President Biden announces plan to fight gun violence

In his speech, President Joe Biden called this moment an “opportunity to come together” for both Democrats and Republicans.
20:26 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for President Biden announces plan to fight gun violence
Me before I begin to thank the participants and our roundtable today. To mirror Sri manners. Chiefs police attorneys general. Fined community organizers are we doing significant work in bringing down violent crime in their communities. There is no. One. One answer shoots everything. And it's about being engaged in multiple organizations being engaged. So thank you for the time he's been with us today and I warned you come back catch again more managed. And we just met since there was a bipartisan group of marriage law enforcement commuters. We discussed they are comprehensive strategy that I'm releasing today. To combat the epidemic of gun violence and other violent crime. Three received in our country for far too long this slate since the start of the pandemic over a year ago. Crime resists a historically. Rises during the summer. And as we emerge from this pandemic. For the country opening back up again. Conditional summer's summer's fight for you be more pronounced than usual would be. For folks at home. Good as you need to know. I've been at this a long time. There are things we know that work to reduce gun violence violent crime. And things that we don't know about things we know. Background checks for. Purchasing a firearm important. Ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Know when news channel weaponry can fire or 304050. Even up 200 rounds. Unless you think you dear weren't Kevlar vests something. Community policing programs to keep neighboring states to keep folks out of trouble. These efforts were gonna save lives. In overtime. These policies were going to let her woefully underfunded. In our conversation today we talk about our strategy to super charge. What works while we continue to push the congress to act on sensible. Gun violence legislation. First. We just us cracking down and you heard the attorney general Monroe goo gun dealers. We know that investors are strict enforcement background checks that you're going to get in the hands of criminals. Background checks have thus far kept more than three million. Guns out of the hands of felons convicted felons fugitives. Domestic abusers and others prohibited from being able to purchase a coup. But they're still too many loopholes and my assistant fit today. Enough room gun dealers feel like the unit can get away with selling guns to people who aren't legally allowed. Told my dad the Second Amendment from the day it was passed. Limited to turn the people could don't know who attacked weapon you can own. You couldn't buy Camden those who say the blood of literally the blood of patriots funerals and all this talk about how we're Gannett have. I move against the government. While the tree of liberty is not warm blood of patriots what's happened is that there. Never meant if you wanted to thank you need to have weapons and take on the government he needed fifteens and maybe some nuclear weapons the point is that there's always been the ability to limit rationally limited the type of weapon the communal. And who could own. The last time we had data. On this issue of The Who isn't a person guns more than twenty years ago. 5% of gun dealers. Turns out. Who started we didn't show that 90%. Of the legal guns. Were found crime scenes sold by 5%. Of gun dealers 5% slow morning percent of the guns found currencies. And the these merchants of death are bringing a law for profit. Through selling guns and they're killing innocent people. It's wrong resume except Posey turned Jones over in a crackdown on those gun dealers and violent criminals and they knowingly wrong. The unit Boeing announced that the Justice Department going to be issuing an annual report on crime traffic and so we can update that. Today the department announcing has ingested the major crackdown and stem the flow of guns used to commit violent crime. Fits your tolerance for drug dealers who willfully. Violating key existing laws and regulations for a repeat. Zero tolerance. If you will so we've gone to someone was prohibited from possessing do. If you willfully failed run a background check. If you willfully falsify records if you willfully failed to cooperate. With the tree she requests for inspections. My message users who find him. And we will seek your license to sell guns. Won't make sure you can't sell death and mayhem on our streets. It's an outrage. Past and who ended period. Second. We discussed this repeat illegal gun trafficking. Now the gun lobby wants you to believe that cities toughest cop had troubles come August still have the highest rates of gun violence as is pointed out by a group we had pain in our roundtable. The violence is so many argue why you need news con laws if they don't work in cities that have tough laws. Don't believe here's the truth today's conversation merged Cottam Baltimore for example echoed what we know to be education here premieres all across the country. Owners of the power to help shape enforce the laws and machetes. The ticket control laws and neighboring cities and states even on the gun legally bought there is often ends up from nurseries. First concert is an 80% of the guns and Baltimore required outside the city. Outside the city was full he can do about that so we have to. As part of our strategy just farmer who created five new strike forces. Cracked down on legal gun trafficking. From the Carter supplying weapons to cities like New York. Chicago Los Angeles Washington DC the Bay Area. The straightforward through local and federal law enforcement and prosecutors are going to be a little better coordinate the prosecution of illegal gun trafficking across city's state wound its. So. Legal goods sold from the back to world congress shop in Virginia don't end up in the murders in Baltimore. And if they do. Then local and federal law enforcement can better coordinate. To Trace illegal guns who comes back to finish shady gun dealer and hold them accountable. Appreciate murder him Baltimore. To me actually she's Mir from police chief Murphy. Paul that in rouge Louisiana. Talked about Howard coroner in more closely with the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms. The GT. In the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI. Took take on criminal organizations community violent crimes in the city. This kind of coordination is essential to keeping weapons of war out of the hands of dangerous criminals fugitives again thanks to both organized crime. Third discuss historic funding witnessed the we discussed historic funding for states cities and counties and tribes from law enforcement and crime for match. You know who did not only had to fight this pandemic involves I had to do an economic crisis that has just been through much is forced under current essential services including more enforcement of social services. And medical in nineteen pandemic they've had to do the second public health crisis. Gun violence. The American rescue plan which we passed in the first hundred days my administration. Is providing much needed historic relief to bring back those law enforcement jobs and social service shops. Much of this relief has already arrived. Dresses on its way. We're now providing more guidance on. How they can use of 350 billion dollars nationally and been the American rescue plan has available to help reduce crime interest to root cause us. For example proves that he's experienced an increase in non violence free will use American rescue plan dollars to hire these officers needed for community policing. Superior or tough. Mears will also be able to buy crime fighting technologies like gunshot detection systems. Have been receives top gun violence in the communities. They can use a funding to scale up wraparound services for the residents as well including substance abuse mental health services. That we know will make a difference to prevention of crime. Here's another example reminds me they're all saying my mom used to use he said an idol of mine uses doubles workshop. Well school's all through summer. Teenagers aren't tough neighborhoods. Knows who aren't up neighbors no jobs. More trouble. We know summer job training it is summer jobs training and recreation. For young people work. To help make sure young people pick up a paycheck instead of a pistol. One study found Boston summer jobs program for youth production reduce violence crime by 35%. Cost. Further study found that a program. It offers highest post moves to Chicago. For good summer job and until mentor. And behavioral certainly lend a 45%. Drop in violence. We've invested more of these programs the American rescue. Here's another thing states cities counties and tribes didn't do it that funding. We salute finishes their time in prison. The kids' chests give them we can't just continue him 25 bucks and a bus ticket and a prayer back from you started Gottesman troubled first place. Foreign no option for being able provides for a access to public housing for for schools are for four mentors to help them find their way. And in the south to prevents recidivism and helps them integrated society. That's changing. She would guidance and mission where she named the American rescue plan funding can help formerly incarcerated. People. Can skills training apprenticeships. And work experience so they can gain stability security. Who chance for a better life for him going back to exactly what they left. And the attorney general rear wall managers who. America cannot and marriage then you know. Looking movie column Miami day. Talk about their efforts to lift up those kinds accuser two kinds of community programs. To reduce gun violence keep community stake and make real positive difference in people's lives. For folks for whom America rescue plan. This is a once in a generation investment reduce. Violence in America. Is available. I'm probably needs more police officers mourners mark counselors more social workers for community violence and ruptures to help resolve issues before this pleaded to crimes. We as you go after the people who flourished treatment guns. In the bad actors you decide to use and further terrorizing communities. It means saving lives. In congress should know we take aways from me it's already been appropriate. In fact a few weeks ago. The bipartisan United States conference of mayors. The National League you cities. National association counties. They all came out forcefully against efforts to reclaim American rescue plan funds that have already been allocated to states cities and counties and tribes. This is not a time to turn our backs on law enforcement or communities. Fourth. We discuss the need to support community violence and revenge. These are local programs are utilized trusted messengers. And community members and leaders. To work directly. With people who are most likely to commit drug cops. From become victims of gonna crash we know who they are. The meter reading before it's too late these and he's in Iraq. Turn down the temperature. Halt the cycle of retaliation. Connect people to social services. No worse. Community violence immigrants who programs have shown reduction in violence but to 60% many places. We're heard from two community leaders. To do this work. Kennedy thank you for coming from Chicago who you are really quite frankly I was impressed at your presentation. It into and I you do. Com. Balloon from Richmond California. Eddie was formerly incarcerated. Follow form around homicide and the amount lost his brother gun violence. Didn't Eddie worked terrorism violence and a rupture. Garner is a program provides high risk men with cognitive behavioral and cognitive behavior surfing. To help them react to the impulsive brush flowing down rather than following through violence. The puts them and he would Christmas page jobs today to change which chetry. The program is reduce she has reduced shootings by 40%. The mom runs a program across California and six other states and in general high risk individuals. And the peace fellowships. Complete with intensive mentoring and social services. The save human lives. This second roofers have 91%. Persistence. Stated we've nonviolence. States is that he should invest American rescue plan funds and those kinds of anti violent current program. But today I'm announcing that the White House when we work you have fifteen jurisdictions. The noon exactly that. From Baltimore to Baton Rouge and maps to Minneapolis to go look for community violence prevention programs starting this summer. And mariners team Alan we hear from Rapid City, South Dakota Republican and former chief of police himself. Join us today and we part of the effort to help disrupt cycles of crime and violence in his community. And nearby tribal communities. We need more years of following I'm going to be pushing keep put pushing for more of these proven programs. Which are part of the American jobs plan in my budget. Chips fell close to us we talked about the wise we lost have already been lost. In the lives that we can stay. We talked about how much new laws so many people of experience. Consuming people have now accepted. As their fate cure in America. We have an opportunity to come together. His Democrats Republicans. And so owners have until the first response from the government on our democracy. To keep each other safe. Enough. That means congress passion since long ground prevention. Mon prevention initiatives as worried as Nixon's. Background checks. Dan Russell what repeal of liability issue for gun manufacturers. Can be as the senate reauthorize no violence against women act. My proudest legislative accomplishment. To close the so called boyfriend who poll. Asked for a friend stalking loophole. To keep guns out of things and abusers be edited for usein if you had to stay where you order you merged stalking. Someone. And you're told that has to stop you can't who'd weapons. Every single month an average of 57. Women are shot and killed by an intimate partner. We could help stop that. And beach confer remind outstanding nominee for who's to lead the FTV. Should be the ATF. David shipment. Is through without a leader for awhile the top job depends on who confirmed for much too. The career distinguish ETF officials for 25 years. Davis and we qualified for the job that we desperately need to show. His vice president and I pushed hard to lift a freeze on gun violence research. This is C the Centers for Disease Control CDC. Guess who why should they don't do most anti gun violence what causes. But there's been a book. Grew on trees. As president my budget doubles funding for the gun violence research at the CDC. And Nationalists who helps the united age to study gun violence as a public health threat that it is. Who always keep pushing there. Vice president Harrison I also. And retired administration continue to be can move continued taking action were recant. A stop proliferation of ghost comments. As we announced back in April which in turn general and we need to support the development of Smart gun technologies. Just doesn't affect responsible gun owners for Second Amendment Rights. Tells. Keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't happen first place for my child accidentally picks up this depiction. Two Berger a violent criminal trying just. Good news. We need to keep building on the gun violence and crime prevention strategy remain out today. Folks this shouldn't be a red or blue issue. Smerconish. For a change in the constitution. Were forced to be reasonable. We're taking on the bad actors doing bad and dangerous things in our communities. And to our country. Talk to most responsible gun owners and owners. Filters no possible justification and you know hundred rounds in the magazine who. Thank you said before. When you think he's been through the dear weren't kept our best. Response gonna removed Tony. Fans are too many people today. Career little black gun but should be able line. In these kinds of recent reforms. Have overwhelming support from American people including gun owners. The bottom line is this. Let's show the world and show ourselves. A democracy works. Dream come together as one nation. We can do this could save lives. And thank you. God bless you all and may god protect our troops who again I think who often participated. But the bad news euros and come back. We need to continue to thank you very much camera views desperate. How congress can pass another assault weapons ban. I never given pink hat and a bipartisan infrastructure. Feel that's been Reynolds. You know when he gets the final numbers fun. What good yeah. Can you change the minds. Those who feel compelled. To pull triggers all these problems. I'm being engaged in a whole range of program we talked today everything from mental health programs to engaging people earlier on and my you know others are options. Making sure that when a child is young and have access to real education has started off on the right foot. But he sure is when someone who's out of prison cannot deny public housing in order to go back under the bridge remember him before that there ruling can't help for health care center. Getting re engaging them in neighboring giving them some hope some opportunities. And meet time. Making sure that those folks who are taking advantage of them by taking advantage of her there are situations. Are in fact Telecom.

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