attack on the safety of the people of Ohio now you're Republicans. Both the view the governors are Republicans so why battle. With the governor on this John I'll start. You. Well we just don't work the legislature. This is not about her outmanned. More. Executive how order. To work publish. The governor she'll be forced all the way crater you're out. Running rampant. Executive orders and worst. I look. When we're were. To send a message. She I don't. Our hot and we are all in all how are so are. We don't need to. Answer. All we don't do you. Say. We want to go or are. Working with president. Racks. On the artists. It's. How are. Getting that backs. Governor. What we do in the lives. Her send a message should. Refuse. The wrong way to allow us. And public health. Safety and GR. Ohio hi Ingrid producers and protecting the hot and job. Why. Job. So Shane the governor says this is a direct attack on public health why do you think he's saying that do you think he's putting politics above your people. You know that she will some of the administration staff and I think maybe way to lose him in regard to see how anyone as little computing. And I think you'll see Schuettler nation coming out where. Needing me in order to learn real. Easel and meet sings a where are truly the safety of the only individual I mean in your business. There she really Cuba's. But we are deathly going to follow in Ohio representatives John Cross inching Wilkens gentlemen thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Ohio state representatives write legislation to avoid the shutdown of businesses in their state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74305897","title":"Ohio works to pass business bill ","url":"/Politics/video/ohio-works-pass-business-bill-74305897"}