Presentation of inaugural gifts

Leaders of the House and Senate presented gifts to the newly inaugurated president and vice president.
11:42 | 01/20/21

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This is seen. Point one chair of the congressional audit committee has speaking to present findings let's cement bond. Between the exactly been the and the legislative branch of the government probably don't need as much bonding because we already have that natural. Bonding with the EU and the traditions here by those traditions usually there's obtaining at them that in front of that event that the chairman picks this time not knowing you're gonna have an event until what we're gonna do about an event until late I asked doctor Biden to help. Picked obtaining and this is the one that. She recommended the obtaining. Is landscape with rainbow rainbow always a good sign. Its loan to us for today from the Smithsonian American art museum. The artists doctor Robert Sheldon not consumed. He was the best known African American trainer in the years surrounding the civil war is based in Cincinnati. Encouraged by abolitionist to. Among other things sponsored trip for him to do some studying in Europe. This is obtaining that he painted in the 1859. And I think maybe more than it is sort of lose classic. America as a paradise attaining that a lot of training trainers were doing them but for me for him. Black artist. Attaining this training that's so much like. An American utopia. On the verge of a war that we would fight over slavery. That makes all of that I think even more of us in interest in and that. While the face lots of challenges obviously. It was optimistic even in 1859. About America and so what doctor Biden thanks for helping select this training and glad to have all three were viewed here as we move on to. My good friend circle. Klobuchar act and yeah rain rain go there's always a good sign. Let's hope so. Right. It's important numbers it. Didn't. Mr. President. First Lady madam vice president and our very first second gentlemen. On behalf of the American people it is our honor to present these custom made it crystal vases commemorating your historic. Inauguration. Our land exit which now is a great company American company. Has handcrafted these gifts for the past nine presidential inaugurations. It is a good thing I don't have to hand and he personally they each way with the base 32 pounds. But combined 64 bit chip Lange was very strong in Pitt meg take them both. Exactly. But the Lenox company is actually based in Bristol. Pennsylvania. Which she now mister president is a mere 132. Miles from Scranton. Since we know today are all roads lead to Scranton. That team Atlantic says work for months to capture the spirit this inauguration and your incoming administration. I'm Mr. President your base features the White House and vice president Harris is features the US capitol. The gifts represent the hope and the faith the American people have to continue to move our country forward. It didn't. Well polish president. Come Basra soon. Well the pandemic finish settlers limited art usual hospitality is you should mention. I'm very glad we shall carry on some of our favorite. The inaugural. Tradition which. Non privileged present these large of our nation of were flown over. To president after the company. Not to make one point of personal privilege on behalf of the sun. We've all due respect to our distinguished speaker and our college from the house. Have to note. Not only did we just were and a son and daughter of the sonnet division offices but indeed both the former senators. Script a house altogether. The star's final burner is our greatest symbol of our endurance. From the American ideals. It flows over this building on triumphant days. Panel treasure launch. For all factions. And all parties. And today this flag flew over our former colleagues and alteration is the very first female vice president of the United States. So to are very distinguished former colleague madame vice president. Please accept the slide with a Haas compliments. And congratulations. For the United States senate. The distinguished current leader of the Shannon pointed down. That he has hosted this lunch for. Members of the senate who have become. President and vice president. But I have the privilege of giving the flag. To the president. Of the united phase the flag that bush had flown when you. Were sworn in Mr. President. This flag. Is it that we slept. All that he shed about your inauguration. Americans united. They hit the shambles. Of the hope the healing. And the just all of the enthusiasm that you have full out country. As he heard the beautiful National Anthem. When we're anti. Stadium. And they day. Does our flags still the sheriff frank still prayer then you say pray but. But I can't. Played my own children are reading get ready to play ball we're ready to go with the inspiration of our flag time. But again on behalf of the House of Representatives. It is my privilege to extend to you the flag that was thrown the moment. Early moment that you wish morning as president of the United States. Thank you Mr. President thank you factor that divine thank you. If we had the lunch we would've had California wine is that not correct madam vice president. Mr. M hunt congratulations. With liberty and justice for all. Gets presented by the leaders. Now that. President doctor Joseph Biden. Then make their way. Out of the capitol police in the inaugural painting. It's a good pictures in this Kevin McCarthy. Republican leader in the house for president Biden vice president Harris. Doctor Biden and mr. Kim off. We have. Reviled as a con congratulations. Very proud of the gulf. When president Washington was sworn in as the first president and I'd states. Only a handful of people. Saw the ceremony. I heard the famous first inaugural address. Today the inauguration is seen around the nation and indeed around the world. Get the task facing the nation is no less momentous that it was in Washington's done. I listen to your speech today. He talked among the tension and division. Are tasks as leaders as to buying this nation's wounds. At dedicate ourselves to the values. Of all Americans share together. What modern technology. Just a few minutes ago it captured in these pictures. History in the making. For all the world to see. This picture should serve as a reminder of that task that we have before us. Has a very proud son of California. It is my honor to present to very proud daughter of California as well. Today vice president Harris made history. And all of America should celebrate that. But we should also remember that this is not the end but just the beginning. As leaders. We are judged not by our words but by our actions. So let's go forth from here together. Accomplish great things. For American people. And every time you look at this photo. Remember the beginning. Of the job we have to deal congratulations. House four from the Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. Right there. Vice president studied were general Peter. Don't mind. This approach. Huge. Thank you Mr. President for. And we are so proud of doctor Biden he makes you calling Mr. President. Marriage is about to get rocky I can take home. On behalf of the joint congressional committee when the inaugural ceremonies are two. Proud of more than that I'm ecstatic. To present the two of you this picture. A testament to technology. And a testament to history. And Mr. President in your speech you talked about safe. He talked about tribulations but you talked about victory. It. The Johnson Brothers who wrote a great here. You know and well Mr. President. Today we have a new day. That him came out of faith. None of deep trouble. Into home. This is facing the rising sun of our new day begun let us march on. Two victories one. That's what your speech was about this we've we are super. And ready to march. We view president. God bless.

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"Leaders of the House and Senate presented gifts to the newly inaugurated president and vice president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75380551","title":"Presentation of inaugural gifts","url":"/Politics/video/presentation-inaugural-gifts-75380551"}