Pam Bondi addresses viewers at 2020 RNC

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi delivers her speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.
6:06 | 08/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pam Bondi addresses viewers at 2020 RNC
I'm PM body. Our party's theme tonight is America the land of opportunity. And listening to the stories of discoveries and deliverance. You can't help but be proud to Kolb this country home. That for Joseph Biden it's been the land of opportunism. Not opportunity. As a career prosecutor and former attorney general of Florida I fought corruption and I know what it looks like. Whether it's done by people wearing pinstripes suits or orange jumpsuits. As to at the democrats' convention we're told a look at Joseph Biden as the model of integrity. But when you look at his 47 year career in politics. The people who benefited our his family members not the American people. Let's take a closer look. We all know about says son Hunter Biden. A corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs put hunter on the board of his gas company. Even though he had no experience in Ukraine or in energy sector nine. Yet he was paid millions to do nothing. He only had one qualification that mattered he was the son of the man in charge of distributing US aid to Ukraine. And recently reported information revealed that a few months after Hunter Biden joined that corrupt company's board. The Obama Biden State Department began doing business would become. Even when it remained under investigation. For corruption. Nick it's worse that very same company was being investigated by Ukrainian prosecutor. Joseph Biden got vice president at the United States. Threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine. Unless same prosecutor was fired. And then. He was fired. Penner only resign from novel aren't just before his dad announced his campaign for president. No let's talk about China. Fact. Joseph Biden flew to China on air force two with hunter along for the ride. They said he was just there's a family member but we know that's untrue. In Beijing Connor didn't just go sightseeing he had meetings with his Chinese bank partners. Penner even arrange for his dad Tim heat with one of the partners. Ten days later those Chinese Communist bankers. Approved millions. To go to hunter's firm. And those bankers worked for the Chinese Communist Party. Which your processor people cheated American workers for decades and covered up a deadly virus. To this day planner controls at 10% stake in doubt firm. And Joseph Biden stand more than look the other way on China he said the Chinese are in our competition. Come on man they're not bad folks. Come on show. Talk to the folks in middle America who lost countless jobs to China while your son was getting rich with them. But there's more. Stack. There have been numerous press reports that have shown other close biting family members. Benefited from jazz 47. Full year political career. Joseph Biden was point person on Iraq. The president of the construction firm met would Biden's team in the White House and then who did they hired to build thousands of houses in Iraq. Joseph Biden's close family member who you guessed it had no experience in industry and no experience in Iraq. A company official bragged that it helps to have a family member the vice president is partner. The family member put it more bluntly by saying. There's a line at 740 sevens. Filled with cash. Ready suit and fast. Now let's follow the money down south. Again as reported in the press yet another close Stanley member in shadows set his sights on Costa Rica and Jamaica. Where millions of dollars flowed from the Obama Biden administration. In taxpayer backed loans to projects linked to. Yes that same family member. These aren't. Isolated. Incidents. It is a deliberate pattern of conduct. And that's just what he did as vice president. And match and what he would do as president. How many American families would be allowed to get away with this. Why should there be one standard for the elite political class and another set of rules for the rest of us. When millions of Americans that it for Donald Trump. They knew he would be different and he is he's a tough. No nonsense outsider. Who can't be bought or intimidated. He would even take a paycheck from the American people he donates his paycheck to charities across this country. Democrats have been lecturing America about integrity for four years what they are nominee has been writing that textbook. On abuse of power for forty years. If they want to make this election a choice between he's saving America and who swindling America bring it on. Jerry says he'll build back better. Yeah build the Biden's back better. Our president is in this to build a safer better and stronger America. And he will finish. What he started to keep this a real land of opportunity. For every one. If you are checked your voting status secure your ballot are registered to vote. Text vote to 88022. Remember the best is yet to come.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi delivers her speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72609219","title":"Pam Bondi addresses viewers at 2020 RNC","url":"/Politics/video/pam-bondi-addresses-viewers-2020-rnc-72609219"}