Pastor says Virginia governor 'is a good man' who should be forgiven

A Virginia pastor called for public to forgive the governor in the wake of backlash and the White House is furious over the leak of three months of President Trump's schedules.
25:32 | 02/04/19

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Transcript for Pastor says Virginia governor 'is a good man' who should be forgiven
Everyone did everything. I'm agencies and large Embraer senior congressional correspondent very restricted had been managing it and Monday. We're still trying to make sense of that political earthquake that has happened in Virginia where the governor over the weekend held an extraordinary press conference on the heels and that revelation on Friday and that picture racist picture. In his medical school yearbook is the top talker in this town in Virginia a critical political Bellwether swing state in presidential years Mary. And in yet. He still digging. So governor today. Right now he is not going anywhere and yet for now he's being very clear that he thinks he needs more time into them all over his next move but that didn't just been drumbeat that calls for him to go are tremendous especially. From his own party leaders of his own party saying. This is not a question had essentially a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bigotry they did this that he has to step down at step down immediately. But he is is doing no such thing as is really hard to imagine giving it a huge tremendous mounting pressure how he's Benedict survived the rest of the state addresses we. There is mr. yeah he did he we do know that he has spent the morning huddled with his senior advisors down and rich in the State Capitol in Virginia in just a short time ago the lieutenant governor. I just in Fairfax a good friend of Graham north thumbs I came out answered some questions he has been one of the few who has not called. On north and to resign here's a little bit about what he had to saint Nicholas. Believe the governor to make decisions this news. And as a very short right there but he basically said. Again after repeating the statement over the weekend he thinks that the governor should be the one to make the decision of course he would assume power. If government programmed into. Don't have been at a tricky spot Eric he's trying to respond to these allegations but not make it look like he's necessarily you know putting himself into that our role either what's so remarkable here at the way the north and has has pleaded. His response to this event now he's saying denying that he was in that photo at all that threes so much controversy in that old yearbook of his. But he's also emitted. In some ways it did to darkening his skin using shoe polish as he sent over the weekend. Two did too did his dressing up like Michael Jackson during a dance contest. It in trying to do it. Address these issues he's really been dean himself even further deep. Angela yeah that was a shocker over the weekend are Zachary quiche has been covering the story all weekend long he was at the press conference with Graham north and he joins us now in the region where exactly. But what was the reaction there when the governor volunteered. That he had at one time tried putting. Shoe polish on his face and then as everybody's been talking about even seem to. Attempt to want to do the moonwalk. And Bofors moments for having me guys you know that press conference on Saturday was bizarre you know. On Friday when this when this photo OK amount. And big the governor except to responsibility acknowledge it some some some mistakes have been made the big question was. Which one was C and then we went into that press conference with kind of some chatter around the idea that he was doing an about face for men and it was fascinating he he he used this. This this story line. About how he had talked to friends and family he had talked even some classmates to come. The determination that he was not the person in that photo and then he talked about the fact that he actually head. As you mentioned use black face some shoe polishing. Did this kind of gesture like he was. Putting on his face and income and took a walk down memory lane talked about going to San Antonio in the competing in this. Dance competition with his white glove in his shoes in. It was just a fascinating. One reporter did ask the question that you mentioned. Can you still moon market seem kind of like really. A question on the right field and maybe even a little appropriate to some but the government took debate. I mean he looked in front of him in in in in you've really got the sense there. That he was gonna go forward until he look at his wife in as she kind of called it offs and it was inappropriate. Exactly even to doing some reporting outside said the state house there today there have been protests there. For those who don't know the governor of Virginia is a single term under the State's constitution so Graham north and is not up for reelection. The single four year term he was just elected so he has some time left and so far though Zachary there haven't been a course of calls to try to impeach and there's really been a lot of pressure. For him to do this on his own right. Yeah I mean you you mentioned. The overwhelming. Cry from his own party tip to step down right. Talk to somebody yesterday here part of the Congressional Black Caucus told me. I wish he he would have done this on Saturday I expected that he would have done the right thing on Saturday. You also mention of protesters we talked to a number of protesters out here to the protesters that I've talked to most of them. Voted for him most of them voted for him under the promise in the hope that he could be somebody. They could. Drive this state forward and bring people together and in there are now asking for him as you mentioned to step aside. With the hope to just in Fairfax lieutenant governor obviously. A young black man whose IV school educated and should I note the be silly of slaves it in the weird I kind of irony or poetic justice here that he could be the one if the governor steps down. The lieutenant governor could be. Would be the person. Two. Doing for him. Thanks Akron in contrast to some of those protesters Mary we've also been hearing from a handful of people ward defending Graham north of one of them are joins us now pastor Steve peacock from Portsmouth Virginia. Is one who's gone public spoke to the New York Times and had a had a big and had a big profile in the New York Times today and talked a little bit about wanting to give. The governor a second chance pastor peacock thank you so much for joining us way give us. British actor Friday afternoon what went through your mind when you first saw that picture surfers. When I first back picture of course it was disturbing picture. But you know this thing gets bigger then best bet it's bigger than that got there. It's this it's international or in a national crises that we have that is facing. But I do want to point out something about that picture we're not look at that picture. I Doocy. Things that kind of remind me of my younger years. But after seeing that picture bought all the others out of its pictures. I'll bet that governor the governor. Is a good they would bill the governor this thing happened when he was aged 45. And I understand that people make changes in their life. I'm date changes in my life and my life totally changed so. In the governor Steele thinks that way I can't say that the governor. Steal feels that way this he's a good and I. I've spoken with Campbell with a telephone. Felt as partner and I didn't happy emotions and I learned a few things about this governor this governor heads spent 35 years observers too it's country. Served in the military. If they do it may impede rushed to apologize. And that's what they're saying for me he apologized. And what I love about that is that we don't want to discredit. A good man. Boards don't think he got what you what's 25 years old in I think that we can all my heart to. Could give those who doesn't think. People dual chain. And that's what we need to they know Walt to all general public especially in this way to beat Jagan who stated that dig into the state. We've come a long waits and seen many changes and this governor has really serve best when but that picture. Disturbing. Yeah. Pat pastor do you believe that do you believe his denials. That convicted. Did you did you truly believe that that was not him and that image as simply an accident that that did that appeared there in the first place. Well. If you know what I'm really. My personal. All thoughts on that I don't even know the governor knew that it was going into the book I don't bet I don't know. Powell ever big if it was one if one of those person there in that picture was sham. Okay he was 45 years old that's based 45 years old that was something he'd get bad. And we can't hold somebody should bet if I look at big years of service predicts this gentleman. It's cat Rick is that first. Here's and Victor health care all aids dedicated so pretty odd years. Committed to people. It's going to be all about that picture yes it is disturbing right now but. I believe that all those years that the governor has paid his service to this. Great state of Virginia I think we should allow him to stay it all. And read and let's get re hit what he did ebitda. We've been hearing that it's overwhelming growing chorus from so many even from the northern his own party saying that he has to go what is your message. Today I am and why do you think so many have been so quick. To call for him to step down. Yeah. I think it's because. What they gathered from the photos. In the year but. What you see. They got to ask them certain guys like. If that's easy to do that either it's late but where if you read that and we urge BO going to happen. There's saint if you that we asked for many years so I would like governor can stay at route round. And say let's. I'm probably always and I'm but it held you back I mean this picture and if he's not in this picture he didn't make that are throughout the general public. And safe place but yeah. Bob Barack time that's what I was thinking what Marc Bulger what's life I was raised that boy I don't think it's a troop would give me. And who bought it right they bet you we spend how the country. Annapolis state if we didn't happen yet that's what part because few people would hit the ball effectively do. We say we can't let it through what the issue here. Well it has some might say it would send pretty strong message of that you don't tolerate that those sorts of behaviors at the age of 25 when he InBev allegedly did. I did that but certainly as you say pastor of peacock you've make a good argument for. For forgiveness the power forgiveness that resonates with a lot of people in your state and we appreciate you. Bringing that here in a brief here really appreciate your time sir. Yeah. And think thanks to him our thanks to Zachary quiche is well for his reporting much for coming up on world news prime. Interest in to see if he survives the day we do know that the drama still unfolding in Richmond Virginia still have to wait and see. Mary let's shift gears a little bit and talk what the president giving quite an interview to grant writing on Super Bowl Sunday yesterday and I think the biggest headline the whole thing. Had to do with the deployment of US troops not just of the southern border of which there are more going to the southern border but also over two to Iraq what are you hearing on the hill. What in reaction to that comment I think hasn't caught him off guard he certainly can't a lot of our allies off guard as well the president suggesting that it you know keeping troops in Iraq to monitor and maintain pressure. On neighboring Iran I think even the interviewer Luis on a single isn't going to be some news. I'm so this is still sort of ricocheting around Washington and what does it mean it. For sort of the broader strategy if there is a really brought broader strategy here what messages and telegraph and it's not clear that there's a broader charge but let's listen to the president in his own words talking about now keeping troops in Iraq. To keep eyes on Iran serious. But we we spent a fortune on building this incredible base we might as well keep that and one of the reasons I wanna keep it. Is because I want to be looking a little bit at a rent because Iran is a real problem. Well that's news you're keeping troops in Iraq because you wanna be able to strike in Iran now because I want to be able to watch Iran all I wanna do is be able to watch. We have been unbelievable. And expensive military base built in Iraq. It's perfectly situated for looking that all over different parts of the troubled Middle East. They feared air incorporated the sort of undercuts these delicate negotiations they're going on in Iraq of course just. As the president's trying to pull troops out Syrian elsewhere in the region you know. How does this balancing act. Yeah and how is the Pentagon to Asia and this one wonders if they've been informed of this as long fact that our Louis Martinez joins us he's over at the Pentagon. I've been talking to a Defense Department officials today Louie. How was this received fair and ended and and give us a sense that reaction around the world I understand we're also hearing from some Iraqi officials in response to the president to. Well there's sponsor. Iraqi officials as kind of surprise they're saying that the president of the United States has not approach them. About keeping United States troops inside Iraq focused on watching Iran. If anything that what has been going on between the United States in Iraq is talk of keeping an additional US troops inside Iraq. Focus on Syria. I even been heard the president talk are saying in an interview that some of the US chief sat where pulling out of Syria they might be kept inside Iraq so they can conduct operations. Inside of Syria that is not a surprise that is something that has been anticipated for quite some time. Because the united states military wants to keep and I am what's going on nicest incited serious so that they don't we surge again become a threat. Not know just overseas but actually inside. Syria now warming talk to military officials here today. I'm I think the idea is that they would agree with the president but it's a good idea to keep US forces. Inside Iraq to maintain an area of focus on Syria but when you bring up Iran that's a totally different matter what they're gonna say is that that is a matter of policy. Because the president is the one that decides whether. You know what the purpose of US forces he's going to be in that country but again that's not remember let's not forget. The real. People who are going to decide how many troops. Or whether they should be additional troops inside. Some of Iraq a focus on Iran is the Iraqi Government. And so far the president's comments have not been received favorably at all. Yahoo! and a lot of mixed messages from the president to as you know talking about pulling out of Syria point out and Afghanistan warning to retrench American forces then talking about keeping them there. And Louis what's the latest on another deployment to the southern border they're already been several thousand but now you're learning. Many more on the way. As trailer in the number of the forces active duty troops are on the southwest border are now is 232350. Over the weekend depending on announcing that an additional 3750. Going to be going there if you do the math you think it's gonna get two to 6000 but actually what's gonna happen is. There is some of these troops come in. Other troops are going to be going out so ultimately we're gonna end up within about 4300. US active duty troops along the border. And that's because they're shifting in mission initially they had been near to construction projects. Say a deep drilling down concertina wire. On some mailing out some. Some security areas along ports of entry that mission was concluded a while ago that vice on the troop reduction. Now what they're going to be doing they're going to be enhancing the monitoring on the surveillance of the intelligence gathering is going to be carrying out their along the border on behalf of Customs and Border Protection. And they're also going to be additional construction teams going down to lay a 150 miles of concertina wire along the border. Once that mission completed they'll go home and they were in Aniston during mission through September now. It's possible it could be extending beyond that because this mission has already been extended twice but as of right now on the books it says this mission gonna last through September. And it looks like maybe will be in the 4000 range through that time. Frank X suspect we'll hear much more about that's part of city and dress Louis thanks so much for your report and we'll be back with you this week I'm sure Mary. An addition to these troop deployments border security. Let's talk about it shut down and the president mentioned that he was teasing me yesterday and that interview that he hasn't taken it off the table. It is hard to believe that the what feels like never ending Groundhog Day on the hill we could be right back where we were just a few weeks ago the president leaving open the door that he did you don't the government. Again nap now something good at moving more troops to the border may be part of him trying to boost the argument to declare that national emergency that he's also. Still leaning on the table the possibility that he could just go around congress. And and and provide that funding. For the border while on his own he really is remarkable there's been one meeting so far on the hill the of this conference of the group of lawmakers from both. Chambers trying to get together hammer out some kind of deal but you know we watch standing closing there was a lot of talk and not a lot of what appeared to be real heartfelt negotiations both sides are still where they have been. For the past several weeks. Democrats don't give the president while president insisting he's gonna get that and then they went away for a five day weekend Nydia back tomorrow they won't get a lot done and so what will we will see remember that February 15 deadline is is coming up Bradley quickly enough and that is when that funny runs out so we'll see if the president hasn't been to saying about the shut down tomorrow as well speaking of the president and is planning. For the State of the Union Address and other official business we got a pretty interesting leak. To act CEOs overnight some White House official has revealed the president's private schedules for the last three months. It's not just that first second really quite something remarkable you've covered the white has very you know that these are quite a big tranche of document. I want promotes the most interesting about this you know and there's a lot of have eyebrows being raised about the amount of time that the president is spending an executive time. But what's really remarkable I think united talking this morning is and the fact you have someone so clearly on the inside with access to these schedules who seems to be leaking mound with the sole purpose essentially an embarrassing. The president and his administration we know how this administration feels about leaks. I suspect the White House is none too pleased to. Also another of the president's does spend a lot of time in so called executive time you saw graphic there what's new though according to access the crunch the numbers but 60% T. From the President's Day is so called executive time let's bring in a White House reporter Jordan Phelps. Who's been asking around. 2 this morning over thereabouts. And about that report toward me can break it down for everybody what. Is executive goes on her and what not what does he do. So that's the thing that's a little misleading me be about this report it's we know that executive time is the president's time right but that doesn't mean that the president is doing nothing during that time it just means. That we the public don't have insight into what the president is doing now. H I should note that that is time when he does not have structured meetings. So I it could be argued as this act report sort of lays out that it's questionable that 60% the president's tying. Is at sort of freewheeling that it really winds up. With the president trumping that we now and Sarah Sanders issued a statement to that ax US report. And she kind of I defended this amount of executive time cleaning out. That it's allowed for a more creative environment ad that's kind of goes in line with the way this president operates and sort of an interesting defends bank. DeVon one other point Kellyanne Conway says that this isn't the highest level of schedule I'd they're actually is. I am more secretive schedule that a smaller group of people here at the White House yet. The one that was leased to ax Yost three months. Worth schedules. I'm goes out to a group of about 400 people within the White House according Kellyanne Conway so there hitting much more di tale micro scheduled the president's time. That she says is more accurate of what the president dies we also heard from the president's secretary I saying that this report is just a gross misrepresentation. Of the work that the president does every day for the American people so it might be listed there as an executive time that the White House is saying that its executive time but the president is at work during that time. It is true primary having covered the Obama administration that President Obama spent a fair amount of executive Thomas is later in the day he stood up to 2 in the morning watching TV. Catching up on correspondence what is. Which interest you as most people sort of begin their work days that it not in the morning this president doesn't get Intel what will. I'm Larry and Larry out well we have been hearing from some of those closest the president is in of this is the time he's working the phones when he's calling a lot of those in his inner circle to sort of discuss. What's on his agenda how things are playing and we know if you look at his Twitter feed hay dosing and he does an experiment that time also monitoring the cables. Can mean on some of his favorite shows but spent that time could be used for and and number of things as I think we have to be clear that executive time isn't just you know that's not free time. A fascinating revelation but we should button this up with Jordan Phelps the fact that this is quite significant leak. Not from some of those old rivals that sort of populated the west wing that the president has had the courage over the last two years but a relatively recent week. Could this perhaps have anything to do with the departure of John Kelly who is such an enforcer of the no cell phone policy. Close. You know close control of the oval office for example what would censor you get in about how this came out. Wouldn't dad Devean and how we should note that leaks of course have been coming out. In this administration since the beginning I it's true that was more leaky if you well at the beginning but I and that's certainly hasn't stopped at of course. A remarkable. Week for someone who is a loyalist presumably to the president Hugh. Put this information out there and it's it's highly embarrassing to the White House and the president. But Devin. There easily change afoot here at the white house with the acting chief of staff making Levine now in charge. He has sat and that you know he's not here take control look president he's here to control the staff here. I so there is a different type of leadership here and and that may eighth be what's going on here. Right torn Phelps force at the White House thank you so much Jordan and we will kick our show today. With a look back at the super bomb one of the accident had a lot of people talking this one from the Washington Post editors you caught it. Democracy dies in darkness was the name of the ad will. Get Mary's insight on it right after watch it right here. We don't all do. Picture showing his own. To our greatest. When her neighbors card race. There's someone. To bring the story. Knowing. Helps us to see. So an ad for the Washington Post but also very much a defense of journalism in a time when it's very much under fire. And the loss of of those refined journalists their did Burma chapel on it while. Pretty remarkable to see a newspaper advertising alongside those big beer commercials the big car commercials that they and they yeah I think so much attention and thought that that newspapers are a thing of the past in nineteen of them out there are signs that I know those those needs your blood spots and in this TV ad cost at least every time estimate 59 dollars think of the journalists you can hire. 500 dollars and there's there's aluminum wheel back online about that they could do for post can spend that money but. You can powerful message that many pneumonia defending what others journalists are doing lately I think all of us here are proud to do every day it's pretty remarkable at a time. When there's declining. Trust in the news media has certainly are a reminder that a lot of journalists to a lot of really good work. And we appreciate you appreciate you phone asserting ABC news and ABC news live where and the briefing room we're here every day at 3:30 PM eastern time you can mark to send all the ABC news. Digital platforms CBC news. the of course the ABC news app downloaded. If you don't had a great to have Mary Bruce with the silliness they will be back here tomorrow special coverage of the State of the Union Address here on ABC news live all Tuesday night. Starting 8:30 PM. Eastern time on general on Washington we'll see you tomorrow.

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{"duration":"25:32","description":"A Virginia pastor called for public to forgive the governor in the wake of backlash and the White House is furious over the leak of three months of President Trump's schedules.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60840035","title":"Pastor says Virginia governor 'is a good man' who should be forgiven","url":"/Politics/video/pastor-virginia-governor-good-man-forgiven-60840035"}