Papadopoulos to be sentenced

The former White House foreign policy advisor pleaded guilty in Russia probe.
3:40 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Papadopoulos to be sentenced
And we want to transition now also in Washington trump campaign advisor George pop a doppler is expected to be sentenced today. Let's bring in ABC's Pierre Thomas appear you've been following this very closely from beginning this is all part of his plea deal. What are we actually expecting to play out in the courtroom today here. But George profit up close is going to find out whether he is going to go to jail and I would he's going to go. To prison and his defense attorneys are saying that he deserves probation to be out. Not to go to prison but prosecutors have said. That they don't believe that he fully cooperated and that they impeded. That he impeded their investigation when he first started into the Russell Crowe just that help the viewers back at home toward pop and oppresses. If not the first. One of the first people in the top orbit to talk campaign that had communications what we now. With what prosecutors said is a Russian operative whose professor. Who is based in London that pop Koppel's was communicating with. And this professor after going to Moscow came back and told pop accomplice that the Russians had. Dirt on Hillary in the form up thousands of emails. And so therefore. The whole question of who told about that FBI confronted him about this shortly after. Early of 2017. And he said that he didn't basically know anything about this. That was a lie. He was among the first to plead guilty so today we find out if he goes and pop up list is two miners say is expected to speak at a sentencing hearing today do we have any idea what he might actually say. But what will work to see if that bears out typically what happens the prosecutors will make their case to the judge about what they think should happen. The defense will have something to say and the judge will sometimes ask the defendant if he or she has some Wednesday. Pop and op lewis' wife has been speaking line on his behalf in recent. Days but he will be doing in court he will have his chances. Here is there any way to know at this point in the Moeller investigation. How much com pop a topless has actually helped in the information he's provided to the investigators. Well he provided some information. Based on a recent filings to the quart. Bob knowledge team they're not completely happy with the level of the Carl cooperates and he did give. So. They're not completely happy and again. One of the key questions is you know how much was told to people in front board in campaigns orbit the the when the recent documents that he could not call. Telling inning when and from campaign about that conversation with the professor. Beyond today's sentencing what is next for George popping topless and the Moeller investigators. Investigation as we get closer to the mid term election. Well again the key for proper Lawson popped up with today's he'll find out if he's going to press. That will be a big room for him writer investigation from Ireland continues at speed. There number of different fonts looking at whether there was collusion on again off again negotiations with the -- team. In the from personal attorneys and terms of whether he will commit to me. Interview will be at written oral otherwise so that is all ongoing this this case. Is intensifying. As it goes down the stretch. Have a White House has called on the investigation be wrapped up before the mid terms but of course we are hearing nothing from. Bob Mueller himself on that Pierre Thomas in Washington thank you so much we appreciate it yes.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The former White House foreign policy advisor pleaded guilty in Russia probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57675321","title":"Papadopoulos to be sentenced","url":"/Politics/video/papadopoulos-sentenced-57675321"}