'She The People' summit draws in 2020 Democratic candidates

Aimee Allison discusses her organization, 'She The People,' and how presidential candidates are reaching out to minority voters and women of color.
4:13 | 04/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'She The People' summit draws in 2020 Democratic candidates
Shifting gears now as we talk about these democratic candidates and their appeal to not just young voters there also appealing. A two minority voters particularly women of color big summit is under way in Houston this week. Called the women of color summit that she the people with the national network. Of women of color the first ever. Presidential forum there in Texas joining me now on the phone is Amy Allison she's the founder of she the people. And heads of the event has hosted eight democratic candidates so far Amy thanks so much. Opera quality and so they get a tell us about your event and what's at stake for women of color in this race. Well I was 17100 women of color gathered our that Texas Southern University. Campus Q. You know it really created space in a conversation. For these top presidential candidates to make their case to the strongest Democrats in the progress its core of the Democratic Party base. I mean look we're telling this story that none of these candidates not a single one including Biden jumped into day. It going to be successful in the primary or in the general without the enthusiastic support when their tolerance this was too. That this event really opened up that conversation and that reality. Mary Alice we've seen so many hot candidates not just trying to appeal to where voters this year but women of color in the self. I've been struck by how many events is like the one happening this week that that Amy is sponsoring. Are drying candidates to the south. Los illicitly in 2016 Hillary Clinton really ran up the score in the south pretty Sanders wasn't able to gain hardly any delegates in that area. And now with. Overt probably over twenty candidate but time we're all done. They are well aware that there are just so many delegates to be one. In an area that for a long time didn't have a strong base of support of the Democratic Party still feels like a rich preferred Mitt untapped brown. And also we just seen incredible mobilization will be scenic specially African American women. Connecting. Talking to people and name rightly get a lot of credit for getting the democratic senator Doug Jones elected there in Alabama. I think there's a real excitement about the Democratic Party 2.0 in the deep south largely led by African American women. And Amy Allison. From Houston with she the people in art are Rihanna Stewart has done some reporting down at the summit this week she said she's been here from a lot of people. Attended the conference they want to hear about the issues they don't want to hear pandering. What did you hear this week from there's a Kennedys did anybody stand out to you on that front. Well it was. Quite something to be up on stage but with each one of the candidates and you know all of them are greeted with percent you know the warm reception some of them like Kabul Harris. And thirty standards act. A very rousing welcome but I think that. We need really come down to it see the crowd. Was looking forward concrete plans to address. But racial economic and gender justice and that's you know. Could extend pathetic candidates could credibly and authentically speak to speak and connect with the audience are women of color that's. That's where we die. Candidates like senator Warren Philip Glass front. It was remarkable. What she was able to do in that room yesterday. Remember political I have got a lot of coverage she's been very very. Busy focused on a lot of southern states states. That trumped weren't but that highest vote turnout a group of voters that black women. You know that's the key I think that that's it took in order to personally connect with and built trust with. With black women as a very important. Core of the African Americans. Vote but also the broader coalition that any of the candidates have to bill. You know I I I say I was its warrants really really did a stellar job in terms are connecting with when there curry after. He really interest in stuff Amy Allison founder of fascia the people one of the organizers of the women of color conference thanks so much Jamie for joining us on the phone.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Aimee Allison discusses her organization, 'She The People,' and how presidential candidates are reaching out to minority voters and women of color.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62637660","title":"'She The People' summit draws in 2020 Democratic candidates","url":"/Politics/video/people-summit-draws-2020-democratic-candidates-62637660"}