President Biden’s immigration plan

Marielena Hincapié from the National Immigration Law Center talks about what she hopes will happen under President Biden’s immigration proposal.
6:22 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for President Biden’s immigration plan
This week. President Biden and a reversed executive orders there's another big subject where he's looking out on immigration that his predecessor. President trump put into place for years ago like banning foreign nationals from some Muslim majority countries the so called Muslim band and ordering an end to dock. The ability for the so called dreamers people were brought here without proper authorization when they were children to stay here that's that's going to be. Made trumps orders reversed on that's a for more on the Biden administration's immigration plans. Let's bring nationally in law immigration law center's executive director Marlene. In copy they do that right. Looking guy again thank you could get Avnet thanks for joining us. Thank you experience and me to be Lydia. So our president Clyde and ordered a halt under restrictions of some non citizens. As well what do you expect the impact of this step that on the deportations what what with a happy. Yes stark terror and Kenya we have the national immigration law center are really hopeful that on the width president Biden's announcement on day one and his commitment to following you on the tax fairness civility and humanity to our entire immigration cyst on. On that. The country will be once again that America will be once again seeing ads and begin a whole. Across the world push a particular piece with respect to suspension of deportation is basically Amy said they are hitting the pop on and so that they can take a look at what our policy priorities on oak and now the administration had a place to ensure that anyone who is in the deportation pipeline under the last administration. Which had Mimi until might have been cruel policies like the factory and children and families like that none of that continues into the Biden administration's vision for our country. And my candidate and Homeland Security says there are opposing this pause to quote insurer we have. Fair and effective immigration enforcement system so. What would you want that re imagined system to look like ideally. That's a great question to answer first and foremost you know we need to ensure that there's and it's right that on the immigrant immigrants who are here in the country or a long term resident rich court paying taxes in many of them who have US citizen children age eighty least actually on the path to citizenship. Rather than be detained our immigration system so dysfunctional it hasn't been updated in over twenty by the years and yet we have spent in the except that amount of taxpayer money on detention and deportation and so it's really time that come under the new administration and with this vision pro immigrant pro American vision and that would finally be to put people on a path to citizenship so that they can remain here and they call home. And Mario and or we're talking about the ambition of this administration tackling big problems in big ways president Biden is. Setting a sweeping immigration bill to congress it will include eight year pathway to citizenship for. Those people here without proper documentation but that's what needs to be approved by congress. Balked at a similar plan from president bombing 2013 is bad now most this century trying to address this problem so I think this might get through congress DC anyway. You know it is ambitious it is visionary and that's what we need in this moment of such crisis you know so many of the eleven million family members and community members that don't have papers. Actually those dreamers and the immigrant and use that have been here since it went children and it includes our farm workers and it includes the essential workers at the pandemic has shown how interdependent we are right these artists people or taking care our children our farm workers people working the poultry plant people who are cooking a meal and deliberate and so. We're hopeful at this moment shows the country. On that it's time to address this issue and that president I will put his political capital behind working with members of congress both Republican and Democrat she finally get this stunt she on. Not only to write history but actually the majority of the American public agrees with and the Gallup polls should have been tracking Americans. Sentiments around immigration and immigrants since 1965. Showing that for the first time this is the highest level of support bush immigrants in our nation's I think it's an Angel. It'll be able he'll be able to get attacked and on that he need to take equal government approach it's not legislation that is ultimately up to congress but that there is so much that can be done due executive action and that every single apart. And money and it's an extra but decades at this debate has been going on there seems to be. These two counter issues between wanting to keep troublemakers out of the country keep people from taking advantage of our country advantage of our system while also. One today you know law abiding people who've been in this country and who want to come to this country and we know work in this country and contribute to our culture. And is to be able to do that and did and be able to do that without fear. So in it in and Biden administration which is trying so hard for unity and to work across party lines do you see a way to achieve both of those goals. I didn't do you know I think that president I didn't have that ambition he just mentioned in his speech on press conference just now this is a moment we are. Voters have resoundingly rejected the likes of policies and rhetoric the last forty years and this is a moment crust to come together it's a moment for us to recognize the humanity the very people that we are dependent on an essential workers and and that. Those who are here court taxpayers' cash comments and arguments citizen I have US citizen children and we have made this their call that high time that we provide the legal channels you know we pride ourselves on being a nation a lot we don't have a loss for people to be able to actually become citizens in the proper way so I'm hopeful that through a combination of legislative and executive action should we will see. C a resounding indifference. A more inclusive more jobs and more equitable society. That that is that is the gold medal what side you're on money Elena and go via. According to him. She eager at great today.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Marielena Hincapié from the National Immigration Law Center talks about what she hopes will happen under President Biden’s immigration proposal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75435717","title":"President Biden’s immigration plan","url":"/Politics/video/president-bidens-immigration-plan-75435717"}